August 19th, 2011 | 737 Entries

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737 Entries for “missed”

  1. sad
    what happaned?
    does this happen to me so often?
    I just dont understand!
    my opportunity has passed?

    By ALOSHA on 08.20.2011

  2. I missed you today. I have not heard from you in a while. Its crazy that I miss everything about you and yet I don’t want anything to do with you. It hurts to know that I miss the tears you caused. Have I adapted to pain? I missed you Today.

    By Brittany Jones on 08.20.2011

  3. i missed you so much not like how I missed the bus last Tuesday but how I miss Christmas when it’s summer and I know I have to live through six months befor eI get it back. so hurry up before I

    By Felula on 08.20.2011

  4. every time she goes away, she doesn’t realize how much she’s missed. christmastime is worst – he wants her so badly to have a good christmas experience at home, to show her what she’s missing, but she believes that seeing other people having fun family christmases will make her lack of family that much more pronounced. she doesn’t realize that the reason she leaves is because of how much her impromptu family loves – and therefore misses – her.

    By silentalltheseYEARS URL on 08.20.2011

  5. i missed the bus on my way to school today. well not on my way, seeing as i missed the bus. i had to call my mom and have her pick me up even though i live two blocks away from the bus stop. i don’t know why i didn’t just walk back. i could have, i just didn’t . some one else’s mom came to pick them up and didn’t offer a ride to any of the rest of us. bitch.

    By Jessica G on 08.20.2011

  6. I missed the train that day, because I missedy alarm clock ringing. And so, because of this, i also missed picking up my distant relatives, but I’m not complaining. I won’t miss them anyhow.

    By Pearl on 08.20.2011

  7. The first thing i truly missed was my hamster when it died when I was 8. Sometimes I should have missed people that I didn’t, never will. Some things deserve to be missed forever, like your first feeling of love.

    By Smahjl URL on 08.20.2011

  8. mom
    the people ive loved.
    why cant i relive the good old days?
    i miss you. so much
    i dont know what else to sayy.

    By hannah on 08.20.2011

  9. The first thing I think about when I hear the word missed, is how I missed my home while I was on a mission trip in Haiti last summer. I also missed my boyfriend, and my family. Missedmissedmissed.

    By abby kovacs URL on 08.20.2011

  10. i miss the times we spend together, i’ve missed you so much i don’t think you know. i miss how things used to be. i’ve just missed you.

    By ciara on 08.20.2011

  11. A lot of people miss out on opportunity. I’ve missed many chances to do things right. I’m sure you have too. A miss is never a fail though, it’s a chance to learn. You will experience greater things in life. If you’ve missed, you’re still a winner!

    By Abby Eliza on 08.20.2011

  12. I miss the way things used to be with my friends. I miss feeling like I had a huge group of friends. And although I have the best friend in the entire world and I am so satisfied, I just miss feeling like there were multiple people I could branch out to. I hate Emma, but I miss her.

    By Justin on 08.20.2011

  13. Peg’s eyes saddened as she crossed over the tracks. She was going to miss the rougher side of town. Yeah you may end up with a black eye or a fat lip, but people were honest here, they wouldn’t just talk behind your back and ruin you from the sidelines. Maybe honest wasn’t a good word to use for them….

    By Kelsey on 08.20.2011

  14. missed my firendsand family in the hostel. missed opportunities that i wanted. missed being happy. missed being love.

    By snigdha on 08.20.2011

  15. i miss my puppy. she used to lick my nose and fetch sticks and munch on beggin strips. she was always so happy and ditzy and wagged her tail whenever she saw me walk through the door. but as she grew older, he changed. she’d talk on the cell phone for hours. she would make me drop her off a half a mile away from the mall so i wouldnt be seen with her. soon she was out partying and drinking till 3 in the morning. i had to pick her up from the police station once because she did graffiti on my neighbors house and pissed on their baby. then, after rehab, she changed her ways, attended Harvard law, moved to an appartment with a black lab, and is now the mayor of Hawaii.

    By Natalie URL on 08.20.2011

  16. I never missed out. I want to believe you were worth it but you’re not. You’re the one missing out now.

    By Abby Eliza on 08.20.2011

  17. I missed his call. It was probably just a drunk dial since he said he had been drinking with his cousins earlier that evening. But I still wished I had left my phone on vibrate so I would have heard. I wonder if he knows how much I care for him. He says he feels the same but in all honesty I have a lot of trouble believing that.

    By Gomen! on 08.20.2011