August 18th, 2009 | 150 Entries

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150 Entries for “optional”

  1. it was optional to chill with you
    it was optional to lay with you
    it was optional to leave you
    the options flew out the door when Juliet arrived
    we dont have that luxury any more
    you can opt in but you cant opt out no matter what that will always be you

    By C. Larkins on 08.19.2009

  2. Alle Möglichkeiten stehen dir offen.
    Du kannst wählen, wen und was du willst.
    Du stehst am Ende der Leitung, oder nenn’ es einfach den längeren Hebel.
    Du machst dir deine Hände nicht mehr schmutzig.
    Du lebst ja schließlich heute und nicht gestern!

    By Galinor on 08.19.2009

  3. you don’t have to
    do it
    but your smoky eyes say
    do me
    slow, fast, hard, soft
    i lie here
    on groupie-stained cushions
    and worn leather
    tasting your makeup on
    my lips.

    By Frehley Fox on 08.19.2009

  4. Most things in life are optional. Even doing nothing is an option. Love the word as it opens up all sorts of possibilities.

    By jean on 08.19.2009

  5. Most things in life are optional. Even doing nothing is an option. Love the word as it opens up all sorts of possibilities.

    By jean on 08.19.2009

  6. oh god oh god. optional to me means that you don’t have to do said optional thing. obivously… That’s pretty much the deffinition. But you know what? fuck you. Imma do it anyway, you cankerous whore!! Well, I’m running out of time. so I’ll see you in hell :)

    By Phelicks Phux on 08.19.2009

  7. ABCD multiple choice, you always are supposed to pick C. It’s the most common answer, and you can usually fake your way through anything pretty well by picking C. It’s the space between the lines, between the rain, the space where you’re momentarily free from getting a shit ton of water dumped all over your head.

    By alyson on 08.19.2009

  8. is it really optional for me to write this or am i choosing to do this of my own free will. i am not opting out of doing this – just it’s my first time and hard to think of anything really creative – it’s mainly about my ramblings in my little brain.

    By leonardo dicatrio on 08.19.2009

  9. Feeling the way I do right at this very moment is completely optional. All I have to do is forget, leave everything behind and go on with my life. But unfortunately for me, that’s not REALLY an option.

    By Karin on 08.19.2009

  10. Wow, that is totally a weird word to write about. Uh……well…..

    It was all optional, but why not take advantage of any opportunity? If Din could be immortal, than his sister’s life was just a small price, right? Then why was he shaking?

    By Daniel on 08.19.2009

  11. I looked at the sign, than back at my three year old son, who was bubbling with excitement. It amazes me that such dumb things can exhilarate the extremely young mind.
    Puppet Show.
    Bring Snacks, Drinks, and Socks
    Parents can come-Optional

    Like someone who thought they were so smart had written that sign up in a few seconds.

    By Krissa on 08.19.2009

  12. Talent is optional.

    Being an art major was never so easy as it is now. You need not have experience, come one come all! Bring your pencils, you don’t need to know how to draw!

    All we ask is tuition.

    By Chuck Meacham on 08.19.2009

  13. Optional. Technically falling in love with you was optional but realistically I really did not have a say.

    By Lauren on 08.19.2009

  14. As soon as she walked into the room she knew it had been a huge mistake. She had barely allowed Richard to convince her to accompany him… Now she wished she hadn’t. Everyone at the party was entirely naked. Never again would she accept an invitation bearing the slogan: “clothing optional”.

    By Luyc on 08.19.2009

  15. How many stuff is optional in life? Pretty much everything nowadays. The real basic needs are food and shelter. Everything else is optional: tv, computer, branded clothing, makeup, etc.

    By Tiger on 08.19.2009

  16. It’s not optional, he said, running the comb through his ferret’s coat.

    I gulped, and squeezed the stress ball a little tighter.

    By masf on 08.19.2009

  17. Everything is optional, for me, anyway.
    They say you need to eat and sleep and breathe to live.
    Those things are all optional.
    Living is optional.
    I choose my options, not you.
    Just like I’m optional.
    My friends don’t need me and neither does my family.
    I’m just optional.

    By Kristine on 08.19.2009

  18. The Benefits were optional. These you needed and things you didn’t need. Alot of crap and fluff but optional. You decide .

    By Chris G on 08.19.2009

  19. Nothing is truly optional. In life we are told something is optional and normally it means that if you don’t do it, you are fucked! I hate the word optional! The END!

    By Cassie on 08.19.2009

  20. So many of the things I’m doing right now are optional. So why do I feel like they’re not? Maybe it’s because I know that if I don’t do these things I’ll be letting people down. ugh

    By Alexandria on 08.19.2009

  21. so i sat in the bar nervous as hell, but i had to pretend that all was well, i saw a girl but didn’t go over,then bartender called me over

    he said “Boy , if you don’t talk to her you’ll hate yourself, living your life is optional but you should live it well”

    By jason on 08.19.2009

  22. Ooh the power of choice! Which to choose..so many options. Opt in, opt out- it’s up to you! The thing about options is that you often only realise your mistake afterwards

    By joface on 08.19.2009

  23. Optional, he said to me. I get to choose. Life or death, mundane foreverness, or the final climax of Earth. I must decide, as time is running out. I, Mercy Dawn Llowyn must decide, I must decide now.

    By Hope on 08.19.2009

  24. Don’t have to do it.

    What is wrong with western education that for so many people, you give them a word to free-associate on, and they just give you the definition?

    Maybe it’s a funciton of our brains, our need to categorize and classify things as soon as we see them, a basic outgrowth of fight or flight – is this something that’s going to eat me, or can I eat it?

    By Mushi on 08.19.2009

  25. We’re not welcome here.
    Don’t you know? Haven’t you see how we’re treated?
    They say it’s right that we’re caged and treated unequally
    No one bothers
    No one cares
    Cooperation is optional

    By Magical Pacifist on 08.19.2009

  26. success is optional
    laziness is optional
    procrastination is optional
    life is optional
    a good life the is

    By Phillip on 08.19.2009

  27. The assignment was optional, but leaving him at that moment seemed irrational. I’ve never had a superior come on to me in that fashion before. I was so unsure.

    By bonnie on 08.19.2009

  28. your own opinion what you think about something noone else feels the way that you do..=)

    By amalia nieves on 08.19.2009

  29. the way that you feel about something like the way i feel about jewelery and the way that you do we may not feel the same way.

    By amalia nieves on 08.19.2009

  30. choosing was not optional. the opportunity to take money from the 7-11 cashier presented itself and josey took it like blinking, like her heart pumping, like to survive, to pay toward rent, buy a little food for her kids. that she was caught running undaunted 2 blocks down wasn’t optional either, but one of many results governed by the law of unintended consequences. still, for a few glorious moments, free will felt roaring and real.

    By missalister on 08.19.2009