October 24th, 2009 | 541 Entries

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541 Entries for “crane”

  1. The crane

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  2. She moved with all the grace and elegance of a crane, though her purpose was hardly as serene. A sword appeared in her hand, and there was a certain confidence in her eyes that hinted she knew how to wield it.

    By Avensis on 10.25.2009

  3. Paper cranes. Fold them over and over again. If I fold a thousand, you won’t be dead.

    By J on 10.25.2009

  4. Lifts big shit!!! Big bird, cruises with one leg…in grops…..rhymes with pane, aim, stain. I really suck at this!!!!

    By Callan on 10.25.2009

  5. love

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  6. Professor Crane was in his lab, working on his newest fear toxin. It was a particularly dangerous type, one he was saving for someone special. He was saving it for the Batman. He just had to keep it away from himself…

    By Leira on 10.25.2009

  7. White, long necked angel that you are, near water

    By bonnie metzger on 10.25.2009

  8. There was a beautiful crane standing at the edge of the lake. His graceful neck stretched tward the sun.

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  9. Cranes are like ducks, only prettier. People like to make cranes out of paper, they don’t really like making ducks out of paper one day. Paper cranes are better than paper planes, most of the time. But it’s fine, and hard to find the time to know how to make a paper crane. Cranes are timeless, planes get updated with time.

    By ES on 10.25.2009

  10. the crane flew ahead and sprung from the ground whith a whirl, as we watched from our car. It was a beautiful sight.

    I had been waiting years to take this trip. Years of waiting on kids, on my husban d, on my job. Year and year gone by and now finally – after both have left me- I took my chance and left.

    What a wonderful trip.

    By Amanda on 10.25.2009

  11. bird, stork that brings babies :) majestic creature that is thin and always upright

    By DarlaTremere on 10.25.2009

  12. A crane is a kind of bird and machine. In Korea the crane is related to fertility and happiness. Many cranes are figures in Korean literature. I am not exactly sure what kind of machine is a crane but I know it is used in construction.

    By Susan Gaer on 10.25.2009

  13. bird

    By Lindsey on 10.25.2009

  14. A building site. Though I’m really thinking of the bird, even though I think that’s spelt with a K, not a C. Not that it really makes a blind bit of difference given the phonics system now, kids probably don’t know the difference between Cs and Ks until they’re ten. Just remember, you can’t spell CUNT with a K.

    By Norris Cocksucker on 10.25.2009

  15. hi





    By nacy on 10.25.2009

  16. Beep beep beep. The yellow monstrosity moved into place, dangling fist of steel raised and aimed for the oldest building in the city. A man looked at it and sighed. Progress, they say, progress is why we’ve lost everything that sacred to us.

    By Deadlox on 10.25.2009

  17. The beautiful elegant crane searched through the marshy waters

    By craig on 10.25.2009

  18. The Japanese hall has cranes hanging from their ceiling. I asked my friend Cole who lives on that hall who put them there and he said that everyone in the Japanese hall knew how to create origami. I wasn’t sure I believed him.

    By Peyton on 10.25.2009

  19. the crane is waiting over the dark construction yard waiting for the work men to get there the following day. there is a cold wind blowing threw the cranes support and other thing that dont matter ok

    By Anonymous on 10.25.2009

  20. I don’t know what to say about a crane. Nothing comes to mind when I read the word crane.

    By fg on 10.25.2009

  21. The crane is a bird and a machine. I guess the only thing similar is they have long “necks”. I wonder if the machine crane was named for the bird…

    By Sam on 10.25.2009