August 19th, 2009 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “coffin”

  1. I lay in the coffin buried for a millennia. When I was placed there they thought I was dead. That is how boring my life was. Now as I lay there I realised that there was nothing boring about it, only that I did it for myself.

    Still I had to be placed there for more than that. Selfishness wasn’t a crime was it?

    By Nick on 08.20.2009

  2. dead people everywhere. The mourge was one of the coldest places in this whole damn hospital, everything was murky, shadows roamed the walls at will. It was as if the souls of those who had died still lurked here, beneath the sheen of the metal…

    By James on 08.20.2009

  3. inside the great wooden coffin we rose above. It wasn’t as it is normally described, less adventure, more understanding. The ascent was beautiful, but commonplace, everyone had experienced it, well everyone whose been in the ground anyway.

    By michael spooner on 08.20.2009

  4. sitting amidst the green fronds of waving ferns in meadows i wonder how many of those who are dead and gone feel my presence sitting above them, my life permeating through the ground. vitality. soul. spirit. it wakes their sleeping bones and wanders along once-perished pathways spreading my joy into those who lie beneath, so that even the trees seem to wave in delight. my cup runneth over.

    By claire on 08.20.2009

  5. dead ,black, sad, free ,life,new chance, connection, tears

    By irina on 08.20.2009

  6. an all natural coffin store. I was too scared to walk in. In the window was a paper baby coffin. The store is closed now. DO I want to be buried in a coffin?

    By karaa on 08.20.2009

  7. I was lying in the bed. Well it wasn’t really a bed was it? It had soft trimming, four sides, a spot for my head…Okay it was kind of like a bed then. But I wasn’t sleeping. No not at all. I was up there just lying down, looking at all my friends. Was I dead? I don’t think so.

    By matt on 08.20.2009

  8. i’m laying in the dirt in my cozy little coffin.
    it’s dusty, dark, damp — these things get me coughin’.

    By Anna Lee on 08.20.2009

  9. A coffin is what they lay you down in when you’re dead if you’re lucky enough. Some people don’t even get a proper burial. A coffin is what Abby sleeps in when she goes home from working in a lab in the TV show NCIS.

    By agnes on 08.20.2009

  10. dead people, are more often than not, sealed in a coffin and thrown away, sure we mourn, but who really remembers the general human. and what about the 4 billion people that die without a coffin, their carcass left to rot without so much as a rememberance, are people even sad they died, or grateful because the world is over populated and with them gone it’s easier to live?

    By sean on 08.20.2009

  11. coffins are kinda scary, and my sister was looking up eco-coffins. they kinda creeped me out just because there were lots of different colours and designs and what if the cardboard broke and the body went flying!!! :O

    By Tori on 08.20.2009

  12. The wooden box emptied its remains
    To the sky that, with crimson blood and rain
    Found a small piece of beech
    Within my heart

    The coffin, with the vampire locked within
    Had not a breath to share
    With his mistress.

    The coffin,
    Coughed up five pennies.
    Two went on a girls eyes.

    By Nathan Dean on 08.20.2009

  13. Jimmy stared at the coffin and knew that he was not much longer for this world. The dark recesses mirroring many of his own feelings. Rubbing his hands along the velvet he felt his body slipping, his mind falling.

    By Thomas Bergin on 08.20.2009

  14. As I lay there, looking around, the blood still dripping from my teeth; I take deep breaths which lead to violent head rushes. I can’t remember how I got here, but I remember rage. Anger. Brutal humanity. I still taste the iron from my kill on my tongue, and their soul splattered on my taste buds. I live for this now. I live for the primal hungering. The feeding of my instincts and what my brain has evolved into. This is life. This is neo-sapien.

    By Michael Mosley on 08.20.2009

  15. There was no coffin at the funeral. If you would call it a funeral. I sat there, staring at my colleagues, wondering who would say something. Who would blurt out secrets, who would squelch his personal life. It was no funeral, but it was definitely death, and I experienced it. I experience it every day.

    By Michael Mosley on 08.20.2009

  16. I lay down in the coffin wondering if I am really ready to go. A lesson of drinking and driving is one I don’t need at my age. Why am I here. I just need to get up and why is everyone crying.

    By Maisha Drexler on 08.20.2009

  17. the coffin was small. too small for an adult. seeing the little girls face inside was more peaceful then scary…but how could a child in a coffin seem peaceful?

    By A on 08.20.2009

  18. Reminds me of Junior year in highschool when my best friend’s mother died of cancer. I was a pall bearer and remember the drizzle and the gray sky, and her four children. I’ll never forget how cold that day was.

    By Tyler S on 08.20.2009

  19. you go in it when you die.
    vampire like them lololol
    they are at funerals (obviously)
    they are depressing…

    Listen to The Killers btw <3

    By lois on 08.20.2009

  20. Coffins. They always have such a sad feeling. Behind the bright, polished wood, everyone knows that one day that wood will lose its luster.

    By Holly on 08.20.2009

  21. until that casket drops
    i work hard non-stop
    until i’m laid out in the coffin
    i’m not stopping

    By Phillip on 08.20.2009

  22. coffins are places for vampires. The are associated with evil. I actually think coffins are kind of nice. The final resting place for a life filled with worry and business and yet at the same time they are sad and depressing because it signifies the end of a life and world that is filled with beauty.

    By Nathan on 08.20.2009

  23. the coffin lid rose up and instead of a vampire out came a normal human girl, dressed in black with pink in her hair. She never said a word, just looked into his eyes with a longing that he’d never seen before.

    By Zoe on 08.20.2009

  24. coffins are asom had a hurst also visited halloween ornament they were awsome and even the adults enjoyed

    By pam on 08.20.2009

  25. Coffin – what an uncomfortable word. Confinement and death and darkness come to mind. Try as I might, I can hardly picture this word in a brighter light. The darkness always creeps in somehow…

    By Jeff on 08.20.2009

  26. It’s not my coffin, I know it isn’t. So why am I in it? I don’t understand.

    By britt on 08.20.2009

  27. IN a coffin, things unpleasant can often be found, and it’s usually apparent that the thing is dead, unless it was buried alive, or merely entombed alive, as the coffin may not have been buried necessarily, and is instead the vessel by which a spy could sneak into a country or onto a ship, if they try burial at sea.

    By Stuart Mayo on 08.20.2009

  28. Funeral homes. One of my least favorite places in the world. Even when you are celebrating someone’s life they are still creepy. Why do coffins come in so many different colors and styles. Seems strange to me.

    By emily on 08.20.2009

  29. the coffin over head , i found my place
    in a crowd full of people i found my face
    When you were acting crass , i lost my mask

    i sat there and rolled the dice, it was a gamble i lost my rice

    By jason on 08.20.2009

  30. She did not want a coffin. She hated those little boxes, the way they trapped you in, the way they seemed so airless and tight. Of course, who needs air when they’re dead? Who cares about tightness? She could not help but care. She did not want to be trapped for eternity.

    By Catherine on 08.20.2009

  31. There is a coffin in my stomach and I think it’s overflowing. The dead guy was melting and I think it’s too hot right now. Everything about this coffin is to hot right now. I don’t know where the coffin is now. I lost it. I lost it. I threw it away.

    By THEW on 08.20.2009

  32. coffins are kinda scary because they hold dead bodies but on the flip side they are also nice because they honor the dead. I dont know much about coffins besides the fact that dead bodies are in them!

    By Sarah on 08.20.2009

  33. coffins are for the dead. dead can be zombies. zombies are dangerous. if zombies actually lived we would be wiped out very quickly. we would also with pollution. pollution is bad. makes me think of coffins. my grandmother just died. she was in a casket. is that the same as a coffin? i think so. people that are dead are in coffins. did i already say that?

    By alexis on 08.20.2009

  34. everyone experiences death. coffins and graves are a symbol of death. when you look at a coffin or a grave, you know someone has died, maybe a painful death or maybe a death serving for our country, or maybe even a death in their sleep. whatever way the person died, you still feel grief and sorrow looking at that coffin or grave. amen.

    By Melissa on 08.20.2009

  35. I must remember to not get one that will last. Cardboard or maybe use a canoe for one. I wonder where the word came from. Cough…in ?

    By Melissa on 08.20.2009

  36. Coffin, a word that no one in there life ever wants to hear. everyone’s greatest fear lies behind the dark door of a coffin. Everyone’s worst nightmare outside of it. The worst day of your life having to watch a coffin slowly descend into the darkness of the ground.

    By Carter Andross on 08.20.2009

  37. As soon as I went to pick up the coffin, I smiled. The wood working on it was amazing and it was made from a strong wood. Oak I believe. Then I got in my car and found out it was for me.

    By Wendal Kane on 08.20.2009

  38. slammed into my coffin , i go to sleep “arg” i yell as the poision wears off , i scratch and scratch and nobody hears me good thing there is a string and a bell

    By jason on 08.20.2009

  39. death.
    there’s a lot to say about coffins. i don’t understand why they’re so pretty. no one sees them after you bury it. not even the dead person. why make it comfortable? why make it nice? there is no afterworld. there is…only death.
    i thought i was going to die last night before i went to sleep.

    By Meg on 08.20.2009

  40. dark, dreary, and dead. His eyes looked up from his eternal resting place; the mortuary had forgotten to close his eyes. Looking down at her father, seeing his deep blue eyes, susy recalled their last meeting and began to feel a deep sense of regret

    By Kyle on 08.20.2009