December 16th, 2013 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “commissioned”

  1. Commissioned means to give an order for or authorize the production of (something such as a building, piece of equipment, or work of art). That’s about all I know. Bye.

    By Nickel Az on 12.17.2013

  2. recruited

    By tecdeath99 on 12.17.2013

  3. recruited
    To join the military.

    By tecdeath99 on 12.17.2013

  4. ordered. told to do. an order to make or do something often with art and work. often something is commissioned by a client or boss for $.

    By lauren on 12.17.2013

  5. told to go out and missionary, or maybe to go into the army? I think it means to go do something good for others, and to be very generous. this is all I know about this subject but at least I tried. sorry. got to go, bye!

    By Jenna on 12.17.2013

  6. ordered. told to do. an order to make or do something often with art and work. often something is commissioned by a client or boss for $. commission can also mean called to do.

    By lauren on 12.17.2013

  7. i don’t know what this word means, something about going out to the world and telling people about god? I don’t really know, though. mission would mean going and doing some assignment, and come would be like, come and do something? so its like, do a mission for greater good?

    By cassandra acosta URL on 12.17.2013

  8. I really have no idea what commissioned means so really im just typing cuz I wanna bless the Lord hallelelujah bless my soul amen preach it brother.

    By Antonio Meza on 12.17.2013

  9. hired or custom made the Greek word meaning called out. it is what a boss does sometimes. some people can be commissioned to make something custom made.
    could be a missionary that is commissioned by god

    By Camryn on 12.17.2013

  10. worship the asian asians are the dominate race i like nachos white people are annoying

    By Antonio Meza URL on 12.17.2013

  11. Santa was commissioned long ago to deliver presents to good little girls and boys all over the world…while some wonder how he can accomplish such a bountiful chore in such a brief time, I wonder how he finds the one who is…GOOD!

    By P J Colando URL on 12.17.2013

  12. I was commissioned to stand naked and let him draw me. I didn’t really want to do it, but I needed the money since my parents found out about the night with Nick and cut me off. Now if I could just figure out how to not drop the apple. Why did he have to put it THERE?

    By Effie White URL on 12.17.2013

  13. I hate it. The customer isn’t right. I don’t want to draw the twisted ideas of his imagination. Why was I commissioned to do this? I’m not an artist, I’m a hired gun with a pencil.

    By Nomad on 12.17.2013

  14. The artist paused and looked at his wife in the audience. She winced and he stuttered. The curator, a man who’s appearance and demeanor screamed stick-up-my-ass, commissioned him to finish his painting of Cristina nude, but when faced with the difficult decision to paint his wife, he refused. They haven’t slept in the same bed for 6 nights, with no sex, and no goodnight.
    “I’m sorry if I don’t want my wife to be naked in an art gallery for some blow-hard to eye for hours on end, then decide it would go well in his living room… or his bed room.” This is exactly what earned his place on the couch.
    He looked away, quickly. He introduced the substitute piece, which wasn’t nearly as good as his previously painted piece would have ended up looking.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 12.17.2013

  15. I was commissioned on result-basis, but I had no idea what they wanted me to do. Flower pots, maybe? Or a bridge? A little house for the birds to nest in, underground irrigation system, bee hive? At the end I couldn’t decide and just made them all, and got to live in a paradise.

    By happyrabbit on 12.17.2013

  16. I have been commissioned to find a husband. Where would I begin to find such a creature. Hhhmmm. Is it true that all the good men are gone or is there someone out there still worthy of being caught.

    By Tracey on 12.17.2013

  17. a fee
    to be put in place
    to be made in charge of
    Money for entrance
    called to duty

    By Vanlex on 12.17.2013

  18. I was that day commissioned to a life of tedious endless work due solely to the incompetence of my love ones so please don’t patronize me with your sympathy

    By la star on 12.17.2013

  19. Who commissioned you to control my life. I should have control but yet you tell the sun to rise and to set. why is your power always causing me strife. If there’s one thing that all ways been on my mind it would can any one ever out smart time.So step back and try to out run me now but ill be gone without my feet touching the ground

    By lanell on 12.17.2013

  20. The mind was something that was paid more than any other body part in Howard’s vessel. He thought of it rather highly and regarded it as one of his most appropriately commissioned commodities. However, it wouldn’t be long before his mind would leave him to carry out his sacrilegious work by his little old and slowly withering self. He feared this day might come sooner than his internal watch flagrantly exclaimed. Sooner, forsooth.

    By Julia on 12.17.2013

  21. He was nervous, he’d never done a commission before. Or he couldn’t help wonder how they found him and why he got commissioned in the first place. All he did t advertise himself was say “oh hey, I do stuff for money. Hit me up”

    It was almost a joke, really.

    By Marc le Bard on 12.17.2013

  22. The man just drew pictures, it wash’t supposed to be all that serious. But that was when the fire nation attacked. They commissioned him to draw the fire lord but then got all religious and annoyed as if it was the phophet muhammed. Dirty Bastards, what with their sick jokes

    By Marker on 12.17.2013

  23. She wanted me to write her a poem made of love and stardust.
    I told her it would only be rust and bone dust, because
    I didn’t love her once she handed me money for my soul.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 12.17.2013

  24. A piece of summer he did request.
    Should I give him my best?
    Or faux fancy fluff, like the rest?
    He and I have only just met.
    I don’t know if we have My Caution’s blessing.
    I promised I would be no longer be any man’s play thing.
    But this gentle one is not interested in messing around.
    He would rather take me out than to the sheets downtown.
    Compliments litter conversation. I have to say “wow”.
    Novum Hominem I would have you now.

    By Crave A. Cadence on 12.17.2013

  25. He was the best of the best. The bravest warrior, the sharpest shooter. That’s why he was commissioned to be the premier sniper serving in Vietnam. Billy had simply been a farm boy who liked to hunt for his family’s food. He never imagined he’d end up a murderer for hire after his tour of duty was finished.

    By just a girl on 12.17.2013