December 19th, 2016 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “persistent”

  1. it’s about being persistent to one step, to the next thing in front you, to the next thing you are going to say or write. don’t wander from left to write and back only to be going around in circles. be persistent. one step at a time. Maintain your cadence. Once the step one is cleared, you’ll be on a solid base and you wont have to go back. only forward.

    By Madhur Anand on 12.19.2016

  2. “Why did you have to be like that?” cried Larry, his face redder than the thin, tattered necktie he wore. “Why did you have to be so…so…persistent?!”

    I took the drooping cigarette out of my mouth and fought off the temptation to blow a mouthful of smoke into my brother’s face. “Because if I wasn’t,” I growled, “we wouldn’t have gotten the best deal. Learn from a professional, Larry.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.19.2016

  3. Ausdauernd sein. Ich kann gar nicht so ausdauernd sein, wie ich gern will. Im Moment bin ich nur verstopfte Nase und Brett vorm Kopf, ich bin nicht ausdauernd, ich kann nicht klar denken, ich weiß ja nicht mal wer ich bin. Wie soll ich ausdauernd sein, wenn ich nicht weiß, was ich will?

    By Lisa URL on 12.19.2016

  4. many obstacles in life slow us down and try to keep us complacent. This word breaks through that monotonous cycle of complacency. I will be persistent to finish tasks. I will be persistent in life. I will achieve my goals. I will be PERSISTENT

    By Matt Mamizuka on 12.19.2016

  5. The itch was persistent. It started on my right inner thigh and it was just a little bit annoying at first. I would scratch it and then forget it about it for a few hours and then it’d be back. Before long I was having to constantly reach down and scratch at it and only have one hand available for whatever else I was involved with. I almost wrecked on a rainy night coming home from work because of it.

    By Lee on 12.19.2016

  6. undaunted
    on and on
    my mind never stops talking
    nothing deters
    sleep cannot mute it
    i long for a moment of peace

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 12.19.2016

  7. “If stubbornness could kill ya, you’d be dead.”
    The words floated up to Mari as she continued her ascent up the rock wall. The angle was steep, one of those outward curves that required you to defy gravity if you wanted to hold on. She’d already tried and failed on it four times, and was warming up for a fifth. She grinned, wedged her foot in a promising-looking crevice and grinned down at her climbing partner.
    “Long as this rope holds, pretty sure I’m good,” she replied.
    The far upper left. Weird angle. Have to stretch. Might work.

    By terradi on 12.19.2016

  8. He was completely obsessed by one persistent thought. That the ballet dancer in his dream was the same woman that stood before him. No, not in costume but in spirit. He could sense her and everything she was. He could feel her pain and see the deadness in her eyes. Her dance in his dreams were so full of life but this woman was dead. Just a ghost without light. Her spirit followed him for several days and when their eyes met she could feel his life. Slowly he took his life from him leaving him just the same as her, to find others so he could return to a human form. The cycle has no end only take and try to survive, for fear of death is too strong. Humans are much too persistent to live.

    By Sonny on 12.19.2016

  9. Persistence overrides resistance… what my dad always told me, and something I have found to be quite true in my own experience, especially when it comes to J-O-Bs.

    By Dylan Chouinard on 12.19.2016

  10. While this baffled me a lot at first, the sounds of screeching eventually were like soundtrack, mixing in the sounds of the world. The guy I had buried did not stop scratching for a second and it was very amazing

    By Luigi Santos on 12.19.2016

  11. She never gave up, she kept going, facing what she thought was impossible. And as she went she found beauty and strength within her that she never thought existed. It was magical.

    By Kaitlyn Sipes on 12.19.2016

  12. None of that would ever convince me, as it was, the light kept coming through my window, no matter how much curtains I put up. It wasn’t any tragedy, but why oh why would such an annoying paranormality happen to me like this?

    By Luigi Santos URL on 12.19.2016

  13. There was a catch to it all, she realized. Although it seemed easy at first, a little thought here and there, a little work there and then, it was much more than that. She fought it, day in and day out, hoping to cut it down bit by bit.

    By Cinnia URL on 12.19.2016

  14. Keep going don’t stop
    The end is just the beginning
    The farther you travel
    The less you see
    But the center is where its at
    The center will bring all things
    If you believe in the persistence of One

    By smattc URL on 12.19.2016

  15. I will strive and preserve for what is it true what is right what is needed in todays world . Radical in not ever giving up that is who I am…and this is what will change the world!

    By Wo'nette on 12.19.2016

  16. lingering always [deep in my chest]
    for all my days [there is no best]
    through the haze [an anxious guest]
    time delays [feeling possessed]
    persistent strays [healing, depressed]

    By vanikey on 12.19.2016

  17. The persistent ringing upset her. She couldn’t determine the location or how to turn it off. She opened her eye, finally, to a white room which reflected the sound. The cold air, bright light intensified the noise. She finally got up from the bed and starting yelling, “Stop.”

    A soft, male voice came over a loudspeaker. “All you have to do is press the button on the alarm clock.”

    By chanpheng URL on 12.19.2016

  18. history tells us,
    smallest prick done unjustly
    will heal most slowly

    I yearn for the day
    when good men are PERSISTENT
    as much as evil

    when commensurate
    are concerns for vice to cease
    as oxygen breathe

    By ! Haiku-maN ! on 12.19.2016

  19. Slavery spreads worse,
    to end it, the resistance
    is most persistent

    despite the science,
    doctrines pious, hate and greed
    dominate conscience

    but Earth has fighters
    finding victims to set free
    and make captors bleed !!!!

    By ! Haiku-maN ! on 12.19.2016

  20. I ran back to her, I needed her in my life. I would remain there for her until my last dying breath. Because she was my air. She was was my oxygen. I couldn’t live with her walking away from me. Each step she took further away from me echoed in my ears as the weight of her footsteps crushed my heart. the sharp intake of breath she took before she walked away resignated deep within my soul.

    By Rida URL on 12.19.2016

  21. keep trying, not giving up, having a can do attitude, willpower to do it, sticks to its plan and vision

    By Hannah on 12.19.2016

  22. she certainly was. like she wasn’t even interested in her anymore. but Lara kept texting her. “Do you want to come over? I will make us dinner.” Or “Come to the club with us tonight.” Jamie shook her head. Did Lara really think that desperation was an attractive look? She considered “ghosting” Lara and just becoming invisible and not replying to her at all, but she was too angry. “Do you realise how desperate you sound?” she texted to Lara. She was typing quickly, in irritation, and made two typing errors. She was easily roused these days. Other people had noticed it too. The smallest thing would get her arced up.

    By Ellaandlara on 12.20.2016

  23. He was always there. In the back of my mind. And on my phone, texting and calling. I loved hearing his voice, we’d talk for hours. He liked every picture, every status. But he was never actually with me. Even when he was with me physically it felt like his mind was somewhere else.

    By Daisy Leason on 12.20.2016

  24. Yep, that’s pretty appropriate.
    She thinks it’s a joke, that I’m just someone who enjoys teasing lightly. Making jokes. Persistently.
    If only she knew what the persistence was rooted in. Not in being irritating, that, sweetie, I just can’t help. Nope, that’s not what I’m persistent. Sorry if you missed that.

    By Sara on 12.20.2016

  25. never giving up trying to stick to it having faith to keep going trying the best you can finding a way to get it done looking for a solution keeping focused on the goal looking for a way to complete the task no matter what

    By denise on 12.20.2016

  26. The persistents in my vains
    find me only, when I’m feeling
    that oh so insatiable gain,
    when she says she doesn’t want my number
    I just see that mouth
    as a number
    that will soon spelled out
    with the letters in my name
    aggregate happiness comes from aggregate approaches
    to persistent action
    I’m ready for anything, especially forward traction.

    By Milad URL on 12.20.2016

  27. ı dont like persistent people.they irritate me.I want to do things what ı want.but sometimes being persistent is essential.fpr exampe you neded to be persistent learning in a new language if not you cant learn

    By emin on 12.20.2016