September 20th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “crouch”

  1. Jensen assumed a crouched position, which looked a lot like the fetal position as he floated in his velvet consciousness.

    “Where the fuck is that phone?! I just had the damned thing!”


    By chole URL on 09.20.2011

  2. well crouch reminds me of a quote i read today which went like this: “May your enemies be infested with ticks from crouch of 1000 camels, and may their hands be too short to scratch”. Well it may be abhorred by many who read it but it does sound funny and different. :)

    By Praveen URL on 09.20.2011

  3. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it had wings. I was as silent as I could be. Waiting in the camouflage for my prey. I was crouched, listening, watching, waiting. I poked my head around my locker door, shut it and stood up. My skirt was too tight, my heels too high, my shirt too revealing. I picked up my books and left my crouching position. I spotted my target, now it was time to pounce. As the new girl you have two options; be the loser, or the envy of every girl in school. I walked over to his locker right in the middle of his group of friends.
    “HI, I’m new and, I have no idea where any of my classes are. Could you maybe help me out?” a few eye lash bats and a nervous smile, and I had him hooked. I sunk my claws in and bit down as he walked me to my first class. Gossip spread through the halls as well as jealous eyes. For now I was safe.

    By MickieC03 URL on 09.20.2011

  4. hidden, not knowing what’s coming. Or knowing exactly. Your prey, what you want, watching, waiting patiently for it to come your way, so you can pounce, reach, attract, embrace and keep it. Just for you, and then when things get scary, you can crouch together and look for something new to prey on, to want and dream about.

    By Susana on 09.20.2011


    By Beth Alphonse URL on 09.20.2011

  6. As I sat crouched in the corner I listened to my son sing the song he learned from school, “School days, school days…” it was so sweet seeing him remember those lovely little words.

    By MsLanaK URL on 09.20.2011

  7. I was crouching underneath the table, reading the code inscribed in the cold hard wood. Crouching, I could feel my muscles tighten under my skin. I love to crouch down in the warm sea water and sit on the sandy bottom. Crouching is how I get down to eye level with my dog, to look into his eyes and read his story.

    By Amber Rocks on 09.20.2011

  8. I crouch in the corner weeping and shaking
    no one sees me sob all they see is crowds and not people
    when will they see me crouching?

    By CarolineScott URL on 09.20.2011

  9. please leave comments bout my writing? Thankz! :)

    By emma URL on 09.20.2011

  10. Get down! Low!

    The bullets whiz overhead as Jesse grabs the front of my shirt and pulls my chin down into the mud. My uniform is filthy and my mouth is full of sandy debris as noise explodes overhead.

    I try to pop my head up to see what’s going on, but Jesse’s hand hasn’t moved.

    By Nancy URL on 09.20.2011

  11. The hunt was on. The tiger was watching the prey with eager anticipation. As it crouched down it prepared to spring forward and attack. Each move was calculated intently. Watching, waiting to pounce.

    By campgirlie413 URL on 09.20.2011

  12. hiding i guess like not wanting to be seen , you crouch maybe to see llike things idk . lolll. lcrouching to see hidden things. crounch to get a better idea

    By ashley on 09.20.2011

  13. He crouched down behind the shed. When he looked up again, she was gone. “Where did she go?” he breathed to himself. He looked around but couldn’t see where she had gone. He knew only one thing, she was the most beautiful creature God had ever graced the earth with.

    By Justice on 09.20.2011

  14. Hiding in the tall Savanna grass
    A tigress slides into position
    Ready to spring on her prey
    Muscles twitching in anticipation
    She lives for this, the thrill- the kill
    Wrestling the unsuspecting prey
    They never have a chance to flee
    The crunch of bones between her jaws
    Nothing compares to her lust for blood
    The cat springs from her crouch.

    By Jess URL on 09.20.2011

  15. I crouched in the doorway wondering what would happen next? Would I be able to react in time? Would I end up being yet another in a long line of victims. “This is no time for self-doubt.” I tell myself doubting the whole time.

    By Glenn B Miller URL on 09.20.2011

  16. crouch down you mongal! I can’t see the tv! You know I need to get my 30 minutes daily of watching nice looking women exercise. Now get out of the way! Ooo. Look! Now she’s doing lunges! How nice… those make me happy inside.

    By mackenzie on 09.20.2011

  17. The bushes are high, covered in straggly thorns. From between the branches, heavy breathing wafts out, hot and heavy. It reeks of rotten meat and the metallic odour of blood. Farther out, where the bushes are scarce and the grass is dry and short, there is movement. With it’s long neck curved downwards, its mouth delicately moving in a slow rhythym, an antelope grazes. It’s horns, long and dulled at the end, curve widely and glitter under the hot sun. The bush quivers as the animal draws near, oblivious to all but the brown grass that it’s large eyes are so focused on. Only when a branch cracks does it’s head shoot up and prick it’s ears and it scans the landscape. Satisfied, it lowers its head and its eyelids and is too slow when the bush is ripped apart to reveal the slinking predator. It’s claws, unsheathed, hook onto the antelope’s hindquarters and drag it back down when the animal tries to flee. A moment later, a second lioness is on its throat, pressing down on its neck hard to suffocate it until, minutes later, the animal has stopped moving.

    By Eleni on 09.20.2011

  18. to crouch is to sit in a squatting position, listening, waiting for your prey to arrive. You sit close to the forest floor and listen, desperately trying to hear the sound of food. you are hungry. you sit. crouching. waiting. ready to pounce.

    By rae robinson on 09.20.2011

  19. crouch down
    get ready
    feel the building intensity of the drums
    here it comes
    getting stronger
    ready for release


    By Bryan Green URL on 09.20.2011

  20. as i was crouching upon the large wooden table, my father peered at me with narrowed eyes. i felt like i had just betray everything i was ever taught. i felt horrible and wanted to take it back… but i knew after that, nothing would ever go back.

    By mackenzie on 09.20.2011

  21. sitting down by a table to grab some books, crouching down at a bus stop waiting for the bus, crouching down to touch my toes because I can’t otherwise.
    chance the U to a T and you’ve got Crotch.

    By Rainey on 09.20.2011

  22. I’m feel beaten. The walls close in. The ceiling moves high above away from me. I reach out but can’t feel anything. Panic rising I crouch waiting for it to end.

    By DaleLee URL on 09.20.2011

  23. crouching is like sitting for those who are too busy to go all the way through with it. A good way to stop enjoy a break but not trick yourself into relaxing for too long. You are always ready to hop back up and continue on the journey of life. Crouch on m

    By Brian Kacoullas on 09.20.2011

  24. I have to crouch so low that I don’t think I will ever stand straight again but I do it over and over again just to see the fresh smile that opens his face and closes his eyes and he squeezes my life into his fist and pounds me with it.

    By nannan URL on 09.20.2011

  25. The young boy crouched down behind the couch, trying to stifle his giggles. His mother walked in the front door after a long day of work, and threw her bag down on the table in the kitchen. She collapsed onto the couch, and heaved a long sigh. It had been a long day.
    Just as she begins to close her eyes, the boy leaps up from behind her, letting out a roar. She jumps up, catches her breath, and begins to laugh. The young mother picks her son up, and holds him tight.

    By Kaylyn URL on 09.20.2011

  26. she stands with her eyes alert, bending at the hip and knee, on the prowl with heightened, acute senses. the adrenaline is pumping as she observes the happenings before her. this was not supposed to be the kind of thing that happened in her life. not now, not ever.

    By mikhaela madison on 09.20.2011

  27. Anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, panic, anxiety, release and ache, embodied, kneel in the darkness, banging at the door. All I needs must do is let them in and experience their demure presence from start to finish and I feel I’ll sleep.



    Hinges creak, and I whisper a farewell to the delicate atmosphere as the first moans of anguish signal the beginning of the night’s journey; into myself.

    By Jason URL on 09.20.2011

  28. She was there, crouched in the bushes with a bow in her hand, motioning for me to be quiet. She heard movement, took aim, and shot. Perfect. We ate well that night.

    By Clarissa on 09.20.2011

  29. little does she know he’s crouching behind the car. she’s innocently walking around to the backyard for a fire and, “HA HA!!”

    “Baby! Dammit! Why do you always have to do that!”

    “I’m trying to desensitize you. I’ll get you to watch horror movies yet.”


    By More Everything URL on 09.20.2011

  30. I crouched down, bent at the knees, hoisted my kayak onto my shoulder and stood up. I walked a few feet into the lake and gently set my boat down. A journey begins.

    By cheryl on 09.20.2011

  31. I can’t even crouch down at the moment. One slip and my knee dislocates. It tears and breaks. Now i’m stuck on the couch for two weeks. No bending, walking, moving, crouching. I think i may be going insane. Only one week to go…

    By Kirsty URL on 09.20.2011

  32. i love to sit on my crouch. I love to crouch on my couch. I can cough when I’m off, I can be what I see. I will stalk you until my hihidden dragon out lasts your tiger. I will eat vegetables till I hear a click on the geiger. To you I say, this is the day, that can be the best, better than all the rest. It’s up to you, you know what to do. Don’t listen to me, you know everything already. Don’t listen to profets, they’re just in it for the profit.
    Don’t believe in a god, you will waste your days in a fog. Trust in yourself, and try to stay in good health. don’t listen to the leaders, the are actually the greeders. So have wisdom, not blind faith, and in each day you will make, a new chance to learn from mistake, and a whole universe for you to create.

    By joefeather on 09.20.2011

  33. to sit with knees bent…tiger hidden dragon…croch….kangroo…babies…box squat…

    By bob on 09.20.2011

  34. i crouched down on the ground, the bombs exploded above me, hot shrapnel cutting into my skin. I look beside me. Derrick was dead. I grabbed his dog tag and pulled, snapping the chain from his nexk.

    By Liz on 09.20.2011

  35. Crouch… Crouch like a cat? Crouch like a creeper? Basically bend over to sneakily spy or achieve an objective without being seen. But if someone can use this word to describe someone else’s behavior… then that person’s “crouching” was in vain.

    By katierae URL on 09.20.2011

  36. I crouched behind the tree, terrified to stand up and see him. He hated me. And he had every right to. Here I was, hiding from the only boy I had ever loved. But this was the way it had to be. This was the way it ended up. And it hurts like crazy to think I will never again be apart of his life in the way that I want to be but, that’s life. You take it or you leave it.

    By chelsea taylor URL on 09.20.2011

  37. There wasn’t anything left for him to do. He was staring death in the face. The poison arrow was fast approaching and so, without thinking, he crouched behind a rather large orangutan, hoping to find protection behind its big, furry, orange body.

    By Ryan on 09.20.2011

  38. crouching tiger hidden dragon… crouching is pretty good for your health so I’m told from the interesting ladies on the talk… which is a TV show on during the mid day. I also kind of think of couch whenever I see this word just because it’s one letter off from spelling couch.

    By Natalie Roush on 09.20.2011

  39. He crouched behind the bushes, peering around to catch a glimpse of his prey. She wasn’t prey in the usual sense, not that he planned to kill her and devour her remains; not that he’d entirely eliminated that as an option, either. For now, he merely watched, and waited for the right moment to make his move. He had all the time in the world – an eternity, in fact, barring unfortunate little things like exposure to sunlight or a stake through the heart.

    By David URL on 09.20.2011

  40. He crouched down, panting. It was coming. The green bush concealed him, hiding he from what was lurking ahead. The air was cold. He wanted to go to sleep but he couldn’t… so he crouched, and waited for the end.

    By N URL on 09.20.2011