September 20th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “crouch”

  1. He stayed hidden there, underneath of the table, until the banging stopped.

    When he crawled out, everything was broken.

    Everything except the white skin of the one he could have saved.

    It looked like she was only sleeping.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 09.20.2011

  2. Crawling, crawling
    under a table
    I don’t want to hear the
    scream scream scream
    any more

    I want to be invisible.
    I just want to be

    By Jem Page URL on 09.20.2011

  3. The hot Savannah sun burned the lion’s back. The heat was unbearable and his patience was running thin. A low growl erupted as he stayed crouched low, eyeing it’s prey. One of them had to wander away from the heard eventually…

    By lidia on 09.20.2011

  4. as I began to crouch down toward the tiny boy, I saw he was crying.
    I sat in a crouch position for so long my knees ached

    By Peggy Bowers on 09.20.2011

  5. crouching like a cat. I stalk my prey as if it’s my last. White curtains stained with red, seperate you and i. this isn’t living. it’s a lie.

    By Sarah on 09.20.2011

  6. She sat very still, coruching on the ledge. She watched her prey as it slowly crawled along the pavement. She was almost there, almost ready to strike out and grab it with the very tip of her claw… but she was still, growing old and aging. It didn’t help her that she felt stiff all the time, but to be unable to catch a caterpillar from a crouch? It was shameful.

    By Margaux Khosraviani on 09.20.2011

  7. Beneath the dining room chairs lined up in a row covered in blankets, pillows, sheets. There I crouch, seven years old. This would be our best fort yet.

    By amy on 09.20.2011

  8. I was walking down the street; I wasn`t paying a lot of attention, though. When, finally, I turned around and I encounter my worst fear, I faced it and it was no longer there.

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 09.20.2011

  9. At the end of the riverbank, she bent to look into her own reflection. She wasn’t beautiful. She wasn’t perfect. She never would be. With her freckles and sad smile.

    By Soren on 09.20.2011

  10. He was crouched low. Watching through the shrubbery of a meeting taking place. He’s supposed to be in charge, it’s what he was trained to do, what he was meant to become. This man, this man is trying to take everything he spent eleven years working towards, what his Grammy wanted him to achieve. This man. He can’t let this man win.

    By Cassie URL on 09.20.2011

  11. I crouched down beside my sick mother, and wondered if she could sense my presence. Seeing her so silent and still was frightening. Will she ever leave this sleep of death? I pray for her to leave the coma.

    By Daysi on 09.20.2011

  12. I crouch over the stairs and look down the hall at my father in his suit. where is ihe goin? i can’t see what is in his had. it’s night time outside and the sky is bright because the rain is coming. My night dress is touching my toes and i have to pee, bt this feels important, significant. i hear a man outside and my father looks over at him.

    By Aya Kiir on 09.20.2011

  13. Staggering across the lawn he tripped, then landed in a pile under a tree. He tried to stand, b ut only made it to a crouch. “Damn those office parties!:” he mumbled out loud. Impressing the new clerk had gone terribly wrong. No more martini’s, at least before dinner on an empty stomach.

    By Seansj URL on 09.20.2011

  14. As I crouched there, under the stairs, daring not to breathe, I wondered whether the mistress had ever once been kind, perhaps when she was smaller, maybe.

    I feel like her heart is a straggly thing, all holy and cut up, surrounded by nothingness settled in her rib cage. Her pursed lips and tight eyes sweep over in my direction and I can feel the pain already.

    Her stare is the worst part, after that you know whats coming and you succumb to it.

    By Olive URL on 09.20.2011

  15. This word is perfect for me this week. I wish I could just crouch down underneath my bed and not emerge for thousands of years. I am so tired of studying, exhausted, and mentally frustrated that everything just keeps spinning around me. I can’t even imagine how I am going to feel when it comes to my graduate years in terms of stress. So as for now, I am going to imagine crouching underneath of my bed because it isn’t actually going to happen.

    By Teeps on 09.20.2011

  16. crouching down
    hoping no one saw me
    trying to hide
    trying to escape

    they wont let me out
    they want to kill me
    I want to die
    why not let them
    finish the job?

    By Brittaney on 09.20.2011

  17. The fierce lioness crouched, ready at a moments notice to attack.
    “Roar!” She screamed.

    By Lauren on 09.20.2011

  18. monster is coming rhymes with couch and ouch hiding from something my leg muscles are sore today I don’t want to

    By Erin on 09.20.2011

  19. A famous football player, England. It also means to stop, to bend with your knees, to fall. Crouch. A nice word, different meanings.

    By Miranda URL on 09.20.2011

  20. grass there i am sitting/crouching in it with my dog laying in it. fall leaves sprinkled through these tall blades of camel colored grass, dried from the autumn crisp air. this is my favorite time of day, with pumpkin scent throughout.

    By Noel McLaren on 09.20.2011

  21. he waits.

    i crouch behind the tree, hiding, still. he can’t see me. he knows i’m here, but like a child, i think that he cannot see me and will leave.

    he waits. i wait.

    By sarah marie URL on 09.20.2011

  22. crouch sit down close to the ground fall down close down to the ground under the ground six feet under fall under the earth fall under yourself fall under your mind what you need is to fall a bit and lose yourself in the fall fall and forget how to land thusly you will fly like Arthur Dent the wisdom of Douglas Adams fall and forget where to land.

    By Patrick on 09.20.2011

  23. crouch. as in to squat, to bend over? doesn’t matter, i first read this as crotch. should i write about that instead? no, my post will be denied. la la la. crouch.. squat. like a teenage mutant ninja turtle. they squat while they go in for the kill. crotch, on the other hand.. like cavemen. they have that weird little cloth….. and that’s it. this is awkward. justkidding. bye.

    By austitties on 09.20.2011

  24. i crouch over her, screaming at her to hurry. to finish before she gets her 50 lashes. wondering what my mother will think. will she see the scars that are hidden underneath my fat rolls? will she judge? everyone else judges me, why not my own mother?

    By willyum URL on 09.20.2011

  25. I crouched in the corner of the room. All thoughts were on my father. The image of him being dragged away violently through my crooked door was all I could see. My thoughts no longer motivated my body to move and my voice no longer made an impact on the air around me.

    By Rachel Sherwood URL on 09.20.2011

  26. It sounds like couch. It also remind me od a harry potter character: barty crouch jr. a very funny word… Somehow i think of the simpsons couch. Now im thinking about a coach.

    By Rachel URL on 09.20.2011

  27. get low to the ground. lean into your lunge. sneak…tigers, hidden! Sounds and looks like the word “crotch” which is slightly disturbing. Also reminds me of couch…yikes, I have more issues reading than I thought! Bend your knees, and get low.

    By Dotty on 09.20.2011

  28. sit in a low position while hunting. also used to sit and talk to small children.

    By Jessica on 09.20.2011

  29. Sometimes, when I’m really upset, I crouch down and try to get myself into as small a place as possible. I curl up in a ball and let myself cry. It’s almost like I am giving myself a hug. It stops the anxiety. Crouching in a closet, closing myself in, making myself small enough that I could just disappear.

    By Rocky URL on 09.20.2011

  30. She had to crouch down to see me where I lay. I was covered in dust, and age covered my like a rust I couldn’t control. She only scowled at me at first, looking me over qith quizzical eyes, but then she picked me up, spiffed me up, and put me back where I belonged, back on the shelves.

    By Mary URL on 09.20.2011

  31. If I crouch down, I’d have to be standing first. In fact, I’m on a couch. Almost crouch. Two completely different things, but I can’t crouch because I’m on a couch. Also, I’m typing rather fast–I suppose a minute goes by quickly–or does it? I don’t remember the last time I crouched, but I lay on the couch quite often.

    By Leslie Westbrook URL on 09.20.2011

  32. He crouched behind the dresser and continued listening to their conversation. He never liked being snoopy, but this was a delicate matter. He always wanted to know what happened to his father that faithful night.

    By Meghan on 09.20.2011

  33. The girl crouched on the ground beside the building. She looked to her left, and then her right, finally deciding it was safe to leave. Then she heard a noise. That was when the vampire sucked her blood and left her for dead. The end.

    By Liz S URL on 09.20.2011

  34. The door looked ajar when I approached it. I could feel a small breeze through what I thought was a crack in the door. When I crouched down to look inside, the door slammed shut. No one else was in the room. Who could have slammed the door so quickly?

    By Fender2010 URL on 09.20.2011

  35. He crouched down and hid behind the crumbling wall. He could only make out a few words that the strange men were saying to each other, but he knew they were up to no good regardless. He grasped the pendant under his shirt without thinking about it. His good luck charm was going to be working overtime and it was only his first week as a detective.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 09.20.2011

  36. as i crouch i think and i touch the ground. my knees and mind are working together in a bent manner. crouch.

    By jack gogreve on 09.20.2011

  37. low. like a tiger in the night. waiting for some prey to fall beneath your claws. eat well, eat fast, then run. never chew, just bite, swallow, go.

    By michael URL on 09.20.2011

  38. If I crouch down, I’d have to be standing first. In fact, I’m on a couch. Almost crouch. Two completely different things, but I can’t crouch because I’m on a couch. Also, I’m typing rather fast–I suppose a minute goes by quickly–or does it? I don’t remember the last time I crouched, but I lay on the couch quite often.

    By Leslie Westbrook URL on 09.20.2011

  39. crouch behind the world of shit talkers and secret self haters
    i think not
    the dirty things i’ve done can be washed clean
    the things they’ve done to me, i couldn’t care less
    i’m not afraid of this world, no not for a second
    you act like you have something on me, but
    you never will

    By lauren on 09.20.2011

  40. doowwwnn, i like to crouch, nomnomnom butterflies taste like nomnom crouchhh!! OMG CROUCH, I LIKE BANNAAANNNAAASSSSS. ponies are cool toooooooo. SQUAT THRUSSTTTTTTTTT, <`~~ crouch

    By Claire Taylor on 09.20.2011