August 4th, 2010 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “cross”

  1. He made the sign of the cross above me, and I could only feel disgusted. How would this help me in anyway? These stupid superstitions, his magic wasn’t worth anything more than the faith only he had in it. Even though somehow I felt lighter, I ignored it, because it was nothing.

    By Stef URL on 08.05.2010

  2. your heart and hope to die,. stick a needle in your eye. or in your arm. and then you will feel like that man who met his demise on the cross.

    By gjamescarrow URL on 08.05.2010

  3. I am not usually a cross person, but she can bring it out in me without too much effort. Her look sometimes just frosts me and, being who I am, I retaliate. God, I wish I could break this pattern.

    By Jimmy URL on 08.05.2010

  4. Sergeant said it was time to move. First I dusted off my boots, for I’d need them to carry me farther into the desert. Next, I dusted off my rifle, for I’d need to to keep me safe from those who mean me harm. Finally, I dusted off my cross, because you never know…you know?

    By Manata URL on 08.05.2010

  5. It’s just the dust in my eyes that’s getting to me. We were bound to cross paths again and I don’t think either one of us new how we would react.

    By miruscopia URL on 08.05.2010

  6. To cross the great divide/ I’ll never hide/ I’m falling fast/ into my past/ and I can’t hear/ your voice

    By Moira URL on 08.05.2010

  7. Schwinn criss-cross, the used bike that’s sitting in my closet with a busted back tube. Bought for $60 after a long hard craiglist marathon of searches and inquiries. It’s treating me well, except for the flat of course..

    By jag on 08.05.2010

  8. I wonder if I will ever get this thing called love right, or will I bear this heavy cross forever.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.05.2010

  9. She drew a cross in the sand, near the shore, where the waves could easily reach out and erase it. She watched as, slowly, the cross began to disintegrate at each passing over of the foamy waves. Taking the dried up old stick back in her hand, she traced another cross over the old one, and watched it fade away again.

    By Alice URL on 08.05.2010

  10. When I cross the street, it’s frustrating to remember which way to look for oncoming trafic. Sometimes it’s easy…there’s a street sign there…”one way”…just have to look in the opposite direction of the arrow! Sometimes, though…it’s a bit complicated. Crossed a street yesterday and had to look not only the way traffic was going…but there was a bike path with traffic in both directions!

    By K. Williams on 08.05.2010

  11. I had to cross the broken road. Love was on the other side, and it took everything I had to get there. But it was worth everything I had, and everything it took from me. He was worth everything.

    By kathryn URL on 08.05.2010

  12. Wow, the cross? That’s really great. I’m a Christian, I bear one every day. Well, “bear” one. I like it. Get made fun of for it sometimes, but I don’t much care–it’s my choice. Of course a cross is more than a religious symbol. It can be a point where an important decision needs to be made, a cross between intersecting roads… there are all kinds of crosses.

    By Morgan URL on 08.05.2010

  13. cross the road but only after you have looked both ways. you haave to be safe before you can get to the other side.
    a cross represents my FAITH and belief in a higher power, an ALL loving beautiful God :)

    By abra URL on 08.05.2010

  14. A cross on the side of the road brings sadness and pain. A cross in a church brings doubt. A cross in a house brings peace. A cross in the path means diversion. A crossing of paths means opportunity. A cross is what it needs to be.

    By Abbey on 08.05.2010

  15. We all have our crosses to bear, though Jim has a bear to cross.
    It was a quite massive bear, big as an island.
    We called it bear island, and the coconuts there were very hairy.

    By J URL on 08.05.2010

  16. The blood, the blood that spilt upon the dirt for an old rugged cross people slit each others throats. A world dominated by religion where no one is truly free. People are oppressed because of their own beliefs. It seems that when you don’t believe what the others do your throat is slit and you’re left to die – alone in this world of blashpemy.

    By Megan Hickman URL on 08.05.2010

  17. Crossing paths. Reason, season, or lifetime? Crossing tempers. Crossing our hearts when we pinky swear. Across the sky.

    By Mona on 08.05.2010

  18. for thousands of years, it has been the weapon that the roman empire used as punishment. A tool that showed the power of death. Yet on one fateful day, one man died on a cross, and ever since then, it has been the symbol of life for all mankind. A weapon of defeat had turned into a weapon of life!

    By james URL on 08.05.2010

  19. “I hate to be cross at you, but I really am at my wit’s end. You must put that paintbrush down — now — get a sponge and some water and start scrubbing the walls,” my grandmother said with crossed arms. “It’s a lovely mural, but you better hope that comes off.”

    By h.a.r. URL on 08.05.2010

  20. knitted eyebrows, frowning until the muscles ache – a heavy sigh, a look that flashes warning – no yelling, yet.

    By Jamie URL on 08.05.2010

  21. I’ve been looking around too much,
    trying to roll my eyes.
    Suspense dispenses from the gaze of peripheral spies.
    I’ve been taking my time a lot,
    crossing streets of infinite size.
    Running down the seconds, the end comes as no surprise.
    I’ve been breaking my teeth off,
    trying to bite my tongue.
    I’ve been wringing exhalations
    from a tired, worn-out lung,
    stringing together sentences
    better left unstrung…

    By Rick Veloz URL on 08.05.2010

  22. Cross. I kind of think of the whole Prop 8 thing, and how all of the Jesus-lovers are mad about it being overturned. I wonder why…

    By Megan Lyn URL on 08.05.2010

  23. As I cross this gulf into the unknown I ponder to myself. Will I ever go back? Do I even want to? this lower frequency is know unappealing. The vibrations make me sick. Once you gain consciousness the old you dies. Your human self fades and your inner God emerges. So say goodbye…..Hello TGJ.
    -To all the Ancestors and spirits, known and unknown. Ashe

    By TGJ URL on 08.05.2010