December 15th, 2013 | 99 Entries

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99 Entries for “wreath”

  1. I don’t know what wreaths are for and I don’t understand the meaning but when I see them I get this happy festive feeling. It doesn’t last very long. It’s only a decoration. I’m sorry, I kind of thought of you like that. You gave me this brief, happy feeling, but it didn’t last very long. I looked at you like you were a decoration. I still do. I’m sorry for that.

    By celia on 12.16.2013

  2. I wonder if my mom has a wreath. If she does when I get back hope I put my head through it and act like a king for finishing the semester.

    By Christian on 12.16.2013

  3. I dont have a clue about wreaths one bit. bu i know its some sordid christmas item that probably has nothing to do with judeo/christian faith in any way. But it brings me peace to see

    By Brenten Hargrove on 12.16.2013

  4. happy holidays with a wreath

    By Terry Painting URL on 12.16.2013

  5. Merry Christmas, does everyone have a wreath on their doors?

    By Nitz URL on 12.16.2013

  6. Christmas time happiness family good smells door eating love laughter flowers

    By jaymi on 12.16.2013

  7. I wish I had more clue what wreaths are

    By Tom URL on 12.16.2013

  8. Christmas is a thing that happens every year. It is the birth of Christ, and the season of giving. Wreaths are the staple symbol of this season, and are usually underestimated.

    By Nasodpaladin on 12.16.2013

  9. Merry Christmas Everyone

    By Justin Si URL on 12.16.2013

  10. hang ondoors

    By Onion on 12.16.2013

  11. Every Christmas I put up the wreath on the front door with my grandma. This year we switched it up and made on ourselves. We put glitter, berries and little wooden skates on them.

    By Jadyn on 12.16.2013

  12. christmas

    By Argetlam on 12.16.2013

  13. A wreath is a symbol of christmas spirit with in. It is placed on the door to symbolize that there is a christmas party inside. where theres wreaths theres fun. 5/5 stars would recomend wreaths.

    By TheViscountGodrich on 12.16.2013

  14. wreath on a Christmas day you will see it on a door every where you go. Red dots are the way to go. What are you going to do with all the wreaths on all the doors.

    By Onion on 12.16.2013

  15. On a Christmas day you will see these things everywhere you go. They hang on your door with tons of colors. Happiness will fill you when you se these things.

    By Onion on 12.16.2013

  16. wreaths sometimes hang on doors but ive also seen them hang on the back of cars they are sometimes hopmemade butr usualy they

    By Argetlam on 12.16.2013

  17. A Wreath is a ring of pine branches that people hang around Christmas time.

    By Jena Terry on 12.16.2013

  18. holiday christmas tree branches green leafy arizona coos bay family grandparents

    By joel on 12.16.2013

  19. A Wreath always a good reminder of a nice holiday season.

    By Herb Costas URL on 12.16.2013