June 11th, 2014 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “instill”

  1. “I don’t care if the boy wants to do it or not,” Robert said. “Instilling him with a sense of his royal rights and responsibilities is vital, and I won’t brook any more nonsense about it.”

    By mrsmig on 06.12.2014

  2. I was lost. I was stuck in time and i couldn’t find a way out. I stood there in my black boots waiting. I was just waiting in the blissful silence. I didn’t know what for but i was. Maybe i was hoping for an end to the madness but maybe i wasn’t.

    By Alex URL on 06.12.2014

  3. I was lost. I was stuck in time and i couldn’t find a way out. I stood there in my black boots waiting. I was just waiting in the blissful silence. I didn’t know what for but i was. Maybe i was hoping for an end to the madness but maybe i wasn’t. Maybe i liked the trill of being this beast. Maybe i was kidding myself for even considering the idea. I knew i couldn’t turn back and maybe that was what made it sweeter.

    By Alex S on 06.12.2014

  4. Wiggling down the hall in the old mill boy dorms, we got to laughing about a joke one of the boys told a long while ago…peninstillioner (Instill a penis in her because she needs penicillin). You see, the mill boys were well educated and loved telling ridiculous nun puns about the women in the covenant down the road. One of the Covenant girls was rumored to have been a prostitute and had to take rounds of penicillin from the local doctor. Hence, all the boys should put a penis in her. We couldn’t just say that as it came with severe consequences so we made a pseudonym for her. She never figured out because the name was so convoluted the only idiot who laughed at it was John the faptist.

    By Wattadoosh on 06.12.2014

  5. instill joy not sorrow
    instill pleasure not pain
    look forward to tomorrow
    dwell not on the past

    By Rachel URL on 06.12.2014

  6. instill

    By Aurélien on 06.12.2014

  7. I would like to instill within myself and everyone, a complete sense of not giving a care in the world about the stupidest things that consume our lives. Or something like that. I don’t know. I guess really the most important things to instill are a good work ethic and love for your fellow man and cheesy, yet relevant things like that.

    By Joe Queen on 06.12.2014

  8. As he held the end of the stake coming out of his heart, he could feel that death was coming for him finally. His impending death instilled a fear in the rest of the room, with their master dead would they die too. How would they handle the loss of him. Veronica laid on the floor writhing in pain as her transformation to a vampire continued. She prayed his death would come before it was finished, for she knew that when he was dead the transformation would stop. She would revert back to human form if the transformation had not been completed, but if she turned before he died, then she would be trapped forever as a vampire. With what little bit of her was still human she rolled towards him on the floor and gave him a kiss as she used her body weight to push the stake deeper inside. He took one last breath of her and it was his last breath.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.12.2014

  9. They try still to instill it into me
    As if they can pour what they wish of me
    Like an empty transparent glass on a dusty kitchen shelf
    I am already plenty full I say
    I want nothing of that vile liquid
    Or of your filthy smelling pills
    I am not ill
    No just not empty headed
    They won’t listen
    Perhaps a fist would instill it?

    By Rebekah Wooten on 06.12.2014

  10. the fear instilled itself into her heart
    split second decision, and the realization-
    “I’m going to die”
    She closed her eyes

    By Kay on 06.12.2014

  11. instill this here heart raging fragments of splintering warmth rush up from the wet dirt
    soil nourishing this heart
    which grows on your love
    and plowed by the chariots
    horses of our surroundings

    By Alex URL on 06.12.2014

  12. while i slept this morning, and woke up, and slept more, and woke up, and decided to sleep a little more, i made sure to instill each waking moment with a nice feeling, or a nice thought. i knew i was building up my well-being for the day in those formative morning moments. so far it’s been a pretty good day.

    By Alex Light URL on 06.12.2014

  13. they instilled a deep empathy within me.
    sometimes i don’t feel like getting it out.
    it feels like it’ll take a scalpel
    to dig
    and dig
    and dig
    until the feeling stops being mine

    By Kairn on 06.12.2014

  14. The water instills in you stillness. Still, how come water instill stilness when it never sits still itself?

    By Hank Moody URL on 06.12.2014

  15. I guess you can instill a belief in someone. I know you can be in love with someone even when youre young now and that’s because of you.You instilled that belief in me and you made me feel it. except now i don’t know what to do now that youre gone and i think i am actually dying.

    By Eulalia URL on 06.12.2014

  16. Not sure what it means but I got the impression that is something stingy

    By chiara on 06.12.2014