August 5th, 2009 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “idle”

  1. sitting in the car, it’s rainy and hot, i like-a eat some ice cream, maybe some coffee too, the hands are doing nothing, they are doing everything, my mind is faster than my hands, my hands can move behind my mind. it all sounds good on paper, or not, before or after

    By Dirty Bird on 08.06.2009

  2. We bide our idle time, moving from tree to tree and stumbling over remnants of early morning dreams. You are a dream I wake up lonely from. Longing is a word I could get used to.

    By Thea on 08.06.2009

  3. sometimes we all are
    the english playwrite, picture of dorian gray
    I don;t like it when men are idle, don;t worry too much about looking good, better be good at what you are doing

    By egbert on 08.06.2009

  4. The car submits to me. I am it’s master in a world of catastrophe. I rear my ugly head and roar in the face of the cold snow. The engine bows to me, idles itself, as the car rumbles to a snow covered start. Gas pedal, accelerate.

    By Sarah on 08.06.2009

  5. Can writing be an idle addiction, idle thoughts falling on paper like an unexpected spring shower, idle minutes in a day?

    By Taddy on 08.06.2009

  6. Quiet days with no commitments, no pressure consuming thoughts. Daisy chains, meadows under the warm sun. Fuzzy thoughts, open thinking, hollow words, calm on the inside.

    By Tamara on 08.06.2009

  7. Everything went idle when the computer stalled. His life went as stagnant as a pond that stinks of algae and slime. Life in the day to day basis revolves around technology.

    By Llewellyn Tilma III on 08.06.2009

  8. aim chat is always idle. I’ve been idle since I cheated on my boyfriend he doesnt talk to me anymore but he doesn’t want to break up. I hate myself so much I just wish it could be back to the way things were before. I love him so much how could I hurt him so bad? I don’t understand, I’m horrible

    By Luna122 on 08.06.2009

  9. stop in a stick shift car in the middle of a dangerous intersection and then miraculously make it out just in time to not get hit by an on coming semi truck. Your life is safe

    By steph on 08.06.2009

  10. i feel idle i feel idle when i lay in bed all day like today i love to dream but hate to sleep its a waste of time i would live for being active because you have to be active to live i cant wait for another day because today is now

    By nate on 08.06.2009

  11. eric idle has to be one of the most gifted observers of culture and comedy. I don’t know if Idle is his authentic surname, but since he isn’t, it is the perfect comic label for his genius. We have a photo of his wing tipped feet framed on the wall.

    By Jean Hooper on 08.06.2009

  12. sitting in the car without movement. the car is humming beneath me and it makes me nervous for no reason whatsoever. I feel myself polluting the beautiful sky above me that i never really appreciate, until its gone. which inevitably will occur and i will kick myself for not taking advantage of its beauty

    By katie on 08.06.2009

  13. Unable to breathe, unable to move. I sit. I spin in place watching my life ebb away. The cat sits with me and doesn’t seem to mind, but I can’t find my way through the thick blanket of time.

    By Sean Archer on 08.06.2009