June 9th, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “cake”

  1. I’m baking a cake for my birthday. It started as an easy project but it turned out to be a lager project. It was burnt. I had to throw away and begin again. I created a second recipe. Which was a strawberry one.

    By katie reel on 06.09.2014

  2. I have a TON of strawberries and need to find a recipe for a strawberry cake.

    By Amy on 06.09.2014

  3. my 61st birthday was this past Saturday. I thought it would be fun to make the Tie Dye cake from Duff Charm City Cakes. It was a pain the behind. First you make the batter which is white

    By Patt on 06.09.2014

  4. Bright blue icing. Blue Lake 5. Blue stained tongue. Blue-stained lips. Blue like 25 cent push up icies. Blue bits in birthday cake Milkshake. Blue pumps with starch white dress and brown belt. Belly made of cake under the belt. Blue cake lips.

    By cadypie on 06.09.2014

  5. Lady was not the sort of girl to swoon over flowers and chocolates nor was she the kind to over indulge in candies. She was, however, the sort of girl to get up at three in the morning, tip-toe to the kitchens and steal a slice of cake or two. Preferably carrot but she would also eat chocolate cake or the kind with lemon icing. She was also the sort of girl to carefully clean up the evidence before going back to bed. After-all, she wasn’t the sort of girl to sneak around, was she?

    By Alis URL on 06.09.2014

  6. It was a piece of cake. That’s what we all want to say, isn’t it? Every little thing we do has been wanted, easy, and worth it too. But that isn’t life. Life is much harder than that. Life is real.

    By Annie on 06.09.2014

  7. The cake burnt as it went down. “What is this stuff?” she spluttered. There was no reply.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.09.2014

  8. I’ve noticed that cake has become a negative thing lately. People are starting to be congratulated for being able to turn down a piece of cake, as if it is some accomplishment worthy of praise. But if you ask me, having the “strength” to do this is something that should be condoned. Why would anyone want to deny themselves a piece of something that represents good times and true celebration?

    By laurelizabeth87 on 06.09.2014

  9. The bell rings, He charges wildly. he’s so big, but slow i bob and weave may way around him with ease slipping every punch. Swing. miss. overcompensate. with one quick strike, he never stood a chance. cake.

    By Tommy on 06.09.2014

  10. Cake is delicious. It’s very tasty. There are a lot of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, ube and many more. You can see it in weddings, birthdays and graduations.

    By Liezel Ann Esteban on 06.09.2014

  11. His mouth bulges with richness and molten sugar. The creamy and the delicate create a masterpiece that is a result of decades of chemistry, innovation, and creativity. The moment holds a sweet orb of endorphins…Until suddenly the bulging eyes protrude a bit too much, the taste buds are only sandpaper, and the nose switches from sniffing to plummeting into the beautiful cake. THe droplet of perfection has been popped, it is only seconds before the lords and ladies realize the poison is the needle to blame.

    By Becca on 06.09.2014

  12. There’s too much frosting on this cake. I would have never complained about that a year ago, my sole purpose in this moment is to find something else to fixate on so that my mind has a moment of relief… for two seconds, I don’t miss you.

    By asavas on 06.09.2014

  13. many tiers
    many tall delicious layers
    elaborately deocrated
    fruit filled
    covered in tiny edible pearls and a ribbon around each layer.
    but no one sang happy birthday.

    By celeste URL on 06.09.2014

  14. It wasn’t easy breaking her heart, but she did it anyway. She didn’t even process the damage she had done when she did it, when she was doing it. She barely felt it. It was too quick, intense.

    By thiscrissguy on 06.09.2014

  15. If there’s one thing I’ll never forget, it’s the smell of her perfume. I’d catch whiffs of it every time she passed by, or when I’d brush up against her neck and hear her inhale sharply… I never understood her obsession with vanilla cake scented perfume… but it’ll haunt me now that she’s gone.

    By Claire on 06.09.2014

  16. This is the word of been looking for all of my life. It’s a very nice word because it rhymes with Lake, take, make and bake. What if your dog was named Cake? What would you do then?

    By Jim Ranger on 06.09.2014

  17. Today it’s my birthday, Which means my mom is making me cake. No offence to her, but she sucks. I wish I could go out and get one from the store, but my mom always looks so happy when I eat the stuff she makes. This is, unfortunately, the least favourite part of my birthday. It sucks.

    By shannie on 06.09.2014

  18. “It’s like a sugary, melt in your mouth kind of cake, isn’t it?” I said.
    “Well, it’s TOO sugary. What’s in it?” he asked the cake baker.
    “People,” he said. “Just kidding, I put powdered sugar in instead of sugar. I am not Mrs. Lovett.” He laughed.

    By Susan Rother URL on 06.09.2014

  19. The cake is splattered with bits of sprinkles, and she beams wide, up at you, with a frosting-coated smile in a mouthful of teeth as white as the icing. “Happy birthday!” she says, in her childish voice. “You’re forty-seven years old!”
    It’s been that long down here? Anyways, you know there’s no use in trying to eat the cake. The chain wrapped around your waist would stop you from going any further.

    By owl eyed on 06.09.2014

  20. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, they say. You cant have both happiness and satisfaction. I say find your happiness, enjoy your satisfaction, and share it with the world. There is no reason for the world not to have a little piece of your cake.

    By Heidi P. on 06.09.2014

  21. Don’t worry! I’d love to throw her a birthday party, and six kids will be no problem. This will be fun! You’ll see. We’ll play games. I’ll even make a cake. I want her to have a fun day.

    By Caysee URL on 06.09.2014

  22. The candles lit, sailing on a birthday cake ship from the kitchen to the dining room. Gently placed in front of her, she admired the flames and how their shadows danced across the frosting.

    By umbazachika on 06.09.2014

  23. I don’t eat cake. I loved it very much, but unless I make a gluten free cake, which is absolutely dreadful, I won’t be having my cake and eating it too. One word is enough for all of us.

    By michaelbuzz on 06.09.2014

  24. My favorite memory was from when I was four. Before it all happened. Before all the death, the destruction, the… loss. My father made me the best cake I had ever tasted, creamy, sweet, filled with delicious melted chocolate chips. It was perfect. It wasn’t even a special occasion! I was ecstatic.

    By Sara B. URL on 06.09.2014

  25. The cake was beautiful. I couldn’t eat it though. It was for his wedding. The man that I was in love with. Yeah, it was his. I had seen it in the bakery when I ran into him and her the other day. I’m in love with him and he’s marrying her? Great…

    By AnonymousMe on 06.09.2014

  26. So sweet my delicious
    lets go round and take in
    al that is devine and the best
    of all we eat and what we are is the
    the satisfaction of knowing that life can
    lead to this little slice of divinity

    By James Foster URL on 06.09.2014

  27. It’s sweet as hell, and I try not to gag on the burning sensation in my throat. He’s staring at me with anxious eyes, and after a moment I manage a half smile and say, “If I liked cake, it’d be great. Really.” It’s not exactly what he wants to hear, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Look, I’m doing my best here.

    By Baekhesten on 06.09.2014

  28. We are the cake eaters. We’re the rich and powerful. We rule the world with an iron fist and do not have the intention of stopping. We favor tough love. We’ll cover up what we need to. We do not blemish or blunder.

    By Chloe on 06.09.2014

  29. Late at night just finishing the math placement practice exam and I sure wish it was a piece of cake. Because it was just the opposite. The cake is a definite lie this time. I could use a piece of cake. A piece of red velvet bundt cake would be fucking bomb, but I am trying to cut right now so no more cake. The cake is a lie again.

    By Joe Queen on 06.09.2014

  30. It was my 4th birthday. I was tired and a little scared. There were so many cousins from out of town. My mother had made me a Batman cake – little Gotham City towers of cake and fondant. It was beautiful but in the summer heat it was starting to melt. I remember the pictures being taken. I only saw them again last year.

    By michael on 06.09.2014

  31. Talia pushed the cake around her plate with the prongs of her fork, looking from the increasingly smeared chocolate to the adults sitting across the table from her, unsure as to which sight was more unappetizing. In the end, the way her father was pawing at his girlfriend took the cake (pun intended) and she pushed her plate away in disgust.
    “May I be excused?”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.09.2014

  32. Ein Tag-
    etwas ganz besonderes.
    Ein Geschenk-
    einfach einzigartig.
    Einmal kosten-
    von allen Kuchen.

    By Anuri URL on 06.09.2014

  33. She baked a cake, and then she ate it. It’s really no big deal, she thought. I can always make another one. Or I can always buy another one. She’s depressed. See?

    By Cat on 06.10.2014