August 4th, 2010 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “cross”

  1. The cross dangled from the thin gold chain that she always wore. I never saw her without that cross all the years we knew each other. Maybe her religion was this…be the best person she knew how to be and wear the cross as a sign of devotion. In her case, I think this was enough.

    By Peaceable on 08.04.2010

  2. I’d hang you from the ceiling with your suicidal grin still on your face. and that satisfaction you always seemed to radiate when you got what you wanted. arms spreading perpendicular wide, teeth showing off a white fan of knives.

    By Josh on 08.04.2010

  3. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.
    Why did the orphan cross the road? To find his parents. (What parents?)
    Why did the rooster cross the road? To prove he isn’t a chicken.
    What do you call a chicken that crosses the road without looking both ways? Dead.
    What do you call a person who actually spent time to read all of this? Bored.

    By Dana URL on 08.04.2010

  4. I looked at the cross that I wore around my neck and wondered if it meant anything. Was I wearing it for myself or using it as a show for other people to perceive me differently. The cross made me feel like a better person. I felt like I could do the bad and be forgiven.

    By Darin on 08.04.2010

  5. jesus death crusifiction tattoo justification life salvation happiness christ grafitti thankfull peace love sacrifice

    By blackrose URL on 08.04.2010

  6. Why do people cross the street? Why did the chicken cross the road? Is there somewhere specific that people are crossing places to go to? Where do you have to cross to get to the place you love? Crossing the street can be a hard journey, but when you cross the street, will it be worth it?

    By julieannax URL on 08.04.2010

  7. Every Sunday morning i see Him. I see him staring down at me up on that cross. Pastor talks about all of his stories, all of his accomplishments, all of his love. I thank him everyday for what I stare up at him nailed to.

    By shannon URL on 08.04.2010

  8. “You see this?” he retorted, lifting the cross on its chain. He let it swing in front of his face. “This is why I’m not scared of you.”
    “A piece of metal,” Rask said drily.
    “A shield,” he corrected.

    By Dana W URL on 08.04.2010

  9. The silver and white cross loomed large on the mountain. It was the only thing in site. She made her pilgramage there weekly with fresh flowers to say goodbye. He was gone for twenty-three years now. And she missed him still. He left her a long time ago.

    By Darlene Reilley URL on 08.04.2010

  10. I’m at a cross roads. I am standing there. My heart is beating faster faster faster. It almost leaps out of my chest. How can I love you so much? I didn’t think it was possible. But you will hurt me. They always do and I cant bare to lose you. You mean so much to me but it hurts being around you when I know you don’t feel the same way. So what do I do? Do I stay and suffer or walk away? I am at a cross roads.

    By Kendyl Raye URL on 08.04.2010

  11. Set aside all allusions to the bible or disappointed parents. Criss cross-applesauce. The hand clap game. When the most confusing thing in life was to see if you could do it with your eyes closed.

    By LaneD URL on 08.04.2010

  12. A cross, a crucifix. Mine is still hanging, barely, on my tangled chain. I used to wear it every day. Now it’s snarled and thrown away somewhere in my room.

    By Samantha URL on 08.04.2010

  13. criss cross apple sauce had enough of my dad as boss. in the end I’m depraved and lost. at such a cost to myself. at such a loss

    By John on 08.04.2010

  14. three stones sit there, out of place, in the dusty road. not quite pebbles, kicked up from the tires of leviathan trucks, and not quite large enough to be markers or to hold up an old rotting sign posts. those three, medium-sized rocks just keep on sitting in the cross in the road.

    By cyrus on 08.04.2010

  15. As she walked the lonely steets of her small town she began to remember what happened last year. The scenes of solders taking her family away played over and over in her mind as if it had just happened. She remembered how her parents had told her how much they loved her right before the hid her from the solders. She had prayed for them for three years but was beginning to lose hope. As she continued walking she looked up and saw the small black cross hanging in the window and she began to hope…

    By kimberly williams URL on 08.04.2010

  16. I get so damn cross when people push me.

    Why push me, push yourself!
    I’m no pushover. I just keep pulling through, and I don’t need someone else wondering if I’m going fast enough. Life is doubtful process, I just need you to let me follow this path, because it’s all I’ll ever have.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 08.04.2010

  17. I keep my grandfather’s cross in my back pocket wherever I go. It is how I know that he is with me, even when I am alone and in darkness. He keeps me safe.

    Unfortunately this has only been so since his passing. I don’t remember what he was like when he was alive at all.

    By Amelia on 08.04.2010

  18. Man, this word really makes me mad. Its like I’m so cross. wow this just really gets to me, i think i’ll go jay walk to cross the street then make someone else mad. go for cross people! heck yea. :D

    By Abby URL on 08.04.2010

  19. Cross the road safely, kids. Look both ways. Hold hands with someone above four feet in height, preferably. And don’t get hit by a car, those things are dangerous. Yeah. Be careful.

    By Emma on 08.04.2010

  20. Why did the road kill the chicken? He double-crossed him! nevermind…

    By greggles on 08.04.2010

  21. the cross stands on the peak of the hill. it stares me down, menacingly. my pupils dilate as it penetrates the depths of my absent, depraved soul. all i can think, is Poland, 1900.

    By Michael P. URL on 08.04.2010

  22. Her necklace was in the shape of a cross, that much I do recall about her. She lowered herself down, kissing me sensually, the golden cross pendant tickling my collar bone, yet all I could think of was the fact I had someone waiting for me at home. I pushed her away, picked up my dress from the floor, and left her small apartment. I finally realized what I had been missing was curled up in my bed, waiting for me.

    By Haruka URL on 08.04.2010

  23. he was nailed to it. gives me strength to make it through all the hard times. a symbol. love, truth, existence. salvation, because of a man nailed to a cross.

    By allison billington on 08.04.2010

  24. angry, religious symbol,

    By ravensword2001 URL on 08.04.2010

  25. the cross is the subject of so much pain
    not so much pain for an imaginary god
    I don’t mind that
    a fictional tale wielded to control others
    to cast guilt and doubt
    now that
    I mind

    By Jen URL on 08.04.2010

  26. Jesus was forced to carry the cross as he was lead to the site where he was to be crucified.A stranger helped carry it when he grew too weak to carry it any further. He died so that we may live with him and his Father in Heaven. He was the final sacrifice for all our sins.

    By ravensword2001 URL on 08.04.2010

  27. it was just a plain bridge.
    “this is it?” I asked, disappointment tugging at my lips.
    “yep.” he said. he offered no other explanation.
    I looked again. Perhaps I overlooked something.
    There it was. Almost a complete straight line across, with whereabouts unknown.
    “So…” I tried again, looking at what was presumably his point. “Now what?”
    Jack gestured toward weathered connection. “Now we cross.”

    By christine joy on 08.04.2010

  28. We held hands as we stepped off the curb to cross the street. It was a warm April day and the kids were excited to venture out for the first time that Spring. Now I watch as my eldest takes his child’s hands and prepares to cross the street.

    By Heather URL on 08.04.2010

  29. it didn’t even cross my mind. not even for a milla second did I think I would get caught. being wrong has never felt like more of a surprise. we were caught.

    By Megan Bryant on 08.04.2010

  30. Cross be damned, I’ll not stay here. All I can do is run, then. Run until the bleeding stops, run until my legs stop, run until their hearts starting beating again with someone else’s blood.

    By wellthatwasmelodramatic on 08.04.2010

  31. stitched between bricks, cell walls and electron clouds. a vibrating prism displayed in anachronism. coalesce cococoaglescegulasce coagulesteCOAGCOCOco coagulate.

    By rAH!n URL on 08.04.2010

  32. exfoliated by trinities. should it be orthdoxy or orthopraxy? i’m at a crossroads here, and there’s nothing i can do to save myself.

    By Alexandre URL on 08.04.2010

  33. jesus… hung on a cross. that’s waht i think of first. that evokes or is supposed to at least, evoke sadness pain and suffering.

    i also think about crossing path.. like two lines that intersect but remain going on..

    By Lani on 08.04.2010

  34. These marks on my withered hands formed who I am today. These crosses and scars and deformities. Today, I made a difference. Today, I mattered.

    By Chad on 08.04.2010

  35. He hung there, suspended between flight and desperate falling. The cross dangled tediously from his neck. Smiling and laughing, he swung back and forth from the tree branch, as if daring fate to let him fall, to end his story right then.

    By Shmooack URL on 08.04.2010

  36. The cross can be a symbol of many things. For most, Christianity is the first thing that comes to mind. However, cross can be a verb as well as a symbol. For example, “I crossed the street.” Nifty, huh?

    By Anastasia on 08.04.2010

  37. Cross roads.
    Cross roads.
    Cross roads.
    Cross roads.
    Cross roads.
    Cross roads.
    Cross roads.
    Cross roads.

    By Mercy on 08.04.2010

  38. well i already wrote about this one. i do not like the religious htings it evokes.

    i ilike thinking about math.. and the ways lines cross.. each destined to a set destination unwavering in their path, although struck by another

    By Lani URL on 08.04.2010

  39. Twenty years ago
    My path began.

    Kinder garden and grade school
    My path continued
    And I always stopped
    to pick flowers along the way

    Middle school and High School
    My path took many twists and turns
    I often got turned around and confused
    But I always found my way back

    College was an uphill slope
    The higher I rose
    The harder the winds blew

    Then my path got easier
    I began to walk slower and notice the flowers again

    Two months ago
    your path was crossed mine
    And I’ll never be the same.

    By M Ehrlicher URL on 08.04.2010

  40. Wow, my brain is really sort of blank tonight, nothing at all crosses it. Perhaps I’ve killed the creative cells writing so much lately? How ironic! Or is it?

    By Saronai URL on 08.04.2010