March 16th, 2013 | 126 Entries

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126 Entries for “covert”

  1. My movements were furtive, asking that no one notice me sulking through the shadows so late at night. If I was caught, i would be questioned; and I would not be able to explain what I was doing here.

    By samantha on 03.17.2013

  2. There happens to be a hiding place amongst the rocks and stones surrounding my house, a hole in the wall and a home for the covert operations of several shrews. What they accomplish there, no one knows, and no one before this has bothered to ask.

    By marengo on 03.17.2013

  3. the thing with covert operations is that you have to be really quiet and focused. I was once on a mission when somebody sneezed and blew our cover. We had to jump out of a window and stretch for a tree branch without killing ourselves. At least it wasn’t a nosebleed

    By Brian on 03.17.2013

  4. His eyes scanned the perimeter and he noted the possible danger of the canine at the edge of the fence. No operation meant more than this one.

    Suddenly a person darted out into his line of vision. This mission was supposed to be covert, undercover, and there went Thomas, grabbing one of the cookies from the jar and slinking away, sacrificing the whole mission as the jar clattered to the floor and the mom stalked into the room. Her eyes landed on the the boy under the table, and he knew he was doomed.

    By DeionDakota98 on 03.17.2013

  5. i don’t think anyone could possibly be more covert than me when i’m trying to get out of not participating in geometry class. rule #1: NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT. look down, look down, don’t look em in the eye…

    By Cricket on 03.17.2013

  6. our love is underwater
    silent and fluid

    our love is whalesong

    our love is anglerfish
    better in the depths
    (don’t turn on the light)

    our love is mythical
    all shipwrecks and rare sightings
    buried treasure, x marks the spot
    just one shot
    to get it right

    our love is peace and suffocation

    By isa on 03.17.2013