June 10th, 2014 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “decadence”

  1. If it weren’t for all of this decadence, I wouldn’t have grabbed the sword from the sword holder and climbed up the 2 story curtains and cut my way down. Turns out that a sword is the wrong weapon to try to slice your way down a curtain. I’ll never be a pirate. Unless, that is, a pirate of the ER.

    By Rover on 06.10.2014

  2. Oh you fancy flavor that
    dances on my tongue you
    captivate me, indice me to
    a bitter, sorry end for
    all the rest stops and dandy
    sissified car hops you stand
    and laugh at me

    By Protean on 06.10.2014

  3. Decadence is something that has inspired writers for generations. It can be uplifting to the story context or completely the opposite for the characters.

    By wendy leslie on 06.10.2014

  4. Enjoying life and all its finery. Living extravagantly, with no concern or restraint.

    By Jess URL on 06.10.2014

  5. She had an almost unholy love of decadence, of all things rich and heavy and FULL. As someone who’d grown up with nothing, who’d had to work hard and do terrible things for everything I now had, I found her overindulgence…disappointing.
    Was this spoiled girl really the creature I’d wasted my life on trying to be good enough for?

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.10.2014

  6. Sad thing. Means like period of decline. Part of story where things go bad for main characters. People dying and lovers being torn apart.

    By esther Gonzalez Rios on 06.10.2014

  7. She leaned forward in the wicker chair, gliding her lithe finger over the top of the white frosting, watching it melt like butter under the grooves of her fingerprint. As quickly as the perspiration gathered, she ran her tongue alongside her unwavering lips, thoughts drifting elsewhere as the porch ceiling fan whistled in the stagnant heat of summer.

    By -- on 06.10.2014

  8. Ah sweet decadence, how I would love to savor it. I f I could have it, truly embrace it, I would drink all the Lagunitas beer I wanted. Swim in my many pools on my rooftop penthouse, if I had one. Eat all the fried chicken, watermelon and bbq ribs I could possibly stomach. And the potato salad, can’t forget the potato salad.

    By Joe Queen on 06.10.2014

  9. Es ist so wunderschön,
    alle bewundern es.
    Doch etwas ändert sich…
    die Leute wenden sich ab.
    Es verstaubt-
    es wird schmutzig-
    es verfällt langsam.

    By Anuri URL on 06.10.2014

  10. new york: bright lights, big city. it was her 3rd time traveling there. going on an airplane was a decadence in itself. she hadn’t seen the skyline since february of 2011, when the air was brisk and the concrete sidewalks were shrouded in yellow snow.

    By simone on 06.10.2014

  11. She had scarcely tasted anything so wonderful. The tart filled her mouth with its sheer decadence and made her wonder as to why she had never tried it before.

    By Frankie De Lara on 06.11.2014

  12. i look around me in this crowd.
    you can’t smell it, or see it but you can hear it.
    the silence
    the decay of my worlds conversations
    nothing left now to share, or boast about.

    By Melanie Rose. on 06.11.2014

  13. Emotion over everything.
    Nothing is fixed through rage, or despair.
    Our generation’s intelligence decadence
    has fallen to an unfavorable future.
    Nothing will be the same.

    By Jeffrey Tamayo URL on 06.11.2014

  14. decadence sounds like deck dance. so one day i was hanging out with my boys and we started listewning to some trap music. so we just started dancing and it just so happened to be on a deck, thats what i call decadence.

    By Jeffrey Tamayo URL on 06.11.2014

  15. Sounds like a decade long of using beauty products and all sorts of luxury and gold that tear apart all sorts of strands that nature connects.
    I just don’t really know what a big word like decadence means.

    By Zahra Aamer on 06.11.2014

  16. He woke up to the smell of decadence and burning charcoal.

    By Mae on 06.11.2014

  17. He’d never considered himself a person who lived a life of decadence. Not even with his parents’ riches. But she was a luxury to have, a luxury he almost couldn’t afford and she blinded him each time he let himself go.

    By greekyoghurt on 06.11.2014

  18. Once I dined in decadence on a date night that seems so far in the past and in a location so foriegn to me now. In a restaurant who’s walls were tastefully covered in Rembrant paintings cleverly lite. Candles adorn the tables in victorian holders of silver and gold with cloths under lay with ivory embroidery.

    By Haddie on 06.11.2014

  19. Decadence or not, I don’t care what they say, I have no desire to eat any more dark chocolate.

    By victor URL on 06.11.2014

  20. when it comes to the words in english, I have a poor vocablary and I really don’t know what this is word. However I want to check this site. Will see whether it’s working.

    By Sanjeewa on 06.11.2014

  21. lol

    By yh on 06.11.2014

  22. hmmm, that tastes/looks/feels so good. let’s just keep doing this until they have to break down the door and haul us out. let’s just stay here and do…

    By Lee on 06.11.2014

  23. Here we are again. Back to the corner of broad and 78th street. One of those types. Decadence refers to this in some way. All I can say is that I need to get on the ball with this what if stuff.

    By Jim Ranger on 06.11.2014

  24. Splendor, like the light cannot tell you how beautiful you are. Bathe in the light and do not think of how the world has little. The 20’s and their respendlence of food and milk and how nothing made them happy anymore. Remember that things are what define this word, not happiness.

    By Melody URL on 06.11.2014

  25. All that decadence, and no one to ignore it. No one to treat it with indifference, no one to walk past, as if gilded vases filled with crystal lilies were in everyone’s houses.

    Only me, and if I am the only one to see it, and no one sees me amidst it, does it even matter? Perhaps nothing matters anymore, or more likely, the things that matter now have always been important, but we treated them like dust upon our golden o’bjets: to be wiped away, quickly, before anyone sees.

    I hoist the crossbow and take aim. One of them is at the French doors, coming in. It wears Armani, tattered. Perhaps it used to live here. Perhaps it is as appalled by the world outside now as it was then; or perhaps it merely scented me. The arrow flies, and the dead teeters back, back, into the half-empty pool. I shut the doors and lock them, and pretend it was I who used to live here.

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.11.2014