September 19th, 2011 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “celebrate”

  1. Celebrate. Ummmm. It means be hap[ppy. Hav fun be good. Just have fun. Just celebrate. And be you. Celebrate you, Vause that’s all you have. For now…. bye!!!

    By Liza on 09.20.2011

  2. Celebrating is having fun with family and friends. Getting wasted and eating well. It’s about celebrating life’s milestones, and making each person know that their achievements are special. It’s about getting wasted and being happy with what you have.

    By Jess on 09.20.2011

  3. After this week is over, I am going to celebrate at the pub. I’m not on duty, I don’t have any work to do, I don’t have to teach. Plus I’m going to get a car, I am out of a long relationship. Things are clearing up for me.

    By mer URL on 09.20.2011

  4. every day i can celebrate my own day stupid game

    By Ruslan URL on 09.20.2011

  5. i can’t celebrate something
    that i don’t believe in,
    but i like the gifts
    and i like the cookies.
    i like the trees,
    and i like the family.
    i just don’t like the cult following
    and the obsession with santa.

    By michelle michelle michelle URL on 09.20.2011

  6. Celebrate!!!! I am out of anatomy!!!!! slice! slash!open the body…. I tremble,,,, thinking I enjoyed it. No the most cannibalistic part of me was awakened.

    By sayuri URL on 09.20.2011

  7. Celebrate, dance to the music! Champagne and party hats, confetti, soggy bits of colored paper floating in delicate glasses with delicate stems. New Year’s Eve. Sticky boozy drinks sprinkled on my head, flecks of liquor dotting my camera lens, smudgy, forgotten until I developed the pictures a couple of weeks later.

    By msannethrope on 09.20.2011

  8. I used to celebrate my birthday by seeing the Harry Potter movies. My mom would call us out of school, and we would go see it. That tradition is now over :(

    By Karisa Adams URL on 09.20.2011

  9. It’s hard to celebrate when you can’t think of anything to celebrate. I guess there should always be something to celebrate. I am alive, am I not? But I never think that way. I should probably be more celebratory in my life. Life should always be celebrated. It is the greatest gift.. But if we celebrated it all the time, it wouldn’t really be celebration anymore. It would just be routine.

    By katierae URL on 09.20.2011

  10. birthday candles, presents, happines friends smiles sweet emotion music alcohol

    By Alejandro on 09.20.2011

  11. What i like to do when something goes exceptionally well in my life. Or if it’s my birthday, I think that’s a good excuse too. Other then that, the word celebrate just makes me want to party I guess… !? :)

    By Jessica on 09.20.2011

  12. just like a birthday party everyone blew out the candles and there was smoke all around. it was dark. and very unlike a birthday party there was no sound. she had just killed him. in the middle of their dinner. with everyone sitting around and then had gone around blowing off candles in a frenzy.

    By dingbat on 09.20.2011

  13. happy occasions

    By Laura on 09.20.2011

  14. a celebration can be a party of some sort, mostly concerning birthdays but related to Christmas and other holidays as well. memorable happenings in one’s life can lead to celebrations without it having to be a birthday or holiday, such as graduating, getting your driver’s licence or having the one you love, love you back.

    By Charlotte on 09.20.2011

  15. It’s when people come together in order to perpetuate the illusion of culture, or rather civilisation and happiness. Which usually ends up in drunkenness. But a happy drunkenness nevertheless.

    By Edith on 09.20.2011

  16. Celebrate life. Celebrations. Parties. Fun. People. Dancing. Music. Guitar. Instrument. Flute. Breath. Life. Death. Tree. Green. Plants. Air. Oxygen. Chemistry. Class. Grades.

    By Tara on 09.20.2011

  17. It’s time celebrate the fact that I’m still alive, that I made it through another day. It’s time to realize that I did okay.

    By Rianne URL on 09.20.2011

  18. Great waves, big, huge bunny rabbits and really, it’s kinda tragic. Soda pop, it just gotta stop, I can’t swallow your lollipop.

    By Edith on 09.20.2011

  19. Parties! Pinkie Pie. Ponies. My little pony: friendship is magic. I love Pinkie, shes so random. Her hair looks like cotton candy. Man, I love that pony. 2nd fave, after Applejack. She’s always throwing parties and such. Hence, why I’m writing about her. She’s so adorable though… her laugh is great. Ahem. I a NOT falling in love with a cartoon figure. I just appreciate her for what she is. Adorable.

    By Michael on 09.20.2011

  20. Throwing you’re hands in the air in the presence of others, all enjoying the same success. Drinks! Smiles!

    By John12Condors URL on 09.20.2011

  21. Celebrate is when you hold a celebration for a special occasion. People celebrate minor and major evens that happen and can always be fun.

    By Grace URL on 09.20.2011

  22. To celebrate, to exclaim, to party- when you celebrate you need to be happy, excited. You celebrate when you love the world, or love something even smaller. To celebrate is a gift. To be thankful for a gift.

    By Mika McIntosh URL on 09.20.2011

  23. weddings birthdays baby being born champagne friends party family exciting wonderful new job fireworks cake candles cards happy laughter hugs

    good times, happiness, holidays,

    By sarahdufeu on 09.20.2011

  24. The fanfare of emotion whirled through her body, as the entire crowd shouted and cheered her name on.
    Who thought archeology could be so exciting and hectic.
    She did.
    That’s who.
    Her passion lifted her upon the stage with the wings of the new species she discovered.
    She was an angel, and had brought her species back into the world.

    By Siege URL on 09.20.2011

  25. anything can be celebrated. find something to celebrate. if you’re not celebrating then your eyes aren’t open. if you can’t find something to be excited about, something lovely that needs to be appreciated in celebration, then it’s time. it’s time to celebrate something. anything.

    By Leah URL on 09.20.2011

  26. celebrations: christmas, holidays, snowy pristine
    celebrate: festivals, lots of happy, giddy, childlike-for a day people selling, creating, buying, eating, drinking, laughing, celebrations of thanks and wonder. When humans recognize thier godlike abilities, their power, strength and sometimes-beauty

    By Marissa on 09.20.2011

  27. its time to celebrate. celebrate the birthdays and lives and everything in between. birthdays and weddings, anniversary and deaths. some things shouldn’t be celebrated with joy. but with love

    By Samm on 09.20.2011

  28. It’s time to celebrate, remember that song? Great song, makes one want to dance! Back in the 90’s that was the song to party to, that and 1999, thats how we’re gonna party. Now people take celebrate too seriously, it’s all about birthday and anniversaries and shit. No one has fun with celebrating anymore. Lets just take one night, and celebrate the fact that we have one night to just party, party like its 1999. and it’ll be fantastic.

    By katarina on 09.20.2011

  29. People celebrate when they get a promotion in work, have a baby, when it’s their birthday or when they get their drivers license. Celebration is happy and positive. It shows that you are happy about something.

    By Sarah Murphy on 09.20.2011

  30. He threw up his arms and sat down in a huff. “Close your eyes, silly!” said the giggly girl hovering over him with the body paint. “I’m gonna do your face!”
    “Why, Jade? I’m gonna be wearing a bird mask anyway.”
    “Because we have to celebrate your being the phoenix in this year’s parade! You ain’t a performer without body paint!”

    By Briana Bloom URL on 09.20.2011

  31. I can celebrate. to celebrate with candles and balloons, to celebrate with drugs and booze.

    By Brian the lotus URL on 09.20.2011