August 3rd, 2009 | 387 Entries

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387 Entries for “humid”

  1. storms get rid of a humid day

    By swarnavo on 08.04.2009

  2. It’s strange how the air can have so much water inside of it, like how the human body can have so much love. It slicks your skin, and you feel the warmth of things inside and out. You cannot escape it no matter where you are.

    By Damien on 08.04.2009

  3. Humid is a word usually used to describe weather conditions in which the moisture content of air is very. Such weather conditions are usually accompanied by high temperatures. Humid weather often makes people very uncomfortable.

    By Matthew Hunter on 08.04.2009

  4. The humid side of life has always existed in Florida; the only place on earth where you can be on vacation, even with family, and not feel obligated to do a blessed, cursed thing.

    Simply being. Damn. They should put that on a license plate.

    By Paradox on 08.04.2009

  5. when ever its rainy its humid thats how beautiful rain is it brings this cute stuff with it which makes feel every time that rain is gonna go .so we will sit and relax

    By gagan on 08.04.2009

  6. you wear me out like a hot, humid day. Feel like I’m drenched in you – soaked in your problems and misery. the world is saturated with you.

    By nate bullis on 08.04.2009

  7. drops lining a silver curtain against the windows,
    tired eyes and haze covered thoughts.
    at least one thing to hold me

    By jared l on 08.04.2009

  8. it must be hot. when it’s hot, you sweat. then you have to take a shower. showers make you feel good and clean. when you’re in the shower… it’s nice. unless it’s hot. it might be humid. when it’s humid, my hair frizzes. i don’t like when my hair frizzes. it gives me a bad hair day, and i hate bad hair days. frizzy hair is embarrassing. i don’t like humidity. it’s mean. but it’s weather. so that’s okay.

    By abby on 08.04.2009

  9. MMy place is so humid I can’t even begin to tell. We leak buckets here int he humidity. When I first came here things were great, the sea the sand the sun and now all that it ends up is sweat.

    It’s funny though to think that humid is actually a mid hum, or a mid human

    By fc on 08.04.2009

  10. The weather outside gets hotter everyday and soon it will reverse its flow getting colder everyday and then snow…wonderful snow…I love snow and everything that comes with it

    By Jacob on 08.04.2009

  11. the humid air today had left me positivley exasperated. I wish we would live in a more moderate temperature where the humidity wouldn’t be this great. My back is all soaked with sweat from this humid air.

    By sarah on 08.04.2009

  12. The air was thick and I found it hard to breathe. My hair plucked out and rebounded with tiny curls and fly aways. Curse the humidity.

    By Hope on 08.04.2009

  13. this is a hot summer sticky day with the clouds hoovering just above the city sky line .
    this weather will make it difficult to breath and impossible to stay cool. you should probably be naked with so much humidity or pray for rain. this is usually the end result of such a humid day.
    the t shirt stick the pants always will smell. never mind how you smell, with the air being so humid like an amazon rain forest. it makes the trees grow very tall and huge. which would then supptor the large amount of life that lives in the forest. but it makes it hard to breath.

    By jenan on 08.04.2009

  14. The heat is always out there but it’s nothing to compare when there’s moisture in the air. That’s what really makes things unbearable. In the mountains, humidity is hardly ever an issue but here in the flat lands of the Midwest, it’s part of our yearly routine. Every winter is dry just like every summer is horribly humid.

    By Stephanie on 08.04.2009

  15. none of you know anything about humidity until you move to maryland.

    By Amanda on 08.04.2009

  16. It is terribly humid in north carolina. Dry heat is tolerable, but once we top centiniel farenheight, then our skin begins to stick to itself, and the proverbial feeling of hot and bothered begins to overtake our sense of balance.

    By jk on 08.04.2009

  17. humid. sick. sticky. thick air. i couldn’t breathe right. things were hazy, and it felt like i was swimming through the air. somehow i will have to get through this. i think it would be easier to have taken the bus.

    By dandelion on 08.04.2009

  18. Oh my gawd is it humid here in the Ozarks. It’s at least 70% humidity today and the temp is like over 90. Thats degrees not celsius. I really enjoy life a lot more when the humidity is under 40 or 50%. I like the air to be slightly dry and smooth on my skin. It’s easier to breath like that. Ok how much will it let me type here…

    By Spidr on 08.04.2009

  19. Humidity is terrible for several reasons. The most important one is that it is a brother to the word “moist” which is the most uncomfortable word in the English language. Humid climates are also terrible. You cant sweat even if you wanted to. But it gets better when it rains. Most things do.

    By Y on 08.04.2009

  20. hot, whether idk something hot, the temperature

    By david on 08.04.2009

  21. The humid greenhouse air stiffled her breathing. Admittedly, she was gasping before she’d dashed inside. As unhappy as her marriage was, for both of them, she hadn’t expected to classicly “walk-in” on her husband. OK, it wasn’t a classic. He’d been on his knees mounting the boxspring & wearing her red cocktail dress. Laughter bubbled up. “I’m going to have to paint the walls as green as these palms to get that image out!”

    By @ on 08.04.2009

  22. Humidity kept my mind stuffed like clogged pores. Sweat dripped down my face, trying to hide the fact that I knew nothing of the day to come.

    By laura on 08.04.2009

  23. hot sticky skin.
    sweaty and disgusting.
    dont touch me.
    drinking the air.

    By Jamie on 08.04.2009

  24. The air was thick. She coughed into her palm.

    “Don’t make me get into that thing with you.”

    Ben gestured toward the Camaro.

    “Come on, Jeannine. Windows down, speeding, it’ll be fine.”

    “I’m thinking no.”

    Ben sighed and threw up his hands. “How do you propose we get there, then?”

    By Les on 08.04.2009

  25. florida,summmer,snow cone,ice cream,tank tops short shorts,pools,beach,water,waterpark,no school,air conditioner,fun,snow,

    By nikki on 08.04.2009

  26. The weather is always humid in Taiwan. She wiped her forehead, doing no good, but still making herself feel better. When would he show up? She had been waiting for a few hours, wishing there was a place with AC.

    By Lizzie Bellows on 08.04.2009

  27. wall of heat. hot. sticky. downtown toronto. muggy, smog. where coming out of the water feels like walking into a swamp. the ‘bad kind’ of heat. better than cold for me.

    By sillysally on 08.04.2009