August 19th, 2009 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “coffin”

  1. I stared into the loomimg hole that would be my grave. A silk embroided coffin lie there, staring coldly inviting me in a sadistic and almost comforting sort of way.

    By Suzanne on 08.20.2009

  2. death has not just been in a coffin
    It lies far beyond our minds can comprehend
    a life that is limited by death is not a life
    at all
    so do not feel that the coffin will stop you
    because life will not end with a coffin
    it will not end
    at all

    By Maci Nelson on 08.20.2009

  3. I heard the hammer pounding steadily, repeatedly into the wooden walls around me. Each strike was another nail in the coffin. My coffin. Each of the hammer’s methodical strikes was another obstacle barring my escape to freedom.

    By vish on 08.20.2009

  4. Star Trek Next Generation shows a future where everyone on the earth is getting along. Why don’t more people watch it???

    By Jeret Lendman on 08.20.2009

  5. the old man lay in his eternal resting place. Just beside his daughter’s. She had been kidnapped and two months before and found dead three weeks later in their neighbor’s basement. The shock was too much for him, so he followed her into the earth in a matching coffin.

    By ninja cat on 08.20.2009

  6. Apart from all the things in life there is nothing more final than death. Without living there is no existing in the first place. Many have tried but few have realized just how precious life is until it is finished.

    By Alicia on 08.20.2009

  7. When I was younger my grandfather died and I remember lowering his coffin into the ground. Everyone was so sad, including me. In between tears I could see the sun shining on all the black outfits around. I saw my cousin; he was looking at me. He couldn’t believe the emotion on my face. Did he know something I didn’t?

    By Andrea on 08.20.2009