August 4th, 2010 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “cross”

  1. Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins. But it wasn’t because he wanted to control us, or because God was some almighty being who just wanted to manipulate us. It’s because he loves us and cares for us and doesn’t want us to spend an eternity in Hell.

    By Lindsey on 08.04.2010

  2. “Take me down from this cross right this minute,” Jesus said to the Roman soldiers, who were laughing and carrying on. “I’m warning you … if you don’t stop jabbing spears between my ribs and saying unkind words, I will be forced to … forced to … turn the other cheek!”

    By richpee URL on 08.04.2010

  3. On wednesdays we had chapple. I’d go into the church and sometimes i’d listen. But on the back wall there was a stained glass cross and beyond that there were cars and people. The outside captured my imagination. I played pretend wondering if everything was as bad as they made it seem.

    By Lindsay Rae URL on 08.04.2010

  4. The stained glass above her streaks scrambled colors onto the flagstones beneath her sneakers. The sneakers that are sticky with blood, that squelch as she walks to the altar. She feels dirty here; dirty and horrible. A stain against a pure background. She knows they’ll find her; it’s only a matter of when. If not them, then the police. The law enforcement. Such a laughable concept, these days. The law controls nothing in Denver. They’ll threaten and chase at your heels like pesky hounds, but if you know the right fox, you can slip away from the baying beagles.

    But the den the fox offers you…it isn’t always as cozy as it seems.

    By Alicia on 08.04.2010

  5. I was very cross when someone told me that I couldn’t have a hummingbird as a pet. I thought, wow, how mean. So then I went and got a tiger and killed them. I then went to watch Inception, because I’m crazy like that.

    By Tyson on 08.04.2010

  6. neglected,
    (You are so)
    & my knees are
    not low enough
    for me to sink to
    truly let You see
    what a wretched
    piece of flesh
    You created.

    By doc. URL on 08.04.2010

  7. You cannot understand me – you don’t take the time to even learn what I believe. I guess it’s my cross to bear, but honestly. Would you believe what the KKK said about an all-black Baptist church? Why do you believe everything your preacher says about me and my faith? He knows nothing. You know nothing about what I believe – because you don’t bother to ask me.

    By Hyperbole URL on 08.04.2010

  8. It’s always around her neck. A small golden cross. She treasures it like it somthing special. I’ve never asked about it, no matter how much I want to.

    By Kaye-chan URL on 08.05.2010

  9. our paths crossed in the night. we walked together till daylight came. funny how that can work

    By Perrie on 08.05.2010

  10. Cross the street and see what is there. Cross your heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye.

    By Beverly Haney on 08.05.2010

  11. She’s been crossed so many many times yet still gullibly trusts everyone she meets. Disappointment causes her pain but doesn’t touch her faith in the people around her…There are two kinds of people.
    People who think she is foolish…
    And people who think she is beautiful.

    By Stephanie URL on 08.05.2010

  12. You crossed my way without asking, without noise, without plans. A crossroad, two totally different lifes in totally different places. I just hope we will take the same intersection.

    By Fredda URL on 08.05.2010

  13. cross my heart
    hope to die
    promise me you wont cry
    goodbye for now
    and understand
    we’ll meet again in heaven’s land

    By Kim on 08.05.2010

  14. She was cross. I don’t know why. She didn’t even know I was aware. But I knew her too well; the slight crease in the forehead, the lowering of the eyebrows, the fixed smile. When she was happy, she almost never smiled.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 08.05.2010

  15. Sometimes a strikethrough just won’t do.
    sometimes you have to burn holes with insecticides
    and poison the land
    that was once a soul.

    I have no excuses, but yours is a cross,
    Let Jesus be my witness.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 08.05.2010

  16. the crosses i bear are many. i go no where without them. they define me…i am katherine because i have learned to bear them, and keep going. i love life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By Katherine URL on 08.05.2010

  17. CROSS the T’s. To get anywhere there must be something crossed. Life moves three dimensionally– to choose one path is to cross another, and at any given point, your cross may pivot like a most overweight seesaw.

    By Devon on 08.05.2010

  18. when the word cross appeared in group-conversation, the religious symbol wasn’t what popped up into her mind. she saw little x’s, markers of failure. reminders of where she went wrong, what mistakes she made. little regrets have small white x’s, and the biggest were completely crossed out in her mind with bright, red ink. crosses were pain, not salvation.

    By alyssa on 08.05.2010

  19. Gabrielle glared at him. His behaviour had never made her more cross or embarrassed than at this point. He was acting like a five year old, if a five year old were able to drink wine and smash a glass in anger so easily. He was drunk and he was again acting as though she were his. She stalled for a moment to consider a retort.

    By Narumi L. Compson URL on 08.05.2010

  20. He was mad. He was very mad. He had been in this situation before and it always made him mad, but he never acted on it or let himself really feel the depths of his anger. But this time, there was no denying it. He was cross.

    He wasn’t going to go to church again.

    By Bryan on 08.05.2010

  21. It’s not like I wanted to meet him, our paths just happened to cross one day. But I don’t regret meeting him. He’s taught me more than any could imagine, and we were simply strangers on a train. He still changed my life though.
    It’s amazing what happens when you meet someone about to die.

    By Kiyato URL on 08.05.2010

  22. Crosses. The first thing I think of, is “the cross”

    I’m not even religious.

    But for some reason, such a simple image for such a twisted religion really amazes me. I have so odd affinity with it… although I’m not sure if I will ever figure out why.

    By Taylor URL on 08.05.2010

  23. It was a long way and on the map it had looked so short. They toiled up hills that were filled with smow and eventually they reached the border. Well, it was the border on the map, but there was no evidence on the ground. They moved on a few yards and then hugged each other. They were free!

    By ember URL on 08.05.2010

  24. I never did cross my mind that the gun was dirty. It was just sitting there on the stairs. That may have been the worst decision i have ever made.

    By Remmy URL on 08.05.2010

  25. There are several things you can cross, lines come to mind at first. To cross the line is to do that which you are advised against. Now while some lines, I won’t say most, but some lines are agreed upon by most of the human population, while others are simply put upon you by a select few others.

    By Dan URL on 08.05.2010

  26. I don’t like crossing anything. Crossing the street, crossing someone, crucifixion, never seems like a positive thing to me.

    By Daniel Oh URL on 08.05.2010

  27. Cross is x shape. And from an early age it acquires a negative connotation . Everytime it came on the test sheets and notebooks it kind of made one feel bad.

    By sk URL on 08.05.2010

  28. Cross is also a mark. Just a mark to identify something. Now That can be a neutral thing not really negative , but usually perceived negatively.

    By sk URL on 08.05.2010

  29. “Don’t cross me,” Reinholdt warned ominously. “You won’t like me when I’m angry.” “Hey, you sound just like David Banner on that old Hulk show,” Martin replied as he laced up his shoes. “Do you think you can tone it down some for the T-Ball championship game?”

    By Izolda on 08.05.2010

  30. I crossed someone just the other day.
    I said something that came off mean,
    But it wasn’t what I meant to say.

    By Liam G. on 08.05.2010

  31. I sit on the floor, cross my legs like an indian. This insipid woman, insisting on teaching me addition. I learned how to add when I was 3, you vile cow! The state of public schools now a days makes me sick.

    By Alison URL on 08.05.2010

  32. I was cross at her. I was cross at her. I didn’t know why it was so hard to admit that but I was. I was sick of her annoyings quips and sarcastic words and I was just mad at having to live with her for the next six months.

    By jules URL on 08.05.2010

  33. The cross between her two favorite flowers produced a tall stately plant that did not bloom. She scratched her head. She did everything right, everything by the book. What happened? It was going to surprise her next year.

    By Em URL on 08.05.2010

  34. Approaching the cross roads, I wondered should I turn right or left? Should I stay straight or turn around. Shrugging I thought, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

    By liltig URL on 08.05.2010

  35. It had crossed my mind that i may have been dreaming,
    lying in that green meadow,
    shadowed by a tree,
    nothing seemed real,
    then i opened my eyes.

    By causemanot URL on 08.05.2010

  36. A symbol of meanings that span the verse, It is hope altogether. To bind two things crossing paths, a bond. The cross if faith, hope, and a bond of what crosses our path.

    By Cpt.Foss URL on 08.05.2010

  37. There’s a cross on her neck. It reminds her of her saviour who died for her on the cross. The one person who loves her unconditionally. The one person she disappoints most of the time but still continues to love her despite. I love you Lord.

    By teeea URL on 08.05.2010

  38. His pace is brisk, a New York walk, purposeful in its efficiency. Arms snug at his sides – better to reduce drag, eliminate pedestrian collisions – he looks ahead five feet, scanning the pavement for pitfalls, anything that could slow him down. At the intersections, when he’s missed the light and the masses huddle around him, he crosses himself. Father, Son, Holy Ghost, right before the light turns and he steps off the curb. The first to do so, ahead of the mass of flesh, picking up velocity.

    By ThomG URL on 08.05.2010

  39. Many years of Catholic school — stumbling around in blind faith.
    Brainwashing. Awkward memories. Years of guilt and “penance.”
    Only to find out that God has nothing to do with it all really…

    By Amanda Purnell URL on 08.05.2010

  40. Love, religion, faith. What is it that you make? What do you take? I see two lines before my eyes, that make me look up to the skies. I believe.

    By Michelle on 08.05.2010