January 26th, 2013 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “speak”

  1. hi,
    how are you?

    By diner on 01.27.2013

  2. All…say something important or not. Communicate. Tell every one how you feel. Relate. Scream. Complain…but say something. Your voice matters. Use it for good. Don’t be a silent bystander . Too much happens because not enough people speak up.

    By Maureenc on 01.27.2013

  3. I speak because I can. Because I want to. But more than just because I want to, but because I need to. If I don’t speak, then no one will, and if no one speaks, no one can. It’s a vital ability, one we should treasure, and not pretend is not so fleeting as it really is. For it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

    By Phil on 01.27.2013

  4. I read a book called Speak once about a girl who got raped at a high school party and called the police. I think it’s important to speak out. Speaking about what matters most to you is relevant because holding things in a suppressing emotions is dangerous. I always speak up about what I love. And who I love.

    By Kelsey Sheppard on 01.27.2013

  5. Speaking is difficult. At least for me, and only if I want to say something important, about my opinion. I can say stupid stuff, so much stupid stuff spouts from my mouth, but when I want to say what is truly in my head, about a book, or a film or the news, I just cant speak.

    By Annabelle on 01.27.2013

  6. It’s so hard to speak when nobody listen to you, when you have such a hard time saying what you mean, and what you feel. I wish I could talk to people about how much self harm has affected me, but they would just think that I’m an idiot. So I don’t even have the the guts to try.

    By Kevin Alexandré on 01.27.2013

  7. He spoke. It wasn’t understandable, but he made his first noise. The pride in my heart is insurmountable. I never thought I wanted a child, but seeing his smile, his growth, his speech makes it all worth it. I doesn’t matter if I’m only 17.

    By KJ Smith on 01.27.2013

  8. unhinge those jaws, loose those gears past your tonsils, let them turn and grind, relaxing the tendons of your vocal cords. you hear that dust phewing into the air, that squeaking groan and complaining of that voice you’ve kept hidden inside, that slow and quiet release?


    By vividexpression on 01.27.2013

  9. Dear Microsoft

    I’ve been putting this off for a while but I realize now that this just isn’t working. Me and you. I’ve tried not to look at your opposition, and believe me I’ve tried. Averted gazes and spit is what they used to get. But I can’t take it anymore. I’m an animator! Or at least I’m one the road to being one. I just- Look, I would say that its not you, but it is you, you’re just not them.
    Apple. I’m not saying that the delicious fruit is better than you, but they’re the way forward for me.
    Sorry I’ve taken so long to speak my mind.

    By Meg on 01.27.2013

  10. Every time she opened her mouth to speak, it was never as planned. Hundreds of words were all there, set up perfectly, neatly in her mind and yet… the moment the muscle movement of her mouth made it’s play, oh doom. Damn.

    By Naomi on 01.27.2013

  11. too much
    i love to speak
    its 5 letter word
    i dunno whatelse could be spoken.
    i love speaking on peaks
    it rhymes whoa
    i hate to speak when i am sad
    so dont talk to me when m sad .kepp your speaks to y

    By manasa URL on 01.27.2013

  12. Soul’s bile bubbling up your throat lips sewn shut hush now be silent no one wants to hear the truth, hard or easy. Rip the thread away–speak.

    By Cordelia URL on 01.27.2013

  13. Speak the words, nevermind the consequences. You think too much, it isn’t a debate, no one’s a judge. Those words are the only thing with the power and you just won’t let them wield it. So speak.

    By Leah on 01.27.2013

  14. I like to speak. A lot. Speaking is one of my favorite things to do. I love to speak in public, whether it be for a class or at lunch when I’m talking about some wild dream I had last night. Most people think I speak because I’m a confident person, but I think I speak to come across as confident. To give an illusion of confidence. Because at the end of the day, I’m just as brave as the kid sitting in the corner with their E-reader, trying to be ignored. I speak to fake courage. And it works.

    By Mishal on 01.27.2013

  15. speak now! dont you dare swallow and keep wisdom to yourself, you selfish. speak now, without fear, and let the world know what you have to say. speak now, or behold your pease. spaek now, nothing will change…NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

    By revel muffin on 01.27.2013

  16. The resounding bark echoed through the canyons, and I grinned. i loved the sound of a great dane’s bark. The dog, ears happily set, panted as he looked at me and wagged his tail, as high as my torso.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.27.2013

  17. Jessie could do a lot of things. She could read, write, dance, play the trombone, make ice sculptures and paint. But what she could not do was speak. So when her dad fell down the stairs and snapped his back, she couldn’t even tell the 911 operator where to pick up the broken man who had made her.

    By Amandajs on 01.27.2013

  18. all my insides stir,
    a delicacy. a lesson in
    proximity. we move slow,
    sleep even slower, and
    we love at a snail’s pace.
    you exhale and its poetry,
    sends a chill across my skin.
    your heartbeat, a tsunami
    and it knocks me off my feet.
    you’re too close, too close
    i can smell your aftershave,
    your dreams, your fears.
    i swallow back my love,
    and succumb to sleep.
    your hands are colder
    than they appear.

    By isa on 01.27.2013

  19. i love to speak. Speaking makes you feel better. speaking often lets you make new friends. its not always necessary to use your mouth to speak. you can speak through your work or art.

    By reema on 01.27.2013

  20. I remember the first time I spoke. It was in the bathtub at my parent’s house. My first word? Duck

    By Spencer on 01.27.2013

  21. I speak- but do others listen? Who speaks? The government speaks to man- but does the State hear the cries of those who are stepped upon? No.

    By Karan on 01.27.2013

  22. When at least she found him, he was in a state of disarray. It was because of this, that words could not come. Only feelings of sadness and anger. She never thought it would come to this.

    By Spencer on 01.27.2013

  23. Speak. Yeah. Yeah I did just say that. Seriously, everyone starts these things with the word they’re given so I did too. LOL!
    Okay I don’t know what else to say. Speaking is speech. Speech is communication. Words from the brain.

    By hocketypocketywocketywhack on 01.27.2013

  24. when you think something is wrong you must speak against it
    you must help people understand it is wrong
    use words that you deem fit

    By celeste URL on 01.27.2013

  25. To speak or not to speak. Speaking is thinking through words. Speaking is clearing your mind of all baggage and getting the word out there. Speaking is power, life even. If you can’t speak about what you want, then how do you think anyone will be able to hear your thoughts. Speak through your actions, and what you do will leave an impact others might not be able to achieve. Speaking is important to get what you want. If you’re left in silence, then don’t expect anyone to listen. Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean. If speaking is too hard or difficult, then shut your mouth. Negativity isn’t something that everyone wants to hear. Be who you are through words. Express yourself through sound, through words, through your voice. Be what you can achieve, but achiev it through speaking.

    By anonymous on 01.27.2013

  26. Speak up for yourself, I mean really. Look at you. You’re… a little odd. Anyway, the world as we know it wasn’t created by people who were considered normal. We need odd people, essentially. You, my friend, are the future of this country. Simple because you are odd. So get out of here, I mean really. I haven’t slept for the last two days, and I could really use some rest.

    By .Theo on 01.27.2013

  27. The green-eyed queen looked at the little boy and asked him to answer five questions about himself and his family.

    “But I’m an orphan.” He told her.

    “I just want to know where you came from.”

    “I come from the sea.” He told her.

    His eyes flickered from green to blue to white and back…

    By Jorge Franco IV on 01.27.2013

  28. I want to speak to you. I want to talk about everything like we used to, I want to know how you’re doing, what you’re thinking, what’s going on. I miss that, I miss our conversations.

    By lightthisfuse on 01.27.2013

  29. speak, what does it mean to speak. speak words of love and encouragement. a word can destroy or lift up. speak the truth. speak words of honesty. sometimes, just dont speak. just listen.

    By charly on 01.27.2013

  30. When people say “speak,” they are asking you to pour out your thoughts and ideas, like writing words on an empty page that stares blankly back at you (how original, I know). Before you speak, think: what message do I want to send?
    I saved a StumbleUpon page to my “Words of Inspiration” folder that had a quote that said, along the lines of, if you were standing before a crowd, what message would you send?

    By Josie on 01.27.2013

  31. the wood floor
    speaks to my feet
    as they sweep
    up & down the hall.

    “go to sleep”
    it creaks, moans
    as wind bends beneath

    when you are a writer,
    everything talks.

    By corey leigh kirby on 01.27.2013

  32. Speaking is a privilege we rarely appreciate, To not be able to speak is frustrating, it is lonely, it is something that makes you feel alienated from the world around you. Speech is some thing more of us find so amazingly simple but so essential to our being, but rarely do we stop to admire to genius of words.

    By insanity rambles on 01.27.2013

  33. Speaking in front of audience is what I’m most scared of..and speaking what I want to do most perfectly in my life.Speaking most of the time could be waste of time..so speak only what you mean and what is necessary.

    By achyut on 01.27.2013

  34. Speak.
    Speak what you mean but not what you others want to hear.
    Speak less so you can listen more.
    Speak only what is necessary.
    Speaking could be both a boon and bane.

    By achyut on 01.27.2013

  35. my

    By chloe on 01.27.2013