October 23rd, 2009 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “piano”

  1. The first time I really enjoyed playing the piano was when I was at a friend’s house and played a really soulful version of the Arcade Fire’s Tunnels. It felt liberating to reinvent a song in that way.

    By Ian C. on 10.24.2009

  2. The black and white keys unlock the secret notes to someplace better. Someplace better. Everything seems to flow; one key after the other, black, white, white, black, press the pedal, hear the song. I can escape here, when the music curls around my eardrums and caresses my soul.

    By Cydney on 10.24.2009

  3. I love to play the piano..

    By Anonymous on 10.24.2009

  4. musical and soothing, wooden and ivory.

    By Anonymous on 10.24.2009

  5. Piano day, make it rain. I once saw your face. It reminds me of a song. You’re away now. I understand, we are but ships passing in the night. And way you go….

    By patrick on 10.24.2009

  6. beautiful, soothing gentle and refreshing. The keys tell many stories all of interst…..

    By Pixie on 10.24.2009

  7. dream, fingers, white

    By cigy on 10.24.2009

  8. The piano had always been there, since I was a child. Since before my father was a child. It was sorta like that tree in the yard, come to think of it. Always there. Nobody ever touched it, or talked about it, but we always accepted it.

    And then one day, it was gone.

    By Beekiller on 10.24.2009

  9. keys are played to make beautiful music

    By Anonymous on 10.24.2009

  10. i used to play piano when i was little
    my teacher was mean and would slap my hands when i did not play it right
    i love the way the piano looks and its so peaceful
    you can play anything smiles, tears its perfect for anyime

    By Anonymous on 10.24.2009

  11. I have one. I play it. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes there’s cat butt prints on it.

    By Iris on 10.24.2009

  12. the clock ticks away as i ponder the piano and all it’s errie sounds.

    By Anonymous on 10.24.2009

  13. The young girl stumbled through the house after exploring it thoroughly. She came across a grand piano made of mahogany wood and it’s keys were clean and dusted. Her eyes became wide and her mouth dropped as she made her way towards it.

    “It’s… lovely,” she whispered to herself.

    By Hayley on 10.24.2009

  14. Many play this instument, but why? I don’t.

    By Annie on 10.24.2009