September 11th, 2009 | 395 Entries

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395 Entries for “logical”

  1. sometimes there is no logic to being logical. you have to just act. dance. sing. love. sweat. cry. laugh. there is no logical when matters of the heart are involved. the only logic is to ignore logic.

    By danielle on 09.12.2009

  2. there was this one song on the radio by supertramp the other day and i guessed the bands name was supertramp (the logical song) and i herad it twice the following days

    By brizzel on 09.12.2009

  3. smart, sensible, mother

    By Anonymous on 09.12.2009

  4. neat array
    follow one by one
    take one step at a time
    to reach the goal
    thoughtful and logical
    thats what it is

    By swapna on 09.12.2009

  5. thoughtful
    makes sense
    what we do when we’re not being complete idiots
    using our brains
    opposite of illogical

    By Alex on 09.12.2009

  6. so yea we all have logical minds, yet you see, many things on earth are not logical. Why do plants have to be green? Why cant the pigmentation of chlorophyll be bright hot pink? I mean yea sure 1+1=2. logical enough.But like, 1 apples doesnt mean i have

    By wheee on 09.12.2009

  7. The logical explaination is that this woman DEFINITELY forgot her med today. I look down the way to see what my coworkers think of this old woman running around in nothing but paisley underpants, Depends and a pair of clogs. What are my co-workers doing? What any boondocks Wal-Mart worker does when something exciting happens: grab a bag of chips from the nearest shelf and start munching as they watch the fat cop try to keep up with Grandma Gone Wild.

    By Benjamin on 09.12.2009

  8. I doubt that I have any logic. Young people (I’m 16) generally don’t but I think this might be genetic or something. I am also forgetful and disorganised. They should do some scientific research into it. Help!

    By Holly on 09.12.2009

  9. right brained wrong way, linear, close-minded,

    By missy on 09.12.2009

  10. its not always. It emotion too. I guess I got that from Star Trek, but it resonates well with me. Somtimes I strive for perfection, but its an unatainable goal.

    By Big Joe on 09.12.2009

  11. i am a logical thinker. i actually i have no idea what i am writing about. i am choosing not to capitalize on purpose. which may not be logical.

    By sbg on 09.12.2009

  12. non ce n’est pas logique. Qu’en pensez-vous? Ecrire au sujet d’un mot pris au hasard. Excellent exercice néanmoins. Ecrire pendant soixante seconde. Ce qui est logique pour moi, ne l’est pas forcément pour quelqu’un d’autre. J’en fais l’expérience tous les jours. Je ne pense donc pas qu’il n’existe qu’une seule logique, LA logique, valable pour tous.

    By Juliette on 09.12.2009

  13. think about it

    By sheena on 09.12.2009

  14. illogical, non sensical, the way my mind doesn’t work, the way a man’s mind should work. numbers,formulas, no emotions… functionality not colour… a forced approach void of all the simple things….

    By andrea on 09.12.2009

  15. there are many problems that one faces throughout the day, without logical thinking, these problems could not be solved. One must think hard.

    By McLean Zauner on 09.12.2009

  16. It was illogical, stupid. I knew that, everyone knew that. I really didn’t care. Or i hadnt cared until you found out. I was so high on the feeling of rebellion that i was too far to see the damage i had caused. Until i saw you, your face was enough to pull me down and break me as i hit the floor.

    By Anonymous on 09.12.2009

  17. i don’t have arms.

    By Señor on 09.12.2009

  18. the quality of perpetuating and executing rational arguments and philosophies in the general state of society in practice and in performance, active sense

    By joan on 09.12.2009

  19. tonight wasn’t very logical.

    logical things make sense. FUBAR Friday’s never make sense.

    one thing after another, causation, logic. Why do these things happen?

    By J. on 09.12.2009

  20. I don’t want to be logical. Logical is boring and terribly limiting. “Logical” people are painstakingly difficult. Can’t you see past your “logic”? Can’t you imagine something beyond all that? Something beautiful and wonderful. Something that doesn’t necessarily make sense but is fantastic all the same?

    By Andrew on 09.12.2009

  21. logical are things that make sense. in computers logic is very essential to make processors do their work. logic makes us communicate with each other and understand each other. without an idea of logic, communication and understanding between people would be impossible. logic is

    By dhanus on 09.12.2009

  22. to be smart. when one is logical they thing with all their intelligence and self. trying to find a solution or anseer.

    By Anonymous on 09.12.2009

  23. ah. Such beauty. Spock would approve. Who knew how important logic is? Computers.

    By Anonymous on 09.12.2009

  24. brain

    By a on 09.12.2009

  25. Thoughts, reason, making sense, conscious, math, men,

    By Anonymous on 09.12.2009

  26. we must not do what is logical but rather what seems right.

    By ayanna on 09.12.2009

  27. What I am not. Want to be but just can’t get it all together. Glad my partner is and want to learn from him but not

    By Joy on 09.12.2009

  28. logical. makes me think of a scientist hunched over a lab table all day, and at midnight finally coming up with a cure for something, green and bubbling in a tube. there are flasks all over his desk, with colorful fluids jiggling around inside. ahh, science.

    By tlur on 09.12.2009

  29. Logical! Wouldn’t it be great if I were described as that? Yeah, it would. But no, I’m rather fantastical and, as some people like to say, completely raving mad. But. We’re going to call that a matter of opinion, to save me some embarrassment.

    By anne on 09.12.2009

  30. smart making sense brillant amazing to work how to possible crazy log cal not creative not imaginative

    By kaeleigh on 09.12.2009

  31. His logic was completely unbeatable. He’d done everything that was neccesary to ensure his win, and yet no-one had seen what he was doing, and therefore no-one could beat him. He was undeniably, a genuis. He’d been working on it for several years, but it was still remarkable. It was almost a piece of art, with the way it was beautifully constructed. Everyone was dumbfounded.

    By Andrew King on 09.12.2009

  32. logical! as if i could describe it. yeah possible in the human mind sceintific CRAZY. logical is hard to describe its not fanasty is LOGICAL. i want you to try and describe it.

    By Kaeleigh on 09.12.2009

  33. To be logical is to make the smart choices, it is to weigh out the choices that you have, and think about the consequences of each of the choices.

    By Anonymous on 09.12.2009

  34. idk what logical is if you’re always logical sometimes it doesn’t work out you know? it’s weird. that word kind of makes me sad. but whatever. i can’t think of anything to write which is weird cause usually i can

    By charlo on 09.12.2009

  35. Logical, certainly not religion. I mean, logical…what is logic? Common sense? I suppose so.

    By Sarah on 09.12.2009