March 16th, 2013 | 126 Entries

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126 Entries for “covert”

  1. one night he asks me who was i before he knew me
    and he means it in a certain way
    i should more understanding, i should be more accommodating
    in an honest accident i forget the important details
    (here is a hole in my jeans from the winter i tripped
    running down a sidewalk from a man pressing to bring me home
    after i am out of his sight and finally in the dark alone)
    i can’t distinguish between justifications and identified catalysts, i am leaving out the important parts

    By robyn URL on 03.16.2013

  2. Covert isnot known to me

    By Assayid on 03.16.2013

  3. If I could be a spy and go undercover, I’d plan the most covert operation on the planet. To stop greedy people everywhere, who would rather lie to your face then part with a cent. I would spy, gather intel and move in for the conviction. Meanest person on the planet. Not the title I want for myself, so I’ll just do my best to love everyone.

    By charlie URL on 03.16.2013

  4. There was a man; dark, stocky and shady. Living in a harlequin hotel him and his assistant assisted the government in their covert operations. They made a modest living and kept each other sane, but only for the time being…

    By Ryan Rohrich on 03.17.2013

  5. There’s nothing secretive in his look; he’s all appraisal. There was a time, I think, when he knew how to keep his lingering glances covert. He’s just past the point of caring now.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.17.2013

  6. Covert is not a word I would use to describe my personality, but it is one in which I would use to describe my love life.

    By Brittany on 03.17.2013

  7. I often wonder what covert military operation the United States is conducting, or has conducted. I sometimes believe the Kennedy Assassination was a covert military or CIA or joint operation. I don’t believe Oswald acted alone, or even pulled the trigger. It was definitely a covert operation.

    By Terrance on 03.17.2013

  8. useful for when you want to be covered from rain.You could probably use it to hide from some sort of threat.It’s good to pack a covert when going out into the woods,or anywhere to camp.Dum Dum.

    By Alexander on 03.17.2013

  9. wax poetic watching waiting wondering
    thinking of times never had when
    covert became overt over and over
    until we couldn’t keep straight
    what was truth and what was
    wishful thinking.

    By Matty M. on 03.17.2013

  10. covert to what? A place? A time? A person? Convert…. what is the meaning of this???

    By cheyenne on 03.17.2013

  11. I don’t know what covert means, but oh well… it has cover in it. Covert…what does it mean?

    By G on 03.17.2013

  12. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 03.17.2013

  13. Secretive: something’s hidden, there’s something missing from the observations, there’s something unrecorded, things don’t add up. Not transparent; keeping to oneself. You never know what they’re thinking.

    By anon on 03.17.2013

  14. And so the spy prospers for his final mission before retiring. This is the last one he had promises himself. A covert mission that only Tue best could do. That’s why they called out to him but the secret agent life wasn’t as glamorous to him. It had lost the thrill. The money could no longer satisfy him. He had everything he’d ever dreamt of, and yet, he felt empty. At a loss. Why? He didn’t know. So it was with a heavy sigh that he got into his car to head off to the plane that would take him to enemy territory.

    By Wendy on 03.17.2013

  15. It was anything but covert. That is was I gleamed from reading the script that was presented to me, on my arrival at the studio, where I work. We worked so hard to get every thing right, but it seem that we will have to start all over again.

    By victor URL on 03.17.2013

  16. I’m covered in darkness: It floats around me, nothing breaking through. There’s no light left, nothing to hang on to. I don’t want this anymore, I don’t want to be who everybody wants me to be. I just want to be me.

    By Em on 03.17.2013

  17. I blew the air into her lungs, pumped her chest, warmed her fingers and cried hot tears of frustration.

    It was too late. What had been living flesh had been converted to what was dead and putrid.

    By dramarie URL on 03.17.2013

  18. His covert affections were, as he suspected, not returned. Dr Lawrence tucked his feelings away into a deep, dark and dreaded corner of his heart. It was simpler that way.

    By dramarie URL on 03.17.2013

  19. I knew it was time to keep this conversation covert. Though I was not the role model of the one you can trust, I had to be very careful. It wasn’t nothing.

    By Jonathan on 03.17.2013

  20. Covert operations, of course, is the first thing that comes to mind. How much of our own ordinary little lives are covert operations? You don’t have to be 007 to have them. Nose picking, sadly, is the one most of us can relate to, which is a pretty sad statement on the average life, if digging for gold is the most adventurous we can get.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.17.2013

  21. Covert ops. she sighed. Why had she been assigned here? It was ridiculous. she liked the explosions of the front line the blatant attacks. If a man was attacking her, she didn’t feel bad about killing, it was self defense. But in the Covert Ops, somebody was bound to have to be killed, and being sneaky, would not be attacking her first.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.17.2013

  22. Now a convert might be covert about his conversion. He might cover it up, which is just another way of saying he is covert about it, which is what I’ve already said. When covert things get converted, they aren’t covert, they’re wide open for everyone to see. And that’s what covert means.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.17.2013

  23. the brain is covert. that’s the first thing we learnt in psychology. that covert behavior is all in the brain. thinking about that now and it could not be closer to the truth. all my covert actions, thoughts and feelings forever recorded in that silent secrecy of my brain.

    By coleole URL on 03.17.2013

  24. I am looking for a covert. Nothing nearby! There’s no place I can go to find one, the closest village is about a day away walking (since cars are of no use anymore). I’ll just lay down perfectly still until temperature raises a few degrees.

    By ivan Bezdomny on 03.17.2013

  25. With intrinsic clarity, it awoke in Jory’s mind that he had not in years thought of her.
    and the feelings that were once so strong, so startlingly present, and what had receded over the years, all came back to him. He panicked, at how the covert workings of his mind could so swiftly destroy the conscious work and effort he had made to assure that the forgotten remained that way.

    By Matt W URL on 03.17.2013

  26. What is covert is not overt to the others. Even if no one sees is, there must be one Person to know and feel, that it is still there, the little secret. Don’t we all covert us? Getting up with a mask, never taking them of until we die.

    By Fredda URL on 03.17.2013

  27. I am not seen, in the shadows I hide my face and my actions. Like smoke on the distance I disappear with the wind.

    By Heidi Friis on 03.17.2013

  28. Covert is me! It’s my life! This existence within another, hidden away, and never to be seen or known or recognised. It’s awful, and yet that is the only way to be. Covert, and a bit sad about it, but all the same accepting that this is who I am, and how I am.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.17.2013

  29. My mind raced; what could have possibly happened here? What could have caused such silent destruction? Then it came to me, for only the covert actions of a Nighthawk could perform such silent and deadly acts.

    By Hayden on 03.17.2013

  30. Covert, as in operations. As in the way I have to live, the mask I have to wear every day for the rest of my life. As in the way I have to keep my feelings for you. Because if anyone found out, it would be the end. Of me, of you, of anything worth having.

    By Generica on 03.17.2013

  31. A stealthy operation meant to deceive in order to fulfill one’s objectives. Spies do this kind of activity. So do criminals. Police officers do as well, often in the form of a sting operation. C

    By Julia on 03.17.2013

  32. It was a covert operation. The teenagers giggled as they anticipated their prank. The unknowing boy did what they expected and he was soon covered in pink goo. It would never be the same for the young boy.

    By ET URL on 03.17.2013

  33. We never saw them, sneaking into our minds. We saw their shapes, their shells, their forms… I loved one of them, as a confidant, a protector… we never saw them, the science they were stealing from the realities they cared for.

    By Saudade URL on 03.17.2013

  34. convert me into something sweet,
    convert me into something nice,
    convert me into something worth changing into.

    i can’t do this on my own,
    convert me,
    convert me.

    By lauren URL on 03.17.2013

  35. “Helena, I hate to break it to you but…you’re not exactly what I’d call ‘covert’.” I said honestly, raising my hands to ease the distribution of the appropriate air quotes. And I was right. She was many things, breathtaking being among the first to come to mind, and none of them were easily overlooked.
    She raised a serious brow. “Are you saying I’m too pretty to be undercover?” she asked, her voice indecisive as though she wasn’t sure whether or not she should be offended or proud of herself.
    I smiled slightly, unable to ignore the lure of her pout. “Something like that,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.17.2013

  36. covert. It’s a little known secret that covert was actually overt’s long lost twin sister. But they were so different, no one would have guessed. Covert was hiding in shadows, shielded by her long hair.

    By Tashii on 03.17.2013

  37. covert is the english has two vowels out of 6 alphabets.

    By monica on 03.17.2013

  38. i don’t konw what covert means …
    i’m portuguese and i don’t know …
    so i’m just writing it down what i’m thinking, even if it doesn’t make sense
    covert must be a “bad” word , i don’t know

    By bruna on 03.17.2013

  39. like a hand-job underneath the tablecloth, sneaking into the back room; crossing your fingers behind your back, writing the answers on the table.

    By gia.mfgon on 03.17.2013

  40. the way i moved through the crowd was that of a ballerina. lithe, yet surprisingly strong. no one would have seen it coming, what i was about to do.

    By Stella on 03.17.2013