October 24th, 2009 | 541 Entries

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541 Entries for “crane”

  1. I’m a bird. I’m a big bird. I’m a crane. I like to fly. I like to eat. I like to be a bird. I like to be a big bird. I like to be a crane. <3

    By Bee on 10.25.2009

  2. what the fuck is a crane?

    By cathy on 10.25.2009

  3. cranes are a type of bird. I once read a book where the main character fought with a “crane” fighting style. It was a martial arts book. I really enjoyed it. But the crane bird has long legs and a long beak. the end.

    By Klovinsk on 10.25.2009

  4. crane? again? I just got Crane. This is so not cool man. This makes me sad, so sad that i might have to go out and have a smoke just to relieve all this sadness. Evil One Word Site.

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  5. The crane slowly lifted the boulder from the entrance of the cave. Rescuers dove at the cave, scrambling inside. One returned within a half hour, cradling a small girl in his arms.

    By Emily Ann on 10.25.2009

  6. White lightness in a rice paddy, surrounded by barbed-wire fences and guard towers with soldiers with machine guns, innocence and beauty in a landscape haunted by war.

    By Taddy on 10.25.2009

  7. a crain is a bird and also a machine. It can move things or it can eat things. It has a long neck.

    By Sewell on 10.25.2009

  8. I stretch my neck to better see the smooth landing: that giraffe of a bird now wading without care at the fringes of the lake, reminding me of Grandmother’s orchids: the reddish, nearly leafless ones that attracted the Daddy Long-legs which so tickled my child-skin and fancy.

    By emme on 10.25.2009

  9. The crane appeared silently, one minute it was not there, the next, it stood stately on a rock next to the reservoir. It slowly looked around, decided that there was nothing of interest, and it flew off.

    By Teresa on 10.25.2009

  10. Cranes were made of metal. They are still. I Milwaukee Wisconsin “Big Blue” got knocked over by a gust of wind while building Miller Park. They shouldn’t have pushed the cranes that far that day. The winds were too high and the weight, too much.

    By John Tomczak on 10.25.2009

  11. a crane, floating softly above the stream, seemed to look her straight in the eye. The crane seemed to know, to understand her pain. She felt silly for thinking this, but the crane held eye contact for a remarkable length of time before flying out of sight; she walked back home.

    By Andrew on 10.25.2009

  12. Children all over the world make them as a message for peace in our world. They come in so many beautiful colours just as a world of peace would be – colourful.

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  13. The crane perched on the top of the fence, watching all of the people pass by below. He chuckled silently to himself, wondering why the petty humans bustled the way they did, to no apparent ends. They didn’t even need wings to fly, so why waste time instead of relaxing like him?

    By Ezekial on 10.25.2009

  14. I craned my neck to see what was happening at the far end of the street. The broad shouldered fuck in front of me pretty much blocked any view I hoped to see. And that’s when the bus passed by her…

    By rose on 10.25.2009

  15. It arched above them all, large and orange and destructive. Elaine covered her mouth when it settled into the river, readying to cover the waterway she’d loved all her life.

    You can’t do this, she’d said, with posters and signs and protests. You can’t.

    But they could, and they were, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    By Morgan on 10.25.2009

  16. you folded
    you folded paper into something beautiful
    you folded our us like a hand in a card game
    you know how to create beauty and ugliness
    you know them two sides of the same coin,
    of the same piece of paper

    By m.s. on 10.25.2009

  17. The Crane Wife is an excellent album by the Decemberists. I saw them in concert earlier this year. It was one of the best nights of my life. My first concert. They played one song from this album, but the concert was mainly about their newest album, The Hazards of Love. I have recently been infatuated with the last song on The Crane Wife.

    By Mark on 10.25.2009

  18. could be a bird, makes me think of sadako and the thousand paper cranes which were good luck in japan and she hoped making a thousand would save her from the leukeamia she got from the atom bomb dropped in japan before she was born. it didn’t, she died at the end of the book. great book for reading with kids

    By katy on 10.25.2009

  19. long bird in china in grass feilds tyhat sweep up terraces that crawl up mountains

    By jia on 10.25.2009

  20. crane. that’s a bird right? or are you talking about the machine crane? either way they’re both really tall i suppose even though the machine is much taller than the bird but the bird is much prettier than the machine and you’re more likely to see the bird than the machine well i guess that depends on where you live cause i live on a lake so i see the bird but if you live in the city i suppose you see the machine more than the bird. is the 60 seconds over yet?? i feel like i’ve been writing for a really long time…i thought this was only supposed to go for 60 seconds…im confused cause its been way longer than 60 seconds…


    By Kaitlin on 10.25.2009

  21. I like cranes they get stuff to places and a knew well kinda knew a guy in one paulo but turns out it was pat, we yelled his name whenever we walked by me and cody, It was pretty awesome
    I saw a crane movin all hardcore once

    By Tyler the cat on 10.25.2009

  22. today i saw a large crane near bath, maine. there are several in fact, cranes that is. the crane in spain stays mainly on the plane.

    By rose on 10.25.2009

  23. My grandfather taught me how to make paper cranes. He is not artistic in the normal sense, but he makes paper cranes like a grand performance artist. Ha! he exclaims, with every sharp crease he makes. At the end, he pinches the body and pulls on the tail. Like magic, the wings move, and my paper crane takes flight.

    By Krista on 10.25.2009

  24. What the fuck am I supposed to write about a goddamn crane!? They are just stupid ass birds that do nothing but crap on your car and get away with it because they look majestic. fuck cranes!

    By cali on 10.25.2009

  25. the white crane with the beautiful long neck and graceful, ballerina neck swooped down to consume the small fishes which comprised its diet. it was a happy crane, as far as cranes could be happy.

    By Xavier on 10.25.2009

  26. The setting is Asia and there are paper cranes, thousands of them hanging from the low ceiling. A pot of green tea is steaming on the stove. Grandmother enters the room in her robe and offers the tea to the guests in little porcelain cups.

    By Lacey on 10.25.2009

  27. It was the first snow of the season. I ran out of the building and onto the silent campus, not a shadow of fear in my mind. The first thing I saw was the large gray bird walking across the frozen lake on its spindly legs. I raced through the night wind. Everything was beautiful.

    By r.a. on 10.25.2009

  28. I already read some of the entries for this word, which means I am automatically thinking of them. Something about cranes and babies? And worrying now if mine will be availiabe for all to read but now

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  29. A tall bird, a tall piece of building site equipment, something my baby boy does with his neck a lot when he thinks there’s something going on somewhere else that he should be involved in. It’s not a very nice word, crane; mean, long and thin. And that’s really all I have to say about that.

    By Dee on 10.25.2009

  30. a long neck bird

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  31. stately resting, graceful swoon

    slow-motion launch in real-time

    fishing to flying in a mere flash


    By M on 10.25.2009

  32. beautiful bird of grace and elegance object of luck thousands millions of origami folds swooping flight

    By NWartist on 10.25.2009

  33. crane? like the bird? or like the machine they use to build skyscrapers and other such buildings? either way, cranes are pretty sweet. and it rhymes with brains. like, im going to blow ya BRAINS out! haha

    By JBtS on 10.25.2009

  34. I made a white paper crane in fourth grade. We learned from a kid in our class. I make them all the time now, for good luck. I’ve made all different colored cranes throughout the year, each a different energy.

    By Paper Luck on 10.25.2009

  35. I think of China.’the gace and beauty of this beautiful bird!!

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  36. The crane lifted into the sky and hefted its burden up, up, upward to join the other stones that were being joined together to make this magnificent structure. The crane played an integral part in the building.

    By HappyMillionaire on 10.25.2009

  37. I have to crane my neck to see. Are they here yet? Haven’t seen them in so long. Other passengers in the way. Where are they? I miss them so much.

    By aliciamg on 10.25.2009

  38. A crane can either be a bird or the type of machinery that is used to build skyscrapers. I guess the name for the bird came first but the skyscrapers sure do look like birds – up at high heights, with long necks and what appears to be a beak, descending towards the earth, wanting to clamp onto whatever it can find and lift it high in the air.

    By ASG on 10.25.2009

  39. i found a tiny crane made out of a halls cough candy wrapper in the broken arm of a chair in my psych class.

    By delerina on 10.25.2009

  40. long and powerful, it does nothing but lift, day after day.

    By peter mcginley on 10.25.2009