December 16th, 2013 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “commissioned”

  1. The work she produced was shoddy at best. Each line was rigid and undefined, each movement sterile and colourless. Like a bee without it’s wings, her fingers fumbled over each stroke.

    By KT on 12.16.2013

  2. She sat in the rain, so no one could see her tears. Staring up at the sky she cursed him. No one had commissioned him to be the one to break her heart. But he did it anyway and he did it perfectly.

    By ClairaWynn on 12.16.2013

  3. These words have been commissioned by the anonymous order of people who have no inspiration.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.16.2013

  4. The commision commisioned that the new rule of Batman was to begin. Therefore, all citizens of Gothman were to participate in a Batman day, where they would all dress up as bat and a BAtman look-alike contest.

    By Megan Bryant on 12.16.2013

  5. Donal shook his head. No idiot, they have ‘commissioned’ me for special duties. Duties in relation to that little real estate stuff up with the hospital. Fifty grand. I’ve got a week. You best lie low and I’ll see you at Crookwell when the coast is clear.

    By pip333 on 12.16.2013

  6. Bought merely to
    help dimples in
    cheeks defy gravity,
    as easy as the self-hating
    in “keeping,”

    And dear, I don’t
    know which I love more:
    the first degree
    or suicide

    By Pandatry on 12.16.2013

  7. commissioned is a word used to describe an action that involves sending out or being called to do something. a gospel commission is a calling out. the Greek Ekklesia. it is a verb. also in meaning to preorder something is to commission it. to commission a building is to make plans for it.

    By RaptorVenom8 on 12.16.2013

  8. I had long awaited the moment when I would have enough to ask. Enough gall, enough fortitude, enough CASH. It was seething through me, this desire to immediately cut and run to get what I had waited so tenaciously for…..but I couldn’t leave yet because I had to finish my sensory deprivation session.

    By Theresa URL on 12.16.2013

  9. You know when you see a word, and you know what it means, but not quite?


    Commissioned is one of those words. One of those words where you’d proudly use it in a sentence, but find it difficult to give a definition to a snooty intellect who questions the way you wielded it. One of those words that can make you smart in the right crowd, and a fool in the wrong. One of those words that you didn’t think you had much to write about, but ended up filling a minute with ramshackle sentences pieced together by the theme of uncertainty.

    By andraya on 12.17.2013

  10. I was set to follow the metal road since day one.
    First off, let’s head to school, okay?
    Alright, that’s fair.
    I won’t hold your hand though, so have fun dealing with all the emotional baggage that comes with everything school entails: the people, the work, and the overbearing flaws of yourself.

    By Mandy on 12.17.2013

  11. Commissioned;

    You know when you see a word, and you know what it means, but not quite?


    Commissioned is one of those words. One of those words where you’d proudly use it in a sentence, but find it difficult to give a definition to a snooty intellect who questions the way you wielded it. One of those words that can make you smart in the right crowd, and a fool in the wrong. One of those words that you didn’t think you had much to write about, but ended up filling a minute with ramshackle sentences pieced together by the theme of uncertainty.

    By Andraya on 12.17.2013

  12. I loved her because she wanted me to
    Each day, giving in deeper
    To the vague reflection
    – the idea of the person i was supposed to be
    I kissed her where she wanted me to
    Each day, reaching places of her
    That she saved for me

    By Trine on 12.17.2013

  13. The ship was commissioned two years after it was built. It however did not find favor with some top military officers, because of some critical flaws that had been highlighted, during its manufacture.

    By victor URL on 12.17.2013

  14. I was commissioned to paint for the King. Of course, I had never painted for anyone of any importance, not nearly someone as regal as his majesty. My first thought was whether or not I will get killed if he doesn’t like it. I hope not. I shall make him like it. I’m Greg.

    By Collin Anderson on 12.17.2013

  15. Susan had been commissioned to paint a portrait of a well known celebrity but she wasn’t going to say who it was until it was finished and she was satisfied with it.

    By Alexandra on 12.17.2013

  16. All my former dreams had fallen by the wayside in hopes that this one would come true. My girl left me, taking my children, and my officer’s commission had been stolen from me by dishonorable discharge. All I had ever wanted was this life of a military man, a woman to come home to, and it’s all gone. But the paper in front of me is blank, and my pen is full of ink, and though my life’s ambitions were gone, the dreams that haunted me in the night still stood by me, and always would, for better or worse, written down or kept in my mind.

    By Samantha on 12.17.2013

  17. It’s something you have to do, right? Well, someone asked you to do it, anyway. Paid you to: asked you in big ones. So it has to get done, ahead of your own work or pleasure–because it –is– your work, and it’ll feed your pleasure. Right? Right. So just… Start simple.

    Take your shirt off.

    By H. Wilson on 12.17.2013

  18. we will do it. we like the space. we like the idea. we will turn that space into a miracle. there will be color, texture, startling ideas and it will be nothing that anyone ever saw before. now about the money.

    By Lee on 12.17.2013

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    By Mike Scott on 12.17.2013

  20. She commissioned a jack o lantern full of poems for the extravaganza of contradictions

    By carrotfries on 12.17.2013

  21. I like to be commissioned for every job I do. And being well commissioned is even better off course. But telling a fare price is difficult

    By Marilia Sobral on 12.17.2013

  22. He commissioned me to do his dirty work–to write his letters, to pay his bills, to do everything that he knew he could do, but simply refused.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 12.17.2013

  23. Just want to see everybody else’s comments on “commissioned”.

    By Ethan on 12.17.2013

  24. Gunther had commissioned the artist, true. But this wasn’t a professional dinner he’d meant to take her on, rather, he’d hoped to move the relationship out of the working realm and into his “bedroom realm”. Only he wasn’t very smooth with women, but she had a personality that seemed to suggest his stilted way of speaking and sometimes aloof mannerisms didn’t offend her. He figured in her line of work she probably met many “creative” types who were likely to be even weirder than him and he was probably a rock of stability in a tumultuous ocean of crazy.

    But it had nevertheless surprised Gunther greatly that she had let him touch her silky gown and he felt worried a bit when she flashed him a devilish grin in the elevator.

    “How did you put it, Gunther dear?” She gleefully whispered into his ear as she shimmied beneath his hands in the apartment, the silk of her gown riding up her thighs, “You’d like to see me without my top on?”

    “P” in “top” popped like wet lips coming off a lollipop, her giggles were like fizz in his ears. This might not end well Gunther thought in a flash of panic. Or it could be the best choice he’d ever made, this was a thought that followed after she’d coyly peeled the straps of her dress off. It was hard to gauge that sort of thing in situations like these.

    By Ash Wednesday on 12.17.2013

  25. I was commissioned to paint a mural for this wall, but now that I’m here I can see it’s already been painted. With graffiti. A lot of it, and lovingly crafted. I stand here with my sketchpad and wonder how I can bring myself to paint over someone else’s work.

    By mrsmig on 12.17.2013

  26. He was the high-stepper. The one with all the plans. Didn’t need college because he learned it all walking the woods in his country home with his father when he was a child. The insignia, the shine on the boots. It was all there to qualify him as the leader. And if you didn’t agree, there would be hell to pay.

    By Bryan URL on 12.17.2013

  27. She had to make the art work even though she didn’t want to. When the prince of Saudi Arabia asks for a painting you don’t say no. Never mind the fact that she has never painted a picture in her life. She was a writer not an artist. He just wanted to get in her pants. Fine, she thought. If he wants a painting, he will get a painting, as she rubbed paint over her breast and pushed them onto the white canvas, an evil smirk appearing upon her face.

    By Trista URL on 12.17.2013

  28. I was never supposed to be here. Jailgates opened, and I didn’t know how I was supposed to get out; heck, I didn’t even know why I was here. “Someone must’ve ratted the wrong out!” screamed someone from down the grey, sinister halls.

    By Lou on 12.17.2013

  29. just to remind myself ——

    i don’t want to complain any more

    what happened to all the good vibes
    and positive emotions i used to produce?
    i like the girl who isn’t tackled by
    other peoples bull shit – who doesn’t dwell
    on mistakes, foul words, and effortless
    i won’t live a life of complaints, anger and
    hatred – instead i will spend my time
    placing my energy where it needs to be –
    bettering myself and all the important people
    in my life.

    By stargirl on 12.17.2013

  30. Is it just one word eveyday? I’m still a little fuzzy about this whole process. It seems quite simple from the instructions I’ve read, but whatever, the 60 seconds are almost over so I should probably start to finish up.

    By Hollis Langley on 12.17.2013

  31. The guy at radio shack pretty much cornered me into buying some radio shack brand cell phone instead of the wonderful sprint selection I had intended. All is well that ends well I suppose, I am broke anyway, but he, he is rolling in riches like the commissioned king he has become.

    By Annette on 12.17.2013

  32. Jennifer bit the end of her pencil. Soon there would be nothing left but a gnawed stub. Her hair was falling tremulously out of its ponytail and a circle of coffee surrounded her lips.

    By Mary on 12.17.2013

  33. i don’t know what this word means, so, I guess I wont talk about it. hi! how r u?

    By cassandra acosta URL on 12.17.2013

  34. If your being called on maybe God, or the government.

    By jill dean on 12.17.2013

  35. i really don’t know what commissioned means at all because its a really big word that ive heard before but I don’t understand at allllll! and so im really bored and idk what to do so guess what hallelujiah praise the lord bless the lord save my soul.

    By Antonio Meza URL on 12.17.2013

  36. ordered told to do an order to make or do something often with art and work starts with a c
    ends with a d often something is commissioned by a client or boss

    By lauren on 12.17.2013

  37. sent to minister for what religion you are believing in. or sent out to work for a certain purpose.
    you are commissioned to go out to help, preach, or do a certain job.

    By hh1 URL on 12.17.2013

  38. commision ed to me can me being commisione dfor god and then eating some peanut butter toast, oejfg;lakflakdjkvcmwseofwjkdkfkkkdkvljfgaijdfl;ikajdfglkjlklakjf;lkgjsd;glkjfl;kkkjdsoigsdoifjsoidjfoidiediididididjffjfjfjfjfj .

    By abbyandjoann on 12.17.2013

  39. I don’t really know what this means maybe being called by God or someone above you or God calling you to do something you don’t necessarily want to do.

    By Liz on 12.17.2013

  40. I have know clue. mission is needed

    By kierra+lily on 12.17.2013