December 16th, 2016 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “atlas”

  1. It’s on the floor now.
    All the pieces of humanity.
    All the pieces of
    All the shadows of life that danced in the trees,
    all the smiles that ever existed,
    all the hearts you ever touched.
    are gone.

    All because of he wasn’t strong enough.
    All because he was
    selfish enough
    to let the world fall.

    By anothershadowbox on 12.16.2016

  2. I skim my fingers along the spine of the book, a listing of places and locations, destinations and travels all far too numerous to visit within my short lifetime. So many possibilities … so many limitations. To go everywhere, or to go only a few places and to know them well? The doors beckon within the pages of this fragile book as I try and decide.

    By terradi on 12.16.2016

  3. So you don’t know my name or maybe you do. Am I the mist that condenses into dew?
    Must I evaporate: a parting caress of the lips?

    Never mind, for now the sun is shining dear, please do carry its glow with each little sip. No rain on the brain. Your eyes are clear.

    By Cara Cara URL on 12.16.2016

  4. atlas i found nothing do i need an atlas or is it at las i have not a clue i hadnt like this word my words are lost i must focus and find myself with an atlas but there isn’t one. i haven’t one and there isn’t. I am?

    By Lily on 12.16.2016

  5. I am lost
    I will be found
    I am searching for myself
    I see the light that is me
    I am all that I wish to be
    I want for nothing
    I have everything I need
    All is whole
    All is well
    I am

    By lily on 12.16.2016

  6. The body on the table reads like an atlas of sorrow – all beauty crushed, all identifying features marred and blurred by trauma. The wounds are roads across a lost world, the eyes are closed forever to the sun, and the mouth poised as if to speak, but that landscape will remain silent until the burning.

    By Danielle1 on 12.16.2016

  7. My grandmother’s atlas was so big that it took up the entire coffee table. Its worn down cover, however, still retained a tint of royal blue, as if this sort of book of maps were fit more for a monarch than a country matron. As I flipped through the pages, I was amazed to find nations I had never heard of before. Shaktu. Hothmandi. Were these real, or had I accidentally found a fantasy world?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.16.2016

  8. very good

    By Ansuman ghosh on 12.17.2016

  9. When I was in 9th grade my friends made up a dance called the “atlas”, which was basically waving your arms around while slightly hunched over, like “Atlas”. There was also a dance called “The Hitler”, which is probably exactly what you think it looks like.

    By Paige B on 12.17.2016

  10. Atlas is my dog’s name and he is sitting right next to me ahaha I can’t take this one seriously and this is all I can think to write.

    By Ken on 12.17.2016

  11. he held the weight of the world upon his shoulders
    quite literally supporting everyone and everything
    a great honour
    used as a punishment
    for who wants to be the one responsible for everything?
    although it is not your fault when something goes wrong
    somebody needs to get the blame

    By Daisy Leason on 12.17.2016

  12. A book of maps. I map showing so much information in such a little format. A source of knowledge. Makes you feel so small, like a droplet in the ocean. It makes you realize that you aren’t the only one in the world. That people around you need help. It makes you realize that the world is not as well off as you. So go help them if you can. GO volunteer. Be a helper to anyone you can.

    By Justin Du on 12.17.2016

  13. What’s deeper than a shrug
    for the weight is far greater than simply the world
    the crashing of universes
    worlds of ideas bashing each other for dominance
    all taking place inside my mind
    fighting for supremacy
    racking my body
    spinning my soul outward into the void

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 12.17.2016

  14. Oh, maps. They’re weird. They are pretty magical if you think about them without thinking about geography or history. I mean the whole world on a paper.

    By Riv on 12.17.2016

  15. She poured over the book, running her fingers up and down the coastlines, imagining the beaches in strange lands and how they must compare to the beach outside her window. She squinted her eyes against the sunlight and tried to see Delaware across the expanse of ocean. Of course she was on the wrong side of the island to do so, but it was a nice thought.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.17.2016

  16. Her favorite book was an atlas because she thought it held all the answers. Every single one, can you imagine that? “A little bit of everything! And maps, so many maps!” she used to exclaim to her family and friends. The family nodded in false encouragement. The friends weren’t friends at all. It was only a matter of time before she learned that the atlas did not, in fact, hold all the answers. And that was when she put down the atlas and picked up a flag.

    By Sara on 12.17.2016

  17. my friend loves atlases. he had many of them at home and showed me what makes a good atlas. i remember a story by jorge borges about a king who wanted to make a real life atlas. anoteher planet just like this one. its been really long i have seen an atlas lately. in old days i dreamed of exploring uncharted lands and adding to the atlas.

    By Madhur Anand on 12.17.2016

  18. Atlas.A Map. Also A Titan. The Titan cursed with forever holding the world on is shoulders. Never allowed to move, never given relief. For if he should fail, and let the earth touch the floor, the whole world is destroyed. This stems from Greek Mythology.

    By Kay on 12.17.2016

  19. he carried the world on his shoulders,
    once upon a million billion years
    he lifted ever last thing up into the air
    did he feel the million thoughts everyone has?

    By Pandyfish on 12.17.2016

  20. atlas

    By Fernando Rios URL on 12.17.2016

  21. I once looked at an atlas, and thought…I really haven’t seen as much of the world as I should have done. I wish I could see it, but without you by my side what would be the point? The world may be beautiful, but I wouldn’t see that if you weren’t stood next to me. I would rather only see the inside of this house forever than anywhere else in the world if it meant seeing it with you.

    By Ruth Bowater on 12.17.2016

  22. Atlases lay scattered on the floor of her bedroom as she fantasized about leaving her small town and starting a new life somewhere new and exciting.

    By G H on 12.17.2016

  23. The atlas is a representation of the world. It shows all continents, seas and oceans. I use to read atlases for fun when I was younger. I enjoyed drawing maps and sketching the features of the terrain. I created map keys to go along with it.

    By Sugey on 12.17.2016

  24. I can relate totally to this word as I love to travel. I wish to one day be able to visit all 50 states and explore the world internationally. One of most interesting places to visit will be the Holy Land. One day!

    By Wo'nette on 12.17.2016

  25. the world is waiting.

    By beachbumrach URL on 12.17.2016

  26. She stares at the page, mouth slightly agape, “anywhere, mommy?”
    She is seven years old. Her mother just gave her the gift of wonder.

    By Wanderer on 12.17.2016