March 15th, 2013 | 132 Entries

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132 Entries for “overt”

  1. I overtly described my feelings for her. I never left anything out. I explained how I was head over heels, and couldn’t stop myself from thinking of her. Everything she did drove me insane, and I let her know. I bared my soul. She simply responded “I know.”

    By Christine on 03.16.2013

  2. Shocked, he took a step back and sniffed the air around him. It was true, she did do it! Overtly, openly and in plain sight for all to see! He choked a little on the air surrounding him, trying not to inhale the sulfurous scent.

    Yes, she did just fart in front of him.

    By dramarie URL on 03.16.2013

  3. overt means something known or in the open. which is too much i guess or not acceptable to be so obvious. anyway the term is used in cool ways and is like over and t which is lame and i dont know why is this being written.

    By m on 03.16.2013

  4. As I entered the hospital, and walked down to your room, I saw you lying there peacefully sleeping, you looked happy. But then I noticed your wrists and how bandages were stained red. I sat down beside you and saw all of your scars covering your arm. I realized how many times you needed someone and how many times I was not there.

    By Jade M. URL on 03.16.2013

  5. He overtly looked over at me, and I tried to ignore it. I tried to ignore the panic swelling up in my chest and the fear swelling inside my stomach. I stopped, and just tried to breathe. I just stood there, in the middle of the hallway and felt like I was in one of those ridiculous high school movies, where everything moves in high speed around the character standing in the middle of it all.

    By Emily on 03.16.2013

  6. The overtly obvious nature of the surveillance that had been placed upon the tower was not intended as one might expect. While the gathering of intelligence was of some importance, the dark vans and ambiguous men and women pretending to blend into crowds thousands strong was more message than legitimate operation.

    By Jason URL on 03.16.2013

  7. The word over defies my smartness, for I do not know the meaning of it, therefor I am ashamed for giving it a try. Overtly I am devastated and will proceed to cry.

    By Hadrian Lox URL on 03.16.2013

  8. The overt smile before the handshake hid the tightness of the grip, the moment of threat and intimidation. The clasp that whispered “Remember who holds the end of your leash. Remember whose favor you have to curry. Remember that I am not afraid to be ruthless.”

    By cmsiena URL on 03.16.2013

  9. She had an overt sense of responsibility, that girl. Always looking out for her parents and her friends. She took it too far one day. A stranger showed up. He seemed harmless and helpless, and she just couldn’t let him fend for himself.

    By Andrea on 03.16.2013

  10. It was not obvious that Joe was in love, but his attention was drifting. He sometimes displayed overt signs that his heart had been taken captive. His gaze drifted. He imagined her hands and ankles.

    By Ron Seybold URL on 03.16.2013

  11. when you are looking directly into his eyes, your intentions are very clear, like water pooling at the end of a river, mirroring up your own reflection back at you, the one that he can see, and cannot remove from his sight, as much as he may try to.

    By SGM on 03.16.2013

  12. Secrets don’t make friends! In the life of a twenty year old man, you’re given many chances to deceive the people around you. You can twist, turn, and back stab the ones you love, and keep everything out of the open. But you can also take the higher route, you can say what you mean, do what you please, and express how you feel. You can wear a smile, or a mask. The choice is yours.

    By Tyler Mullins URL on 03.16.2013