September 12th, 2009 | 560 Entries

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560 Entries for “corner”

  1. That became the place I spent my child hood. It is wear I hid at home. And wear I was placed at school. Where I first loved.

    By Anonymous on 09.13.2009

  2. There was an omnious looking corner, ready to be bumped, crashed, and if particularly unfortunate, have a poor kid shoved at. Oh, the joys of being a corner in high school. And freshmen thought they had it bad.

    By Anonymous on 09.13.2009

  3. oh dear.

    By jambon on 09.13.2009

  4. Just around the corner stood the most amazing man her eyes have ever seen. He was not too tall not too short not too thin but not too big either, he looked like he’d just fit ! into her life – into her comfort zone – into her vagina ! He was …(she thought with disappointment)…. with some other bitch – who looked evil & sweet at the same time.
    Cool if he likes the Crazy Bitches then that means he’s SANE !
    Allura devised a plan to get his attention after MISS THANG finished her tantrum & stormed off.
    Just as she began to put her plan to meet this amazing specimen, who was just around the corner from the lawyers office…into action….HER CELL RINGS !
    She had been finalizing the last of her responsibilities to her parents …the wills were read the family that is left is still intact, no bickering or infighting …just sadness for thier loss & now was time for Allura to Move on with her life !
    After 4 years of being totally devoted to her mom & dad, she was ready to PLAY !
    She’d gained weight but still had her pretty face she told herself …& people like me & think I’m fun – I can do this !
    Shit the Atty had ONE Final question & when she was finished – she looked up & Mr Perfect was no where to be seen ! One more missed opportunity thanks to being a devoted daughter !

    By Jennifer Wilhite on 09.13.2009

  5. a place to put yor umbrella, a hat rack, a package that can’t fit anywhere else…Ha-haa-Ha

    By sassy1of5 on 09.13.2009

  6. it is usually said to be with a square. it is sometimes sharp, and can hurt you. You must be careful when you have a piece of paper also, because that has four sharp corners that you can get a paper cut on.

    By Kelly on 09.13.2009


    By AMRL on 09.13.2009

  8. The corner of my table is very important to me. I try my hardest to keep it clean, free and always readily available. I eat dinner there, I set priority mail and notes, the pipe rests there. The corner of my table is very important indeed. Thank you corner.

    By Elliott on 09.13.2009

  9. destroy

    By Anonymous on 09.13.2009

  10. Corner can define so many terms in life. Whether it is the corner stone of a career or simply turning a corner physically or even mentally speaking. To turn a corner is to change the coarse of one’s direction. Either in life or in relationships. With each corner turned should come a lesson.

    By Samantha on 09.13.2009


    By ALICE on 09.13.2009

  12. the word corner is in the corner. it used to mean to go and sit in the corner when we were little. i never minded that kind of thing all that much as i could daydream and look at shadows and shit. so, they didn’t dole that out to me all that often. ilove a corner apt most!

    By teri on 09.13.2009

  13. i live life by the corner.i have been cornered all through my life by house is around the corner of the road.

    By Pravin on 09.13.2009

  14. Backed into a corner, on purpose. Back to the wall, allows me to look out and see all available exits, or paths, really … paths, ways to go, choices to make, opportunities to try. With wide space, all I get is languid confusion. Corners give me stability from which to work.

    By Katherine on 09.13.2009

  15. I don’t know if my mom ever made me stand in the corner when I was a kid. I wonder… I bet she did cause she tried every other form of punishment. What else is the corne used for? Hmmm. I guess I used to have decorations in the corners of rooms. Sticka nd corner shelves … I had my hand made fur bear on one of those shelves. I really like that bear, Marmelade. thanks Tim.

    By Michelle on 09.13.2009

  16. ok so corner, corner is like the part of the newspaper where people write stuff.. i.e sports corner, editors corner.. it also is a side of the room. people put thingsi n the corner so that keep it hidden.

    By mel on 09.13.2009

  17. um…idk
    this just reminds me of spiderwebs and bugs….

    By idk on 09.13.2009

  18. As I sit in this cozy corner, I am daydreaming of what tomorrow holds. This corner gives me comfort, imagination, and joy. I hope everyone has a “comfort” corner in their life.

    By stacy on 09.13.2009

  19. of my room

    By musa on 09.13.2009

  20. in the corner of my room i find universes spinning and dazzling and confusing me as i try to understand what or who and which one that i am. who is this. who is this body tat walks and speaks and fucks but doesnt quite remember how to feel. i fill my mind with tv shows and memories of darker times to block out the seeping water that threatens.

    By ailey on 09.13.2009

  21. house. empty space. Children get in trouble and are sent to the corner. Seems like nobody can see you in that small corner. Lost in a big world. Edge of the world. Nobody wants to be stuck in that corner. Shame can com from it.

    By Ashley on 09.13.2009

  22. at the corner of the street the was a hooker and she was wearing next to nothing and looked like she was coming down from some terrible episode. She wasn’t getting much business because there were cops everywhere.

    By tr0y on 09.13.2009

  23. I stood in the corner as he eyed me down. Little did i know, this would be the beginning of something magnificent. I felt his eyes blazing through my skin, but i didn’t confront him about it. I was a nervous thing. I didn’t know what to do. Should I say something?

    By John Doe on 09.13.2009

  24. there is a room with fifteen corners.

    By Anonymous on 09.13.2009

  25. “Mathematics,” explained the magician, “are a confabulation of human rationality, and has always closely resembled the Mobius strip of reality that is my trade.”

    “But,” said the parrot on his shoulder, “how did you calculate that?”

    By Anonymous on 09.13.2009

  26. corners can be very mysterious things. youre never sure whats on the other side of one. could be a guy with a gun, a dog, or even christmas could be right around the corner. you can never be posotive. i always find myself catious around corners.

    By David on 09.13.2009

  27. go around a corner and what do you see
    dont be cut by the sharp corner
    when you turn a corner your life takes a change in direction
    it’s the edge, so don’t go over
    it;s the extremities, so you’ll find the fringe

    By mark on 09.13.2009

  28. cheese. being forced into something. where two lines meet and end.. or are they bending? perhaps it’s only one line meeting its beginning and end at the same time. a circular square perhaps?

    By ashlea on 09.13.2009

  29. In the corner I sat, all alone. I saw her. But I was still alone. I wanted to be with her, but I was still alone. This is better though. I think she’s happier this way. I hope she is. Because that’s really all that matters to me. Seriously. That’s all that matters to me.

    By on 09.13.2009

  30. Alone staring at the consequences of years spent breaking the law, on the lamb on the run, on the lose wildly escaping over the chain link fence, in the backyard, until mother catches me, and puts me in the corner.

    By Shaun P. on 09.13.2009

  31. in the corner there was a rat. the corner was painted red. the corner was in the corner of the blue house on the corner on the corner of streets Hall Rd. and Road Dover. Now come to the corner.

    By Sonya on 09.13.2009

  32. it is six letters long, begins with a c. time out. dust collector. spider webs. punishment. top and bottom. sharp. sometimes circular

    By t on 09.13.2009

  33. In a corner, the paint has captured me. But wait. I am the one holding the brush, and it is a color of my choosing–green like an open field, the color of health, the color of green tea ready to be taken in, refreshed, alive. This is my corner.

    By Elizabeth on 09.13.2009

  34. I’m in the corner; I am violated and in your controle. All I want from you is respect… but here I am, in the corner… again.

    By Kayla on 09.13.2009

  35. it’s a thing on the end of a piece of paper. there are four. they can cut you, easily. slicing your skin in half, producing blood.
    you never know what is around a corner, could be happiness; could be sadness, nobody is to know.

    By Mia on 09.13.2009

  36. I went to the corner of the bedroom and found a little mouse named Jack. He had a really big banana in his hand and asked me if I had any solder so that he could fix his wireless modem. I replied that I didn’t, but I had some bubble gum and tin foil. He replied that this could work, and was excited at my unexpected arrival. YAY!!!!

    By Jacob on 09.13.2009

  37. At the corner of the room stood a table with some beautiful fragrant flowers on it in a pretty vase. Looking at the flowers should have made her happy but it didn’t, it made her sad.

    By Wendy on 09.13.2009

  38. I cut corners in races.
    I let my parking meters expire.
    I claim verbal jinxes first.
    I play guitar slouched.
    I cheat. Do you?

    By Myona on 09.13.2009

  39. on the corneri go to the bus stop and i go and eat a bag of chips the chips are good as they can be i dont like some chips though some are gross like those ones in the cornerwhere theres a machine soo yeahhhhh

    By butt on 09.13.2009

  40. the corner of a room is usually filled with dust. awkward people usually stand in corners during parties. it’s sort of a nook for a body to just rest on. it’s strange when a room doesn’t have 4 corners, but usually strange in a good way because then it can be architecturally interesting! corner can also be a verb, but that’s another story altogether.

    By Liz on 09.13.2009