December 17th, 2016 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “compass”

  1. Right now i am trying to find my direction. My compass is lost. I know it’s there in the back pocket of that jeans. But I left the jeans at the last waterfall. Lost my pants and my direction.
    compass can also make circles.
    right now i am going in circles.

    By Madhur Anand on 12.17.2016

  2. Bring me a compass, and I will take us north to where the air is still cold, and the aurora borealis flutters across the sky like a rainbow goddess’s scarf. We’ll crack open the bottle of whiskey we snuck on the little boat we sailed, and before our breath freezes up in our throats, we drink a toast to what was once permanent winter.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.17.2016

  3. I need a compass in the jungle.

    By Rupok URL on 12.18.2016

  4. Ashley’s face is a mask of anger when she moves to punch Takumi, but he doesn’t flinch. Doesn’t try to move away or block it, just braces himself for the blow.
    It doesn’t come either way- Christian catches Ashley’s hand in his own and forces it to her side. He says her name, quietly, and she grits her teeth for a long moment before turning to stride down the hall.
    “Why’d you stop her?” he asks, and even to himself his voice sounds flat. Christian’s gaze is unreadable.
    “An unchecked blow like that would’ve broken your cheekbone at least. She would’ve regretted it.”
    Takumi laughs.
    “Probably not a good sign, when you’ve got a Nephilim and a human both using a demon as their moral compass.”

    By savvadrokki on 12.18.2016

  5. My heart was my compass, it had set me on my course and told me what to do. I followed it true and always. That is, until she happened. She was the one thing that broke my compass; love and betrayal had broken it to the point beyond repair.

    By Trish Starling on 12.18.2016

  6. Einen Kompass hätte ich gern. Einen, der mir zeigt, wo es langgeht. Einer, der immer piept, wenn ich mich vom Weg abbewege. Einer, der mich immer in die richtige Richtung schickt, auch wenn ich mich mal wieder verlaufen habe (obwohl das ja dank Piepen nicht mehr passieren würde. Ich hätte gern einen zuverlässigen Kompass in mir drin.

    By Lisa URL on 12.18.2016

  7. She grasped the compass in her one tiny, cold hand, the other fumbling against the rocky side of the mountain as she tried to find a sturdy grasp. The wind would not abait itself from blowing in her face, throwing startling snow flurries at her so much that she could barely see ahead of her.

    By Ken on 12.18.2016

  8. A piece of wonder. Always points to the North, the North Star. A piece of hope, it guides you in the deepest of troubles. No cables attached, no limitations. It’s the new meta, working no matter what situation you’re in. Unless it’s around a neodymium magnet, that is. Find your way, get your life on track. Don’t lose hope, it’ll guide you.

    By Justin Du on 12.18.2016

  9. where are you north of moon or south of the ploooooon

    a compass will let you come past me

    so when your past overcomes me

    i can run into the present and the present can
    run into me which will only leave whats coming next
    to pass
    a com
    pass calmly passing

    By Colton Adrian on 12.18.2016

  10. We followed it. Over hills and down valleys, across streams and through cities. We had no other way. There was nobody else. Our days were spent walking, no stopping for food. At night we hoped we could find an inn or a house to put us up in return for any jobs that needed doing.

    By Daisy Leason on 12.18.2016

  11. a tool that lies
    pointing us in fixed locations
    as if these rigidly defined rules
    would make our lives better or
    give us direction
    throw it on the ground!
    break it!
    don’t look for specifics
    travel in your own direction
    you are the only compass you need

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 12.18.2016

  12. The needle spun lazily around, settling eventually pointing slightly to her left. She shook it. It spun again. “Don’t do that!” her mother chided. The wrinkles in her browned skin seemed so deep in the sunlight.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.18.2016

  13. I looked at the compass in my hand. “It’s broken,” I said. The shopkeeper nodded. “How do you expect someone to pay 200$ for a broken compass?”
    “Because maybe they’re broken, too.”

    By Maiby on 12.18.2016

  14. I glanced down at the metallic object I was holding tightly. As I opened my palm, I studied the compass carefully. It was an old thing with golden paint almost washed up; the needles were bent and always pointed to South, no matter the directions.

    By Daniel on 12.18.2016

  15. I flinched when the old man came to my table and slammed an object right on the map.
    “A compass,” he spat, wrinkled hands placed on the table to lean forward to me.
    “Y-yes,” I said with a voice which didn’t belong to me. Was I always squeaking my words?

    By DanielForrester on 12.18.2016

  16. What True North guides the needle, and for what does it owe this fealty? In all the years that it has stared hopeful past the horizon, has it never been betrayed? Has it never know the despair of the pursuit, felt tired in its soul, turned South and slipped away into the darkness of its mind? North is always there, pulling the compass to it like a servant. Better the servant then, for whom there is always a path. At least until the Earth stops turning, when all compasses will know nothing.

    By mattlock URL on 12.18.2016

  17. it takes you to places where you want to go or maybe youll not know how to use it and you end up where you’d least expect to go. many have used this device to take them to great places where will you go?

    By a on 12.18.2016

  18. The tiny dial looks far too dainty to navigate the world, I think to myself as I hold it aloft, watching it hover and flit gently back and forth as I twisted it towards North. There. In the distance, towards the tallest of the icy peaks on the path ahead.
    Thought so.
    With a sigh, I reshoulder my packs, and begin the long trudge down from the plateau and then onwards and upwards towards the great peak.

    By terradi on 12.18.2016

  19. you are the electromagnetic field whose pull is so powerful that you create a new north
    the compass of my heart only points towards you
    false north
    but i have never felt a truer love

    By celeste URL on 12.18.2016

  20. It’s my birthday and he hasn’t said anything yet.
    We sleep in the same bed everyday.
    I’m having a hard time accepting that this is the way it is when you get old.
    I’m only 23 it shouldn’t be this way.
    But maybe this is just how it is now?
    I thought today would be a celebration of my life.
    Isn’t that how it should be for everyone?

    By lily on 12.18.2016

  21. Compass – I remember when we did not have GPS gadgets and how I have no sense of direction. And now I am so dependent on GPS gadgets to get me around town and traveling. In 2017 I will be more focused and prayer and the study of WORD will be my gadgets to guide to a more purposed driven life!

    By Wo'nette on 12.18.2016

  22. My ship drifts left, right… surrounded by the darkness of night with no moon or star to steer towards. My compass lies in a pile of shattered glass, and I pray for the morning sun to give me direction.

    By P on 12.18.2016

  23. I look down at the glowing compass that is purposed to guide me to my greatest fear. The beautiful gold dial turns making my heart shudder. From my hiding place I see a castle with stone walls and guards standing out side. The guards standing head to toe in shinning uniforms. Showing off the wealth and power of the large cast while the people of this land suffer. What inside that case could be so terrifying?I have traveled for months trying to concur this fear. Meeting many terrifying things on the way what could be worse than those dragons and the witches that have tried to through my journey astray. From my hiding place I formulate a plan. Carefully I walk back to the village that the castle outlooks. Through the merchant markets I accumulate scarves to present myself to the case as a distinguished dancer. For that is what I am, a traveler, doctor, artist, linguist, a dancer so many talents that over the years have kept me alive. My many talents have led me to the compass that may lead me to my death. My talents even after all this time have left me alone and thats the way I prefer it. Maybe my most importantly I am a witch in a magic out lawed land. I look over the compass again with its delicate gears and design and still it point to the castle. On the long draw bridge I stand scarves wrapped around me delicately. I begin to move towards the cast to the guards. I can feel their uneasiness as they shift from foot to foot. they point their spears at me and I smile at them. confused they ask, “what business do you have here?” Throwing my best most convincing enchantment their way I say, “I request entrance and a place to stay in return I will dance. Allow me to entertain in exchange for a dry place to sleep.” I repeat myself for the dazed guards. They escort me inside with a smile. I glance down at the compass again and I know my fear is here somewhere within these walls. “Where are you taking me?” They look at one another and just keep walking down the winding halls. We stop in front of a large mahogany door. I glance down at the compass and it begins to spin. The dial spins and I know my fear is behind that door. the guards open the door and for a second it is too bright to see. The guards push me after I don’t move on my own. There is a beautiful woman in the room in an extravagant dress. “What is this woman doing here?” Her voice demands with an unneeded attitude. “Princess, she is here to dance for you, sense the absence of the last dancer cause you such sadness.” He down casts his eyes but somehow his voice reaches her. She looks at me and I’m frozen mentally. I don’t know how to react from her gaze. As she stares at me I am thawed and I suddenly feel warm. In a demanding voice he yells, “leave us.” They scramble and leave the large room slamming the doors behind them. Leaving the beautiful princess and I alone. “So you’ve come to dance? Well I’m already impressed little witch,” she pauses and rolls her eyes, “you are safe within these walls little witch but you must stay by my side at all times. It’ll be you and I until the end.”

    By Sonny on 12.18.2016

  24. trying to find my way and looking for direction, should I trust a simple little machine or my own intuition? Will it find my true north? My centre? And what about the route to take? Are there many roads to choose from, and which one is the right one for me?

    By DIana Bushby on 12.18.2016

  25. The compass always points north, the truest friend I’ve ever had. Dependable, trustworthy, kind and compassionate, this compass has always been. I am proud to call this compass my own.

    By Olivia on 12.18.2016

  26. When I think of the word compass, I think of travelling. It brings back so many memories of my time on my gap year and travelling last summer but ultimately, it makes me think of freedom and being able to follow whatever direction your heart wants to.

    By Emma on 12.18.2016

  27. i lost my compass. weird, right? i had it a second ago, i’m sure. it was right in my hand. i was drawing a damn circle… and suddenly, it wasn’t there anymore! it must’ve fallen off…

    By Paola on 12.18.2016

  28. I imagine a long dirt, narrow path. Tunneled by a jungles vegetation. A promising outlook just beyond, I proceed in the light of the dawn. I know my way.

    By beachbumrach URL on 12.18.2016

  29. boy scouts, path, following, adventure, fun, friends, finding my own path, because why not,

    By Alexander Clapp on 12.18.2016

  30. the compass spun and stopped. a certain direction. but as soon as I take the first step forward, it spins again. I am dumbly watching it, uncertain what to do.

    By Linne on 12.18.2016

  31. She looked everywhere for the compass, and ironically thought, she could need it to look for it.
    “I need myself to look for it as well”, she said “but I can’t find me either.”

    By Emma on 12.18.2016

  32. ah i remember the first time I actually understood how to use a compass. It was about six years ago on an outward bound trip. I was so proud of myself for actually taking myself somewhere in the most fundamental way. It was such a rewarding experience.

    By camibae on 12.18.2016

  33. it points one way but my heart feels destined to go north. “the compass says south, lets go.”
    i cant, my mind and heart drag my feet towards north and we just go where my heart is telling me to.

    By yaz on 12.18.2016

  34. Take me with you i pleaded pecking at his wooly swaeater pleading with my big brown eyes, he turned atound his hazel eyes poured into mines, and his rouch hands stroked myh hair. He left and dropped a compass card, okay he said I will comd back he said don’t worry he said

    10 years later

    he lied i said

    By bb on 12.18.2016

  35. He followed the compass through the snowy mountains, and he stopped and looked right at North’s direction. “I believe you are the great, holy North West they all talk about.”

    By 55667788 on 12.18.2016

  36. i stared down at the small metallic object in my hand. The needle still pointed to exactly where I intended to head: northward. It felt like I had been walking for days, even though it had only been a few hours.

    By Celine on 12.18.2016

  37. I don’t have an internal compass. A lot of people seem to have one but not me. I do have a moral compass though, which is internal, so I guess that would count as an internal compass. I would rather know the different between right and wrong, than north and south. Except on a camping holiday …

    By Alia on 12.18.2016

  38. There’s so much I could do with “compass.” But right now, I am completely lacking direction. Any type of direction. Words are coming out like sludge, goopy, incoherent sludge, and I am totally lacking direction. Unfortunately, unless I were to make it this whole symbolic thing, which I can’t right now, no compass is gonna help me tonight.

    By Sara on 12.18.2016

  39. Direction is often something one seeks, but never finds. There is no compass to life. One must wander around, choosing paths that seem as if they lead in the preferred direction. However one often encounters obstacles that block the view. One must choose to turn back, or to face the obstacle, and conquer the fear of what may lie ahead.

    By Willow on 12.18.2016

  40. my old boyfriend (if you can even call him that) had a compass tattooed on his right arm. he always said it was a dumb tattoo, but i never thought so. i miss him a lot.

    By emily on 12.18.2016