December 17th, 2013 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “standing”

  1. The applause roared around the theatre, a thunderous waterfall of sound. The performance had done its job. The people were entertained. As the curtains drew shadows over the players’ faces, they bowed, as one; marionettes moving methodically to the same drum beat.

    By KT URL on 12.18.2013

  2. Standing….alone….on the street corner….in the rain at night. First it is a cool shocking sensation, and then I don’t feeling like standing anymore. I feel like dancing. Right down the middle of the street. Like in the ending to the movie MIchael

    By Snusan URL on 12.18.2013

  3. Standing in the middle of the road he looked out to the horizon, first in one direction, than the other. She kept to the side walk, glancing nervously down each street for the next car to come and knock him over.
    “Oi, stop that now. A car’ll come by and you’ll get run over.”
    He turned to her, a wide grin on his face full of teeth.

    By Raiine URL on 12.18.2013

  4. Standing in the rain, with the biting wind stinging her cheeks and the smell of her soggy wool sweater making her nauseous, Alice decided that Enough Is Enough and Really, It’s Time to Move On.

    By sharon URL on 12.18.2013

  5. As i was standing in the rain listening to rachael yamagata, she came tapping on my shoulder. There she was, standing so beautiful, my mermaid. My love. My one and only. Standing right next to me and never leave me. My mermaid and I, we play in the ocean forever more.

    By Sasha on 12.18.2013

  6. Standing, how long will I be standing on this cold tile floor? Three people still have to sing before I’m up and if I sit I may lose my place in line. I really want this role, what if they think I’ve given up? My feet ache….

    By April URL on 12.18.2013

  7. standing on top of my head in an oblong field, I sense my fresh white shirt

    By jack blake URL on 12.18.2013

  8. i’m with you. right next to you. we will stand arm and arm. we will not let them move us for our cause is a righteous one! you are my brother, you – my sister. we stand together!

    By Lee URL on 12.18.2013

  9. i could be standing in a crowded room
    or standing alone on the edge of a mountain
    surrounded by life
    and feel dead
    because something deep within me
    between the spaces of my atoms
    cries out for you

    By sarah marie URL on 12.18.2013

  10. I’m standing alone on this Earth. No one can make decisions for me. I have to stand on my own and do things for me and only me. I only live once and need to realize that soon.

    By Katelyn on 12.18.2013

  11. He was standing. Straight, upright. Unwavering. A sky scraper. A mountain. A flower. Not leaning. Growing, going upwards. Strength, dignity. Having boundaries, self confidence. The ability to resist temptation, to believe in oneself. Monumental.

    By Chantastique URL on 12.18.2013

  12. On the cusp of progress, just on the edge, I can see it in the distance. Its beautiful colors, varieties and shapes, just on the horizon like a sunset. A few more hours, and I’ll be out there.

    By Brandon Steward on 12.18.2013

  13. IN the middle of the road, she wondered how she got here. She just couldn’t remember. yes, she knew david kicked her out of the car, but how did she get in a position to be abandoned like this and to allow someone to do this to her. She thought she was smarter than this

    By cindy on 12.18.2013

  14. standing alone,
    with winter at my heels
    i’m so fucking tired
    of being vertical.
    sleep eludes me –
    i dream of day
    during night
    and in light i pray
    to close my eyes
    i am exhausted

    I’ve been drinking negativity
    these past few weeks
    seeping malicious energy through
    over worked veins and my
    finger tips are bruised with false apathy,
    because honestly i really do care
    about everything.
    and i swim through forests of heartache daily
    digging tunnels with a shovel of steel agony.
    These tired eyes,
    in search for someone who
    gives a shit about our world
    like i do,
    feel the pain of others like
    i would my own;
    i hate it.
    Just trying to make a life for myself, by myself,
    standing alone
    it’s rough, this life, to stand tall when
    the world just wants to destroy me.
    I’m becoming sleepy again, slowly drifting
    undirected toward a hazy shore, adrift but driven
    i wish i was unattached
    but i love everything.
    i feel connected to nature and it’s terrible.

    i just need to rest my head, press my thoughts
    into my bed, let go and dream, exhale this
    hate that’s been pressed up inside me lately
    and breathe back in the love I once carried.

    By stargirl on 12.18.2013

  15. I’m standing by my window, pack of wintery window stickers in my hands, when something outside catches my eye. I squint, determined to get a better glimpse of it.

    By Ella URL on 12.18.2013

  16. Stand your ground. Last man standing. Standing tall. Standing for something. Do you have any standing? When the apes stood up. Perspective is knowledge. Vision provides more information. We all want to stand on top of the world.

    By Clayton on 12.18.2013

  17. This Stone Man is No Ozymandias

    Colossus ever standing his duty never done,
    (for no one will ever come)
    None to relieve him of his watch.
    His eyes have long been glazed by moss and wind and sleep denied
    His mouth a petulant angle yet to be worn away by time,
    Yet still he watches for those who might come
    ( they will ever come)

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 12.18.2013

  18. Sometimes the stillness that comes with solitude seems perpetual. Time stops. As does sanity, apparently. Everything just stands still.

    By Joey A.M. URL on 12.18.2013

  19. My Shiva,
    My pride

    From the day we met one another,
    your body my eyes spied,
    from my finger’s touch you shied,
    forcing kisses on you,
    so you sighed.
    Then we had to hide.
    Vied for you soul, I tried.
    I almost died.
    With my three thirds I cried
    desire into your thighs.
    “I give up, I give in. I. Give. In.”
    Finally you laid aside your pride,
    with cuffs of candlewax your wrists I tied
    with my tongue your clit’s pearl I pried
    with me inside you ride, my dick your cunt’s slide,
    No expectations, just surprise.
    Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, die.

    Standing in magnificent desolation,
    I, your heart’s contender,
    the beast called man
    see woman’s true figure,
    a contour so curved
    your bedding drapes itself weakly around your
    body, heavy
    with sex.
    Sex in your soul
    a Dark as dark as coal
    grabs my dick in satanic control
    your pussy my dick rends
    cumming white blessings
    into your sequenced sequin,
    your scarlett hole,
    the sillage of our soul, now
    Black. Sweat. Sex.
    Black sweat sex.
    Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you alive.

    Yours Truly,

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.18.2013

  20. How long will I stay here?
    I’ve been in the same place for a while now.
    The horizon looks so tempting, though.
    What’s holding me back.

    There’s love behind me too.
    It’s a pretty pink,
    do I want to leave?

    It wont hurt to stay a little longer.

    By Mandy URL on 12.18.2013

  21. The rain kept falling on her yellow hair. Her clothes were drenched, her backpack had fallen to the ground. But yet she remained. Remained standing, like an effigy.
    The man in front of her collapsed to the ground, a dark red circle on his shirt pocket, drops of a lighter red scattered on the rest of his body. Almost like it was raining red.
    She looked up. She shooter stood there, standing in front of her, his gun aimed at the harmless man sprawling on the wet ground.
    He pulled the trigger.
    The half-dead man writhed a little, and then completely froze, as though playing a game of statues.

    By T URL on 12.18.2013

  22. Standing alone in the hallway, watching where she had been, the light from the big window in the kitchen angling in, carrying the morning sun to the emptiness. The sound of the door clicking shut still hung in the air like a the particles of dust in the morning light. She was gone.

    By Michael Wright on 12.18.2013

  23. He was standing across the room from her, but she could feel his presence as if he was touching her. She had never seen him before until this moment, but felt as if she knew him already.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.18.2013

  24. standing tall
    standing short
    I love standing

    By Bernstein Painting URL on 12.18.2013

  25. Why must you have your standing in line here?

    By Herb Costas URL on 12.18.2013