March 17th, 2013 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “cities”

  1. Cities are so diverse in nature compared with rural areas. In the country you have farmers, a small town, everybody knows everybody; in the city there are so many people and they all live so differently from one another. There’s more room to meet people, to try new things, to live fully. I wish I lived in a city.

    By Katie on 03.18.2013

  2. All over the world cities populate our minds and give us hope that a community not just an individual is given a chance.

    By Christine on 03.18.2013

  3. in the cities nearby i saw an old man his brow contorted and the forehead perspiring. Life is like that he said.

    By filza URL on 03.18.2013

  4. Grids and structural mazes, set in place by those who watch not from the skies but from eyes peering at you through cams on lampposts and walls. Dressed in white robes to distract you from their greased and hungry palms.

    By Viren on 03.18.2013

  5. Beatiful, large. Exploring. going for walks. I want to live in a large city and be able to walk around and discover new things everyday and just when I think there is nothing new to discover, something new will appear.

    By Abby on 03.18.2013

  6. Thousands of cities sprawled before them, reaching out all the way to the west, nearly kissing the setting sun. The two lovers looked fondly at the spread.

    “I think we should go there.”

    “What about there? That place looks nice too.”

    She nodded her head. “It does look nice, but see those walls? Those would take time to get around.”

    Her lover smiled at her. Even with his broken nose and missing teeth, the sign entranced her.

    “What’s life without a challenge?”

    With that, they called their army to follow them and they went off to war.

    By Stephen Stewart on 03.18.2013

  7. I need to leave for cities of beauty and greater love!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 03.18.2013

  8. Living in the city I notice all the lights. Even in the day when the sun dripples through the window I see the lights flashing in my direction. Flashing to you to come join the party of that certain establishment.

    By rochelle on 03.18.2013

  9. Though I’m far from a picky person, I really am keen on the bigger cities, contrary to the smaller towns. The traffic, of course, is a downside, but the bustling streets and cafes are great, especially to hang out at. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s the atmosphere, but that’s what makes me feel at home.

    By Salt on 03.18.2013

  10. There are so many cities in the world. ANd they are never the same, in any way. Even the definition of city seems to vary, from person to person. Of course there is an official definition, but people are people, and there’s little more personal than a crowded space where groups of them live together. Together, and yet, so distant. But I’ve lived in the countryside too, and it’s not really that much more intimate or friendly. It depends on the people.

    By Philosanity on 03.18.2013

  11. In the cities, you can be no one. It doesn’t matter. We have our celebrities and they are our gods and we the ants that may be trod upon. In a village there are no celebrities. In a village there is a community and every member is celebrated as they are.

    By LM Noon on 03.18.2013

  12. Cities are better than towns in my opinion. They are bigger and have much more to do. I would rather live in a city because I would get bored living in a small town.

    By Catman on 03.18.2013

  13. I’ve been thinking about making a project – a video project – about cities and documenting the rhythm, pace and texture of parts of the city that interest me and I have a connection to in my memory.

    By remex on 03.18.2013

  14. I haven’t been to a lot of cities. I’m pretty much stuck at home doing the same routine. Sometimes I wonder what’s it like for a traveler to go around and see new things everyday. I hope I can be like them too, adventurous.

    By JP on 03.18.2013

  15. Travelling through the center of what is considered a grand city I was struck by the majesty of the towering buildings and the slums beneath. I was at one in awe of human accomplishment and connected to it’s constant pain and struggle.

    By Big Jim URL on 03.18.2013

  16. I created a map of the cities we went to after you died.

    By vicky on 03.18.2013

  17. Crowded with ideas and people and traffic and lights and stores and cabs and cab drivers and subways and sidewalks and conversations and bars and drinking and

    By s on 03.18.2013

  18. Traveled in on a dusty road to a city glittering in hues of blue and gold. Troubled by dreams that don’t align with reason much less nature, I see people who I used to know in the faces of total strangers.

    So much familiarity in basic structures, even though I’ve never been here before, guess these are the natural laws and I am sometimes what you’d call an outlier. A navigator who goes off the grid only to come back again.

    By Intuition on 03.18.2013

  19. we fucked and it was hot,
    first of all,
    most of all,

    smack dab in the middle of april.
    she kissed my arms and left
    of dirt, smoke from the six pm
    rush hour.

    it was loud, with drunks laughing,
    car horns moaning;
    it was filled

    with yearning, like millions of tired
    people thinking,
    i just want to get home,
    purses kept close to themselves,
    made heavier with the weight of
    folded umbrellas,

    in case the skies turned sour.
    i loved manila,
    who smelled like sweet sticky rice,

    and manila
    loved me back.

    By isa on 03.18.2013

  20. Noting the time and interaction, they watched the traffic. Secret faction, just a minute left and then they’d bear witness to the chain reaction. Their job is to watch, like security cameras on the corners of all the big cities, looking for the hiccups in the system.

    By Montaña on 03.18.2013