June 10th, 2014 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “decadence”

  1. The hotel was on a glorious beach in a hot and sunny country but the guests in the hotel next door were rather worrying in their ultimate decadence.

    By Alexandra on 06.10.2014

  2. The table was piled up high. Shiny platters littered the table. Barely any space to fit people around it. Oh the decadence. Oh the shame

    By esky1118 on 06.10.2014

  3. A string of pearls. A lush gold river of blood. How many times do I have to tell you, decadence is not a word, it’s a way of living. It’s burned deep into the human soul. Everything we admire is decadent. Everything we aspire to is decadent. We are sick and rotting, and we fill our hearts with gold.

    By Madeline Cunnington on 06.10.2014

  4. a decade of dance
    descends on the deeds
    of the dead deans of desire

    By visageegasiv on 06.10.2014

  5. The decadence is overwhelming here – everything you could think of, provided for, in excess. One wants for nothing in this place. What one has to left to strive for, who knows. I hope it satisfies.

    By Burger Clap on 06.10.2014

  6. rot and decay has never sounded so sophisticated. Decadence, go to your strip clubs and drink yourself blind. The word rings with elegance to the young, the vain, and the disillusioned. Despite all of your protest and excuses, this cant last.

    By asia on 06.10.2014

  7. He curled his upper lip, like an animal that had smelled something foul. The display of decadence, the show of wealth and abundance, sickened him.

    By mrsmig on 06.10.2014

  8. The restaurant was bustling with clinking glasses, forks scraping, tinkling laughter. Even though she was wearing a dress she felt out of place. The women here were perfect. Flawless makeup, not a hair or lash out of place. Even the men looked as if they stepped off the runway. The woman seated directly to her left had kept eying her, she knew it, with each bite of cake.

    By Beka URL on 06.10.2014

  9. The chocolate cake defined decadence for the room of hungry teachers. The gathered around the table to catch a glimpse of this other world.

    By Lee on 06.10.2014

  10. I’ soooooo tired of this. Why not just something. You know why, because there is a problem. Something is holding me back. I’m not sure what but I’m starting to think it has to do with all of this .

    By Jim Ranger on 06.10.2014

  11. They walked up to the new area and the Turtle took a bite of the leave and then crawled a little further and took a bite of a flower. The rabbit walking beside him was also sharing in this feast of food. As they continued on their path of destruction eating a path through this beautiful world. The plants, trees and flowers could be heard moaning for miles behind them. They were clearly lost to them selves indulging on all this decadent food, not noticing the pain they were inflicting on the life forms as they took bites. They were not from this world and they did not know that the food the ate so freely had feelings like they did until the rabbit went to bite on a tulip, which slapped it in the face and told it to stop hurting all the plants. that slap had gotten their attention. They stopped and listen to the wailing of the plants. The spun around and listening as they cried out and ask them why are you doing this. The tulip again got their attention and told them. If they were going to be so cruel they would have to go back to were they came from. At that moment a Tree lifted it root with both the Rabbit and the tutrle on it and threw them back towards where they came from.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.10.2014

  12. dripping in jewels and walking through tall hallways. echoing as you call for someone. but you’re alone. pushing through rooms full of people to find yourself outside on a warm night

    By Isis URL on 06.10.2014

  13. Her obsession with chocolate was decadence. Her love of shoes was decadence. But him? He was beyond that. he was danger. He was addiction. And she was hopelessly, hopelessly trapped. What could she do? whenever she thought to break it, he’d smile, and she-it’d be like a hit. She was on a high and couldn’t say no.

    By MiMi on 06.10.2014

  14. Not feeling too creative this morning. Can’t think of anything interesting or new, sorry.

    By Hank on 06.10.2014

  15. yummy food, rich and moist. chocolate goo oozing out of a lava cake. a table pile with foods with glazes and frosting and melty stuff. mmm and it melts in your mouth and you need to close your eyes while eating it.

    By Sophie on 06.10.2014

  16. French toast made from croissants. It’s so delicious … spread butter on, then dip the pieces of eggy bread into a light coating of syrup … mmmmm. I love The Vault’s funky croissant french toast for $4.95!

    By Kimberly on 06.10.2014

  17. I’m not really sure what a decadence is, but I feel like it applies to how I am percieved by my family. I am a decadence on their own lives, a decline in their morals, lifestyle, and image. I am gently being shoved off a cliff, barely balancing myself on the side before tipping into darkness.

    By Sierra on 06.10.2014

  18. He denounced Western decadence. The reason for this was because he had seen what his father had become due to the habits of the rich. Instead of a caring and giving man he had intended, he became a greedy, collecting, money grabber.

    By Sophie on 06.10.2014

  19. I don’t know what does it mean and i feel very uncomfortable but don’t know why. I’m thinking but -goddamn- i couldn’t find anything. Then suddenly something happend and i think that has a connection to decadence.

    By Mesutcan URL on 06.10.2014

  20. Decadence.

    Chocolate. I picture a chocolate cake. Rich. – Because isn’t that what this word is usually used to describe? Chocolate and cake? That and parties, with crystal chandeliers (which really, anyone can get pretty cheap nowadays) in a big white marble ballroom, with people in tuxedos and long white gowns, with their hair up, sporting diamonds and drinking champaign, at a party… – that’s serving rich dark chocolate cake.

    By Noisy Quiet on 06.10.2014

  21. Parker Lane Cupcakes had been a local’s favorite when it came to desserts. They not only offered the obvious cupcake, but mini dessert quiches and specialty ice creams. Proudly displaying their decadence by their design, the townsfolk were shocked to learn that the shop suddenly closed, subsequently being replaced by yet another unneeded fast food restaurant.

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.10.2014

  22. i have absolutely no idea what this word means but as soon as i saw this word i thought about decks because of the beginning of the word that sounds like it so yeah i don’t really love to improve but that is exactly what i am doing currently for the next 60 seconds because it told me to do this and yeah i just got better at typing omg i’m so doing really well but i have no idea why i am doing this or what made me even go on stumble upon but yeah is my time up yet because i typed a lot and i’m getting tired of typing and wow im going to the doctor today and its almost time to go home and yay

    By ashley on 06.10.2014

  23. Chocolate. Choosing which dessert I want at the Chocolate Sparrow is always hard. Had tiramisu yesterday. I had an Italian boyfriend once who used to make fun of how I mispronounced that word apparently.

    By April on 06.10.2014

  24. The chocolate cake was full of decadence. I love the topping with fondant. Is your goal to provide this feeling every time you bake?

    By katie on 06.10.2014

  25. They called it the decade of decadence. I called it the decade of overdues. The colors were brighter, the tastes of foods more natural, and everything urban becoming more natural in structure and hue. There were trees growing in unprecedented spots, and smog emissions had been cut drastically. We did not rely on a single president or Congress to decide major elements of our country. We became more independent. We became more democratic.

    That all should have happened years ago. And now the big shots were whining, as expected.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.10.2014

  26. Damn my job was so iirratatomg

    By Holly on 06.10.2014

  27. He spent years living the high life, partying, traveling, indulging every whim; and astounding everyone with his opulent decadence.Only when he found himself old and alone did he realize that no one else shared his memories, or cared for them, and his heart was as empty as his bank account.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.10.2014

  28. There is fire in her eyes and chocolate in her voice.
    Talk about decadence, talk about the silk in her skin, the cocoa of freckles, those sunspots scattered like stars.
    There’s something about her underneath the streetlight. It catches her wisps of hair with light and gold, a puddle of

    By Amy URL on 06.10.2014

  29. When I think of decadence, I think if indulgent desserts. And that line in “Cabaret” when Liza talks about divine decadence. It’s rather decadent to think of things that remind one of decadence.

    By michaelbuzz on 06.10.2014

  30. When I think of decadence, I think of indulgent desserts. And that line in “Cabaret” when Liza talks about divine decadence. It’s rather decadent to think of things that remind one of decadence.

    By michaelbuzz on 06.10.2014

  31. The long table of the dining hall was set for a feast, a decadence which the impoverished city could hardly afford, but which had become a routine lately in the halls of Palace of King Brand.

    By Autumn Reds and Golds URL on 06.10.2014

  32. decadence. rolls off the tongue as crisp as a cake.
    candence reminds of rolling drull of a snare drum at a presidents fununeral

    who cares about decadence anymore… ithought they only cared about that in europe
    we are living in a post decadencial society.
    we are on the brink

    By smelltheroses on 06.10.2014

  33. There was something about the chocolate covered strawberries that set them apart. It seemed so silly – the two had gotten their hands covered by the gooey melted milk chocolate and then fought over when to take the strawberries out of the fridge. But now, even in their pajamas, they couldn’t help but feel that their dessert was absolute decadence.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.10.2014

  34. Decadence. What a thrill … total abandonment … lavish luxuries … terrible indulgences … fanatical obsessions. Life is fleeting, so perhaps we should be decadent while we can. Yet, perhaps it would be better if we practiced some restraint and created a world with less fear of greed and violence. Life is fleeting and that leaves us very little time to figure out to be our best selves.

    By L R Everitt on 06.10.2014

  35. Decade of decadence. That’s what they called it, but to holly it was no where near decadence. The lace dresses were rags, the late parties shivering in a corner of a doorway. No decadence for the good, only for the wicked and heartless.

    By Sarah on 06.10.2014

  36. I couldn’t help but drift off a little bit as I felt the comforting, foamy bubbles cling to my skin. The warmth of the water was divine, and I sipped my wine slowly, savoring the rich flavor. I sighed to myself, feeling slightly guilty for the indulgence, but deep inside, I was finally happy. I deserved this.

    By A. Rose on 06.10.2014

  37. You are like that too. Don’t kid yourself. The way there’s that hint of brown in your hair. Look at you smiling like that. That’s what they all like. You know you have it. Keep smiling. You’re still young.

    By DMM URL on 06.10.2014

  38. The dress the woman showed me was absolutely decadent. I had never seen such a marvel in my life. The green satin ribbon flowed gently down the side of my leg, and the lace embroidery was flawless.

    By Polkadots URL on 06.10.2014

  39. She ate slowly, greedily. She knew that people were watching, envy too soft of a word for the looks hardening on their faces, ‘food’ cooling rapidly on their plates. Yes, she knew a thing or two about the ‘special’ menu only the most valued patrons could order from. Tongue shivering as she slid the silver fork from her mouth, she watched the golden light catch on the edge of her bubbling champagne glass.

    By thiscrissguy on 06.10.2014

  40. There has only been one time where I uttered this word. And of course it was at a mansion in San Francisco. The place must have been a movie before. 5 stories high with elegant… everything from floor to ceiling in every room.

    By Ryan on 06.10.2014