September 13th, 2009 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “oak”

  1. tall and mighty the opposite of what we once believed but we are in us and the oak is in the acorn that is us and we can run like gazelles towards the east, looking for sunsets, following lines that take us nowhere, nowhere is exactly where we’re meant to be.

    By invisibleland on 09.14.2009

  2. Professor oak is a pokemon expert. He enjoys giving you your first pokemon, as well as cataloging information about pokemon. Not only is he a pokemon expert, he enjoys also being a type of tree. I’m fairly sure that oak trees are fairly large and very sturdy.

    By Anonymous on 09.14.2009

  3. its a tree, makes strong doors i couldn’t point one out if in an oak forrest

    By stu on 09.14.2009

  4. tree old small acorn squirrels park tire swing up green majestic

    By sylvia on 09.14.2009

  5. oak in a meadow oak in the breeze
    oaky scent permeates as I sink to my knees

    By shelby on 09.14.2009

  6. An oak tree is very big and has nice leaves, I think.

    By Tom Brady on 09.14.2009

  7. There is an oak tree on my front lawn that i climb everyday, when i get up there i usually see animals like squirrels birds and crazy insect like cockaroaches and spiders. One time i was in the oak tree and my friend was walking by so i thought it would be funny to scare him…. so I found the nearest tree brach that i could break off and heaved it at him. When the stick initiated contact with my friend it wasnt the prettiest sight… he was knocked out cold. So i hurried down the tree as fast as possible and by the time I got to him it was to late he had died…
    dont throw sticks

    By GUNIT on 09.14.2009

  8. ees in the park look beaytiful in all wether. in summer the birds tweet from the branches and people go under for shade and shelter from sun o

    By sophie on 09.14.2009

  9. oak is something that I m not familiar with. I hear a song called tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.. Oak reminds me of oldness..

    By Eujean on 09.14.2009