August 4th, 2009 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “collapse”

  1. to lose support, fall down, to no longer stand, to be below the rest, in a state of decay, broken, dead, old, ruined, an act of loss, no longer being able to hold oneself up

    By Ben Brassart on 08.05.2009

  2. Tot, aus, vorbei… aufhören zu atmen, aufhören zu fühlen… nichts geht mehr.
    Warum? Warum ist alles aus?
    Keiner weiß es!
    So ist das eben im leben, alles hat mal ein Ende!
    Kollaks: Ende des seins!

    By Sandra on 08.05.2009

  3. Paper towels in the dustbin – wet and shapeless. How did they get there?

    By Drew on 08.05.2009

  4. terremotos
    amiable trysts
    you find your way
    or with
    down the main
    the hardware of
    regales us
    with all you want
    & more: you
    wouldn’t know it
    now, would you?

    By paschal on 08.05.2009

  5. Buildings collapse – like mindstates and stock markets and asses. When they’re hot.

    By Reem on 08.05.2009