September 20th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “crouch”

  1. I tuck myself down to recover from the pain. I crouch. I’m hiding, soon I’ll be safe. I crouch. I breathe, I feel. I crouch.

    By Peace on 09.20.2011

  2. Crouched down on the floor against the wall. Crying about something. Can’t be to loud, don’t want to wake anyone up. Then I stop for a moment and remember everything I regret and all the mistakes I have made and Everything I did wrong and I can’t stop crying. I can’t stand it but without carrying all the guilt with me, I feel I don’t deserve to live. I think, should I do it? Should I go get it and use it? Renew the scars that are fading? I do this often. To remember what I have done.

    By meriselle URL on 09.20.2011

  3. I don’t know what to write about the word crouch, possibly someone crouching which I wouldn’t know why, like in actions movies. the one thing I think about when I see the word crouch now that I think about it is when people crouch down to pick up little kids and now it makes me miss my nephews and nieces because I would always crouch down to their level to talk to them, hug them, or pick them up. it’s been awhile since I’ve last saw them, for me anyway, which is a few weeks…

    By Vanita on 09.20.2011

  4. Barty Crouch. Ugh, that man really bothered me. To accuse your son and send your own wife to her death is just awful. I was so angry with him, but so happy that he was caught. I hate death eaters.

    By Hannah S URL on 09.20.2011

  5. I see something that makes me very uncomfortable and instantly I move towards the ground keeping my eyes level. looking away can make me be invisible, but I want to exist. I want to know my fate, and keeping my eyes open allows for that. But i am scared.

    By Claire Black on 09.20.2011

  6. I sat there, crouched, praying that my breathing would not be heard. What would happen if he heard me? If he saw the fear in my eyes?

    By Justin on 09.20.2011

  7. I crouch on the floor against the wall.To cry. Not to loud, don’t want to wake anyone up. But I think of everything I have done wrong, all my regrets, all my mistakes, everything that was my fault and I can’t stop crying. I can’t stand the guilt, but without it, I feel like I don’t deserve to live. That’s why I do this so often. to remember my guilt. It’s the only way I can live… Then sometimes I wonder if I should renew the marks that are fading away. Sometimes I do.

    By meriselle URL on 09.20.2011

  8. ducking low to the ground, invisible to people. below the bushes. Just your red shoes popping out, rain boots. You’re standing in a puddle. You’re hiding from your lover: you’re watching him, seeing what he does when no one else is looking. You always think about what you do when other people aren’t looking. Would you crouch if no one was around? You try to act prettier, smarter, even when you’re alone. It doesn’t seem like it should matter, how you act when you’re alone, but it’s practice for when you’re with him. You shouldn’t have to crouch but you do anyways, out of curiosity.

    By Carley DeFranco on 09.20.2011

  9. The dark trees loomed ahead. The gloomy shadows hiding most of the white light from the moon. Only little slivers of light appeared on the ground. I was low, in the shrubs, hiding. The leaves brushed across my face. They scratched along my arms. Itched around my knee. Tickled my fingers. And the footsteps continued about 30 feet down the dirt path. Coming closer the steps became louder the I could see tiny little particles of dirt swirling in the slivers of moonlight. I jumped out of the brush and grabbed the jeans right in front of me.

    By DARE URL on 09.20.2011

  10. I crouch on the floor against the wall.To cry. Not to loud, don’t want to wake anyone up. But I think of everything I have done wrong, all my regrets, all my mistakes, everything that was my fault and I can’t stop crying. I can’t stand the guilt, but without it, I feel like I don’t deserve to live. That’s why I do this so often. to remember my guilt. It’s the only way I can live… Then sometimes I wonder if I should renew the marks that are fading away. Sometimes I do. To remember what I have done. Then I put on a smile for no one would notice. But I wish they would.

    By meriselle URL on 09.20.2011

  11. I crouched behind the fallen wall and peered over hesitantly. The men walked by, grumbling as if they didn’t have a care int eh world. I suppose they didn’t. I most certainly did though. The black cloud behind them was moving in faster , but everyone besides myself seems to not have noticed.

    By N on 09.20.2011

  12. when my family and i road-tripped through france, the only roadside toilet — that was exactly what we had been waiting for for hours — turned out to be a very tragic crouching situation with a roof.

    By Natalie URL on 09.20.2011

  13. Crouch by the side of the house tonight. You know how to get down nice and low so someone doesn’t see you, don’t you? Well, do that. In the shadows. Wait till the count of 1,000. Can you do that for me sugar? Okay, then.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 09.20.2011

  14. The little cat crouched down in the corner. All of the cat’s muscles bunched together as it prepared to pounce and escape. The dog dripped spittle onto the floor in front of it, its hot breath blowing into the cat’s face. She jumped and narrowly escaped from the clutches of the dog, flying into safety. A safety she thought she would never have reached five seconds ago. Now she was free. A savor the word free for it is love and life and beauty. But now was not the moment, because danger was still eminent. With every bound of her paws the cat got closer and closer to rest and relaxation. The dog was still trailing behind, disoriented by her sudden movement. She rounded a corner and jumped onto familiar trashcans and through a window. Running, she flew into her nice cozy bed. FREE!

    By Kaleigh on 09.20.2011

  15. to bend low to squat couching tiger hidden dragon commonly confused with the word crotch which describes the pubic arrea crouching low, get low, way low, do you wanna crouch oon my couch, crouch crunch crunch n munch is good newports taste good like a cigarette should crouch, who thought of that word? the crouching position, eady to attack, racoons attack, and they’ll kill you, i wonder if i crouch when they attack will they attack with vigor? is crouching a threatening posisition or a passive position crouch my crotch itches.

    By nicole gordon on 09.20.2011

  16. The woman crouched beside her dying cats in a frenzy of hysterical paranoia.
    Her body was covered in oozing scrapes and cat scratches, mementos of her feline companions’ final hours. The attack was over; she had won. The cats, had fallen.

    By Ethan on 09.20.2011

  17. It was scary, the thought of what they were doing. It was down right terrifying. There they were, hiding behind the couch while someone… someTHING ravaged the intruders. Where had they come from? What were they? Oh, God. They were next. She squeezed her eyes together and tried not to think about her impending doom.

    By Cassi Blevins on 09.20.2011

  18. Kneeling before the precipice, the weight of Atlas pressed upon the earth
    Crows called their death song
    The world stopped spinning to pray

    By MorganLovell URL on 09.20.2011

  19. I like to crouch, because it makes my bum look awesome. Crouching can be difficult at first, especially if you’re not used to any excercise, but if you stick with it you’ll soon see that crouching is the most fun way to be lower than when you’re standing.

    By Mick on 09.20.2011

  20. Not couch, silly, CROUCH! As in, down, below the car door where no one can see you against the curb. No one will see you this way. We can be safe and together down here near everyone’s feet as they walk by, carrying groceries or packages from the liquor store or whatever. Cheers.

    By Hannah Palmer Egan URL on 09.20.2011

  21. He crouched down, hiding behind the large box. “Damn you Tamaki,” He muttered under his breath, looking up at the couple in front of him.
    “Now I feel like a stalker.. Thanks.”
    Although, what he was doing could be considered a form of stalking he kept moving forward, following them as they moved through the busy crowd.
    “No matter what, I won’t let you win this one.”

    By Rain URL on 09.20.2011

  22. she stood standing there, holding the camera still as she could. but the angle’s wrong.
    she bent down a bit, crouching near it, with the lens gripped tight, but the light is different here.

    By Selena URL on 09.20.2011

  23. The lowly grasses crouched as the winds whispered chilly news. I just wanted to write a colorful sentence. All i actually thought of was a crouching tiger.

    By deniceey URL on 09.20.2011

  24. Birds

    By Bob URL on 09.20.2011

  25. The crouching tiger snuck up upon the hidden dragon.
    And Pounced.

    Another statue.

    The tiger encircled the area, as though the dragon could be spotted anywhere.

    But it was hidden…
    And nobody messes with the fucking hidden dragon.

    These were the last thoughts that entered my head as the fireball took my soul.

    By Siege URL on 09.20.2011

  26. people crouch when they need to hide, or when they need to duck down from something. like if something were to hit them in the face. one might crouch to avoid the object in time. little kids also crouch to act like animals from the past, maybe dinosaurs. i dunno. but you get what im saying right?

    By Danielle on 09.20.2011

  27. Crouching down to the ground. The sweltering heat pushed me so low I couldn’t imagine ever rising again. So low. So low.

    By Emily Minor on 09.20.2011

  28. I crouch down in the bushes, spying on the enemy soldiers. “They’re coming up the hill.” I whisper to myself as the enemy march up the road. A twig cracked under my foot and the leader of the troops head spun around instantly and searched the scrub we were hiding in.

    By Serena URL on 09.20.2011

  29. As I crouch down, behind the ferns, I see what I’ve been waiting all this time to see. My heart beats loudly, the rhythm feels as though it will launch my feet and spring my claws before I’m ready.

    But I am ready.

    I’ve been ready for so long.

    By Matthew Goodwin on 09.20.2011

  30. Hidden.
    Under the thick
    dying brush.

    Under the loosely hanging leaves.
    Tiptoeing through the browning grass.
    An ivory mantle planted atop your head.
    A trophy of murderers.

    Best not be seen.
    Best not be heard.
    Stay hidden, stay quiet.
    Solution to staying

    By zoe URL on 09.20.2011

  31. crouching reminds me of hiding from something, generally being afraid, its is not a nice word. However it also reminds me of a couch, of relaxing. in general, crouching is uncomfortable. feet hurt.

    By georgie on 09.20.2011

  32. crouch in the tall grass, wait for a shot, look for the kill. heat creeping, sweat seeping. kill kill kill

    By tim on 09.20.2011

  33. she squinted into the sunlight
    from her quiet place behind the birch
    and watched as the tears on her cheeks made patterns into
    the dirt
    like stars
    always hiding,
    afraid of nothing

    By Annie URL on 09.20.2011

  34. i crouched down to get the ball. crouch is a funny word the panther crouched ready to spring on his prey. we were perched on the couch crouched together.

    By Alexandra on 09.20.2011

  35. Crouch. Crouch behind what? Crouch to hide? Crouch to escape? I find so much meaning in such a simple word. Maybe it’s because I crouch behind metaphorical things daily.

    By Stacy URL on 09.20.2011

  36. i could crouch down and crawl underneath my desk right now. it’s a nice desk, one that has a… what is it? a rolly-top. that’s what i’ll call it, a rolly-top. there is a door in it. if you crouch down and under and go in the side, you can hide there. one time i hid there for hide and seek as a child, and it took my parents forever to find me.

    By MJ on 09.20.2011

  37. “Without a bellyful of liquor, all I am is a woman who cracks stupid jokes to make up for being shy.” — Katie Crouch

    By aeropostale URL on 09.20.2011

  38. I was crouched in the bushes, hiding in the weeds
    ready to prey on the harmless creatures that graze beyond my hiding spot
    I wait and watch

    By Alexandra URL on 09.20.2011

  39. Under the couch there was a little key waiting for him to pick up. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he crouched down, picked it up and tossed it back and forth between his palms removing the dust. He walked towards the living room to try his grandfathers old letter box.

    By Frank on 09.20.2011

  40. crouch behind my knees
    tilt your head,
    open your mouth
    take me in
    and feel the cotton
    skin that wraps me in

    By Sonia Vaz URL on 09.20.2011