August 3rd, 2010 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “fences”

  1. I keep trying to jump over these fences but I can’t get over all of them. Maybe it is time for me to look for another way around them.

    By Amanda URL on 08.04.2010

  2. There are lots of fences on my block. Big fences, chain link fences, all types. But there’s one that’s special. It’s orange and tall and it’s next to a parking lot on one side and my house on the other. The thing is, it’s too tall. So we have to make it shorter. Only, we don’t want to.

    By Zoe URL on 08.04.2010

  3. Fences keep people out and keep you in. Do you really need them yes? Sometimes. Can they cause a problem? Yes. Sometimes. What have you got a fence around today? Make it something that’s worth preserving. If not, you may be missing out on the best opportunity ever.

    By Tracy Dennis on 08.04.2010

  4. Those beautiful white picket fences. We always wanted one, always craved for that lifestyle. But that’s not you is it? Of course not. You’d rather fly than perch.

    By Kendyl Raye URL on 08.04.2010

  5. protections…. what comes first when you thing aboyut fences? protection,chickens,coops,sheeps etc. they are in our backyard and near rivers. they help us
    in being safe.

    By sakshi on 08.04.2010

  6. These words
    These fences
    These pains
    Keeping us apart.
    The past…
    Keeping us apart.
    I miss you.

    By Kathryn URL on 08.04.2010

  7. The fences were white and the little kids played infront of them with their dolls. The neighbord was walking past and smiled at them like she did every day. The white fence was a perfect background for the scene of the little kids playing. She didnt think that the scene would be as endearing if the fence werent there.

    By Heather URL on 08.04.2010

  8. I have been living inside a fence my entire life. Every so often, I walk around the edge, along the inner perimeter, and look for a gate. It has been nineteen years now, and I still haven’t found one. If only I could scale these iron bars, but they are too high, and have deadly pointed tips ringed with sharp shards of glass.

    By Alice URL on 08.04.2010

  9. I’ve always wondered what was over the fence. Maybe a separate universe or maybe my subconscious takes me over there while i’m asleep so the wonders of my mind could create pictures of a better life for me. When I was younger, i heard that the neighbor that lived there died of a heart attack. Maybe his soul is the sounds that i hear over the fence that constantly linger my mind, and make me hope that theres something fighting for over it.

    By Jenna on 08.04.2010

  10. I’ve lived behind a fence my entire life. So safe and so consoled, i dont feel like im human. What does being human feel like?

    By Jenna on 08.04.2010