January 27th, 2013 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “cool”

  1. I was as cool as a cucumber when I got the news that my long time enemy has threatened my life because of a misunderstanding. I have been threatened before and took it in my stride. Something tell me however, that I must be more careful with those who call me my friends.

    By victor URL on 01.28.2013

  2. My life is easy I wake up and I think all you need to do is keep a cool head! My personal mantra for the day always: cool head, cool head! Keep your temper cool head! I would put to shame any Hare Krishna! It’s just me and my cool head!

    By Reka on 01.28.2013

  3. Cool is a strange word. It has different meanings, and people use it to describe multiple unrelated things – unrelated until connected by the word ‘cool’.
    It is used so often, in reference to so many different things, that is has become ambiguous.

    By Olivia on 01.28.2013

  4. The air was a brisk November night, when we were out back of the school, pretending to be cool. Nobody really knows what is cool until it becomes utterly uncool. The transition is finite. There is no tepid. There is no luke warm. It is just cool or uncool. How did the temperature of an object, so much affect its worth?

    By Emily on 01.28.2013

  5. Cool is a state of mind rather than a temperature. It is the difference between awesome and tepid. My mind is luke warm most of the time according to the “cool” kids, but who designated them the social thermometers?

    By Emily on 01.28.2013

  6. i think of my friends and ice and its really cool to be alive and cool is good it means your chillen it means your coolin having a good time cool is sarcas

    By alexandria on 01.28.2013

  7. I’m not cool. At least, i don’t think so. Whatever. There are so many people you can call cool. I’m not giving any examples. Cool can also mean cold in another sense……. I wish it was cold here now. You know. In theory. Cold as you ~Taylor Swift <3

    By Varsha on 01.28.2013

  8. a word that best describes me. i think it represents me very well. and all my friends love it and seem to have fun around me.

    By Alexandra on 01.28.2013

  9. Cool, the word reminds me of the color blue.. a beach thats spread across the horizon, consuming all that there is on earth. Worries, pain, jealousies, comparisons are all inside of it. Cool, an adjective without a identity of it’s own, but lending so much character to others

    By janavi on 01.28.2013

  10. It’s cooling off now. Or maybe it’s so hot it just feels cold. I regret that decision so much. I miss you. I can’t sleep alone anymore.

    By Shay on 01.28.2013

  11. cool is the winter that surrounds us all. cool is what you wear in the night of the lightning candles. beneath the graves and above the skies is what cool is.

    By Andy on 01.28.2013

  12. I’m not cool. You’re not cool. Yet you say you are. Why? What have you done? What have I done? We don’t do anything. There’s nothing in the world that is important in our lives. So why do you insist you’re cool? Cool like ice? I don’t believe it. I don’t believe you. Do something to be proud of. Then come back.

    By ThisIsEve on 01.28.2013

  13. I never liked cool.
    Everyone used to use cool in Germany, even though it’s an english word.
    People said it because it was cool to say it.
    Today it’s not cool anymore.
    I never liked cool.

    By Daniela Kühnle on 01.28.2013

  14. We all wish we could be “cool.” But it’s not that easy… The world is constantly watching, and more than anything else, you’re always watching yourself. We all pick ourselves apart, trying to be better, trying to “fix” something, so cool becomes nothing more than an ideal that no one will ever really attain. Funny how the world works.

    By Nadim URL on 01.28.2013

  15. It’s what everyone aspires to be at least at one point in their lives. To me, i think it’s about how you represent yourself to those around you. It’s about being confident and having respect for everyone

    By Joe on 01.28.2013

  16. The cool weather sent out long and icy fingers to dust the window panes and to pull down icicles from the overhanging branches.

    By Laura URL on 01.28.2013

  17. Like a cool breath of air, not the biting, needling arctic blasts that we’ve been locked into the last week. Peppermint, fresh, maybe carrying the sharp tang of salt from the ocean if you are lucky enough to live near it, or the damp rot of mountains in the springtime.

    By Ara on 01.28.2013

  18. He was cool as ice, and she meant that in every way.
    Cool, like popular kid cool. There was something about the way he carried himself that exuded that simple confidence and self-assurance in his capabilities. He knew what he was doing and knew that he looked damn good doing it. The cool factor was easy as cake for him.
    At the same time, he was colder than anyone she’d ever met. He treated life mostly with a disinterested glance and nothing ever warranted more than an apathetic assent of existence from him. It scared her how indifferent he was towards life, but perhaps that was what added to his cool charm.

    By veryterry on 01.28.2013

  19. Cool summer days fade to winter here. Here we bypass fall and skip straight to death. And yet, you can steel feel the warm sun on your face through a car window, and it reminds you of your summer gone by.

    By Andromahi on 01.28.2013

  20. what is cool? is it one of those words you can’t use to describe yourself – like punk or fashionable? or is it something that you can’t be unless you tell others you are?

    what is my self perception? am i cool? am i right to say i am cool?

    are you cool?#

    you used to be cool.

    By natalie eminae on 01.28.2013

  21. It didn’t matter. She was untouchable, a giant among peons. Nothing could hurt her. Not even that one guy who was sorta cute, and had shown her affection. Love was not an option though. It meant being vulnerable, and…touchable. She couldn’t go there. Giants walk alone.

    By Soft URL on 01.28.2013

  22. She wished more than anything that this summer could be a cool one, because she was getting sick of having to wash her sons clothes so much. Every day he came in, stinking of sweat and grass and

    By jesscrumb on 01.28.2013

  23. white sleek and tufted and there is nothing you can do about it except push like morning through the bleak dwindling seconds of dawn when you choose to walk and throw your ten commissioned vows out the window

    By n . al URL on 01.28.2013


    By Alexa Joy URL on 01.28.2013


    By Alexa Joy URL on 01.28.2013

  26. There is this icy arctic place under my pillow where everything isn’t just cooler, its calmer. the harsh winds and snow actually settle the blinking lights of the city and mute the sounds of the port. The bird caws are all lost in the wind and nothing is really there, just the cool side of the pillow.

    By Lauren on 01.28.2013

  27. I was always jelaous of the “cool” kids. They went to all the parties and had all the best clothes, but in the end what will they really get? They might have a few more laughs during highschool, but the kids who focus during that time on actual school will have much more later.

    By Natalie Waterhouse on 01.28.2013

  28. I always used to be jealous of the “cool” kids. They always went to the best parties and had the best clothes. But then I realized, they might have a few more laughs now, but the kids who use high school to focus on school will end up having much more later.

    By Natalie Waterhouse on 01.28.2013

  29. I met a guy named Jim once. He had black ties, leather jackets, and hair a lot like an old sixty movies star. piercing, sad blue eyes, he was dangerous. But he was the definition of cool. He never tried too hard, rather he seemed to never try at all, but, there was just something so infinitely enticing about him. It penetrated everyone who encountered him.

    By Zack URL on 01.28.2013

  30. The night was cool. No, the night was slightly warm, but not enough to need a jacket. What if if was slightly misty. The night was misty, yet warm, but not warm enough to need a coat. But don’t you need a coat if it’s misty. Welcome to writer’s block.

    By John Komarek on 01.28.2013

  31. Your as cool as a cucumber when it comes to dealing with issues. I unfortunately am not as great with that. I just wish you would show off your ability when it comes to us..

    By Eris on 01.28.2013

  32. He was so cool, with his studded leather jacket and motorcycle.

    By Sofia URL on 01.28.2013

  33. I already wrote this one. It’s under the name of Zack and it links to my twitter.
    I quite liked it.

    The fact that they’re setting me back at this is, in fact, very uncool.

    By Zack Elledge on 01.28.2013

  34. that’s really cool – he said, smiling down at the little boy in the sand box

    really? the boy asked

    yeah, the young man replied. I like the way the moat protects the castle, but what if the invaders are big enough to step over the moat?

    They won’t be the boy replied.

    By Zachary Katz-Stein URL on 01.28.2013

  35. He was cool, Sarah thought rolling her eyes. Damn it he was cool. Why did he have to be so cool?

    Cool? he asked with an incredulous smile, I may be many things but cool is not one of them.

    By Zac Katz-Stein on 01.28.2013

  36. The wind blew swiftly past her, touching her heated cheeks with blessed coolness. It made her stop and wonder how she had gotten so hot in the first place, and in the distant memory, foggy with her sickness, she realized that it must be her fever. Cool wind…

    By Serryphae URL on 01.28.2013

  37. Not just something you can feel but something you can be. Cool man. It’s all cool. You’re way cool. It’s cool out here. Too cool for school. See? I think deep down everyone wants to be cool. Even if it’s just a little.

    Like me :)

    By Jessica G on 01.28.2013

  38. something that makes me laugh. fun.

    By talita on 01.28.2013

  39. Words are meaningless and forgettable. Enjoy the silence.

    By agloe on 01.28.2013

  40. it’s cool to hang out with my extended family. but, if you had asked me at fifteen if i believed the same thing, i would have answered a lot differently.

    i spent the weekend with 15 family members traveling cross-country for a family event. every moment was filled with love and support. i wish my friendships provided the same strength of making me feel special.

    By l on 01.28.2013