January 28th, 2013 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “visitor”

  1. I am a visitor in your life. You can choose if I will be a nice one, or a bad one. I can help you and give you advice, or make you want to end your life. It’s up to you, because I’m your visitor.

    By Kevin Alexandré on 01.29.2013

  2. Visiting is something I’ve always enjoyed, but as of late I find it troublesome. These places I find myself trespassing upon are so similar to my own home that it breaks my heart a little every time I see a grandfather offer some dessert to a grandson or a mother walk into her house in her recently used gym clothes. Visiting is intriguing and adventurous, but it is also excruciating for it reminds me of my want for the familiar and comfort of my own native land.

    By meghan on 01.29.2013

  3. the visitor is a visitor it comes and goes never staying. it doesn’t know why it is here or where it is from. it just is. it doesn’t remember its name or its age or anything about it. it just is. it leaves this place just to go to another place where it will start over new again. never staying, always going. a visitor

    By Natalie Hankey on 01.29.2013

  4. I am a visitor of this world, i try to meet others and understand how it all works, but this is not my home. I belong somewhere else, where I feel more comfortable and more connected. I will return someday soon. but until then I must make my time here worthwhile

    By OliviaH on 01.29.2013

  5. It was very cold when she arrived, all the snow in her hair. The visitor. The tirade of sorrow and nostalgic pain. He accepted her in from the cold, and she gave him the smile he hadn’t expected to see for years to come, if ever again.

    By Hannah on 01.29.2013

  6. ghgfh

    By jhhgtghbg on 01.29.2013

  7. The visitor seemed to enjoy the chai that was so fussily set out before him.
    He lingered, and reclined, and made small conversation, but never seemed to want leave.

    By maraadeline URL on 01.29.2013

  8. so my freidn came round the other day to say hey but i couldnt let her in because the police were here. i couldn’t tell her why they were here and she couldn’t tell anyone that they were here. she was banging on the door when i closed it and

    By ola on 01.29.2013

  9. hi
    goodday to you sir

    By ola on 01.29.2013

  10. A guest. One that does not dwell permantly. A traveller, always on the move. Without home, and yet, always at home. But where does he actually belong?

    By Philip Freeman on 01.29.2013

  11. visiting the temple in the back of kane’ohe i wondered if i would always be unhappy with you.

    By Camille on 01.29.2013

  12. i lay there look at the crazed look in it’s eye. it stared back to me, smoke emerging from a hole in it’s throat. it coughed and the steamy smoke billowed larger.

    By Zoe Edelman Brier on 01.29.2013

  13. foriegn, intruder, friend, foe, unknown

    By kk on 01.29.2013

  14. Sometimes he comes in for a long visit, sometimes it only lasts a few minutes. I always welcome him with open arms and excited gushing. When he stays, it’s glorious. We bask in each other’s warmth and for a little while, it doesn’t feel like a visit. It feels like the way it should be. It feels like home.

    By Soft URL on 01.29.2013

  15. One night, about 3 years ago, I was sleeping when I felt my hairbeing pulled. I wokeup to see my grandmother there. I was scared because my grandmother died before I was born. She visited me from beyond the grave.

    By Ginny MacMillan on 01.29.2013

  16. they came from behind the moon and stole her
    ripped the everything from her mouth
    (it tore like lace on a bodice)
    now she walks beside me with her eyes emptied
    and we f-ck like renaissance figures
    (cold and dull, but beautiful)
    some things aren’t worth the legends they’ll birth
    i don’t want the science or the story
    (do you remember when we

    were alone in the universe?)

    By isa on 01.29.2013

  17. Ha. This word amuses me. We are all visitors of this world. Some of us for a short period of time. Some of us a little longer. A visit to earth at the given time granted to us by God. A gift of all gifts to be a vistor of his creation. I think I’ll enjoy this visit

    By Trisia Lashon on 01.29.2013

  18. The visitor to the town had never quite seen one like it before. Being in this alien environment he decided to do something else that was beyond his comfort zone so he looked around him and decided the first place he would go into was a coffee shop that looked a little worn around the edges, not like his usual swanky commercialized place he usually went to get a cup of mediocre coffee.

    By OnaFish on 01.29.2013

  19. He came in quietly through the back door – his footsteps were quiet in the night. He came from time to time, just to visit – to let us know his soul is still here with us. The visitor always returned on All Hallow’s Eve – when the border between the world of the dead and the world of the living were too thin and can easily be crossed. The one night he got to walk freely amongst us, without making the little girls scream… “It was just a costume” he would say.. so they’d run off and play-well with others… with the living ones

    By Marina on 01.29.2013

  20. I heard a knock on the door, and sat quietly for a moment, waiting to hear it again. Did I just imagine it, or did it really happen? My hands poised above the keyboard, music paused, head cocked, listening.

    By rael17 URL on 01.29.2013

  21. A visitor is someone who comes somewhere as a guest. They could be invited or come by surprise. They could come for different events or occasions. They could come with good or bad news. They could come as a stranger, a guest or as a son or daughter. They could

    By Lily on 01.29.2013

  22. one day i had a visitor at my door his name was bob and he was very round i love round things named bob as you all know do i figured that it would be great! so i ran up to him and said hey bob! but little did i know that his name was not bob. it was herold whos name is herold. that weirdo was just like ummm… so i slammed the door in his face and walked away real smoothly it was really weird and i have’nt ever talked about it till now. so yeah now my life is pretty much boring

    By Bobby on 01.29.2013

  23. It was a foggy morning. I had just come back in from a run when all of a sudden a knock erupted from my front door. I went to open it and dropped everything I had in my hands. i couldn’t believe it. “Dad?!” I screamed as I jump hugged the man in uniform standing before me.
    “I’m home sweety, I’m home.” He replied with a smile kissing my forehead.

    By Max on 01.29.2013

  24. I was once a visitor looking from afar wondering how nice it is to be on the other side. Feeling the wonderful experience that i may one get to know. One day perhaps…

    By ALFN on 01.29.2013

  25. A person who cares about other people. A person who is in need of help. A person who seeks something. A person who we like. A person who is our acquaintance. An individual that exists and we meet.

    By Erie on 01.29.2013

  26. Well, I never thought I’d have to kick someone out of my own house. You’re always told to be accepting of others, to invite them into your home when you can. Leave an extra plate at the table for the unexpected visitor on Christmas Eve. Yeah, I do that. I am accepting. But not when you want to eat the plate I left for you.

    By Karol on 01.29.2013

  27. yesterday a strange man knocked my door he was old with grey hair , holding a walking stick and amazingly look resembled my fathe only taller and dresssed much trendier, he entered the appartemenet without saying a word and headed righr to the kitchen as if he knew where it was, he took some grossseries from a fridge and made a sandwich

    By maria URL on 01.29.2013

  28. I don’t have any reason to write right now because i don’t ever want to write. We are forced to write about random words in 60 seconds, and if you don’t type fast. Oh well your screwed because this is all about how fast you type and not about how ell you type but how fast.

    No Body Knows

    By No Body Knows URL on 01.29.2013

  29. The door bell ringes/Martha you have a visitor! The word visitor seem s to be used a lot here is the definition of it. visitor |ˈvizitər|
    a person visiting a person or place, esp. socially or as a tourist.
    • (usu. visitors) a member of a sports team on tour or playing away from home.
    • chiefly Brit.a person with the right or duty of occasionally inspecting and reporting on a college or other academic institution.
    • Ornithology a migratory bird present in a locality for only part of the year.
    ORIGIN late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French visitour, from Old French visiter (see visit) .


    I do not know

    By I do not know on 01.29.2013

  30. a visitor once came to my place, he was extremely wonderful. also he was quite a bit dazed with what was going on at the house. He came and asked me, who is this young woman, i replied that she is my wife. Her name is sara rehman gora.

    By aurangzeb on 01.29.2013

  31. “Please sign in,sir. All visitors must!”

    He took the clipboard in his hand and read the names before him, never to have been heard from again.

    By laurenlauren28 on 01.29.2013

  32. The knocks continued unabated, but still there didn’t seem to be anyone at the door. She tried her best to ignore it, but eventually could not hold back anymore. Rushing to the door, she pulled it open only to find open space, the only greeting she got coming from right behind her.
    “Hello dearie.”

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 01.29.2013