August 20th, 2009 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “chrome”

  1. Tears filled my eyes like chrome droplets pouring out. I didn’t know what to do. It was all so confusing and I was paralyzed. MY mom told me it would all be okay but I couldn’t believe her.

    By SURAHHHHHHHHHH on 08.21.2009

  2. the gleaming luster of chrome conjures up the innate attraction to reflective metals that has capitvated us since the bronze age. Reminiscent of the cold steel that has made the swords whose edges have shaped the course of human history

    By Matt on 08.21.2009

  3. chrome is a program created by google to re-invent the web. however they have not been very succesful, taking only 2% of the current market, with Microsoft crapware Internet Explorer taking up pole position. It just shows how many people are resistant to change even though there are clearly better alternatives.

    By Jeremy on 08.21.2009

  4. Chrome is o so very shiny. I find great amusement in it. Preferably on a car. Chrome is also a very good song. Chrome makes me smile because I can use it as a mirror to see myself. And I don’t carry a mirror. So it is very useful. Yay Chrome!

    By Valerie on 08.21.2009

  5. shiny car bumpers once had a thick coating of this and it protected the car for years now they make them out of plastic and a tiny bump costs thousands to fix, that’s progress?

    By merlin on 08.21.2009

  6. Bright, shiny silver metal, flashing off bumpers, motorcycle wheels and gaudy jewelry. Strong, dented, yet still shiny.

    By Jamie D. on 08.21.2009

  7. The chrome finish on the horizon pierces my heart as I peer out my window.
    I look back at you. And I know that last night is a broken shadow. A swift dream that is set ablaze by the sun.

    By kelly on 08.21.2009

  8. Chrome has already come up today. I want a new word. What’s the point of this kind of site if it doesn’t come up with a different word every time? Goodness’ sake! I can’t wait until tomorrow! This is addictive, darn it!

    By Anon Ymous on 08.21.2009

  9. Chrome is a beautiful word. It sparks off the tongue like a magical thing that words fail cos I can’t think this fast waaaaaaaaaaaaah! But I love the ‘chr’ part; it sounds like thunder. And ‘ome’ is just awesome…

    By Anon Ymous on 08.21.2009

  10. Oh you shiny sexy piece of trim – you make everything scream HOT! screaming sexy chrome. even trash looks better with you on it, ride it chrome, ride it.

    By Random Thoughts by Rebecca on 08.21.2009

  11. chrome high flying glint and glittering sun, one a glowing bird chromed out and winking heaven-word. No known synonym th antonym

    By David on 08.21.2009

  12. new word please. i dont want to write about the same thing agian. its boring………………

    By brewer on 08.21.2009

  13. Chrome, as in color. Added in dyes and pigments.. : The chrome of the canvas. Also google chrome.. mostly the first thing that comes to mind is color and art. color of life. Chrome of life…

    By Rebecca on 08.21.2009

  14. How curious chrome becomes real, is still a remarkable event. It has an affinity for the grey, for the shiny. Unlike me, who follows the light of the clear day.

    By Carla on 08.21.2009

  15. i like chrome chairs.

    By Felisha on 08.21.2009