October 16th, 2012 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “civilize”

  1. civilize means to like make something civilized

    By diamondsss URL on 10.17.2012

  2. I am the most civilized person on my street- then again I’m the ONLY one on my street besides my cat and my five goldfish.

    By Zachary Williams on 10.17.2012

  3. same as tannerb dont know what to say lol but at least i have words

    By DARKHAWK URL on 10.17.2012

  4. Indians and Inuit had endured systematic attempts to be civilized by colonial forces and still thrive in their language and culture despite the losses.

    By jini on 10.17.2012

  5. Sometimes I feel like the world needs to become more civilized. Everyone is crazy and running around, it is frustrating to individuals like myself, who choose to be normal. What is normal? That’s a tricky question. I think I would prefer not to answer it. In fact, I am done writing.

    By J on 10.17.2012

  6. You can’t civilize
    My dirty thoughts
    You can’t place them
    Into a pretty box
    They are dirty
    And filthy
    And mine to keep
    You can’t have them
    Because dirty ain’t cheap

    By recogirl URL on 10.17.2012

  7. lol i did it allready
    its not letting me out

    !lol it wants me to be civilized

    but i dont want to cus then ile dress like a penguin lol idk what i said but i keep writing even tho its done

    By DARKHAWK URL on 10.17.2012

  8. Things that are civil or civilized are only so because of someone’s definition of what that is. When someone has the idea that they need to “civilize” someone else, it is all about their definition of what it means to be civilized. Maybe they are the ones that need civilizing!

    By virginiap on 10.17.2012

  9. What does this mean?
    Does it mean that there are common “conveniences” available? That there are high rises and automobiles?
    No, it means something more.

    By ahamoments URL on 10.17.2012

  10. This is a word that has been used as an excuse for colonization, illegal occupation, genocide and racism. Though it is not a bad word in and of itself, the history of how it has been used makes me cringe when I hear it.

    By Alethea on 10.17.2012

  11. let’s be civilized.
    no need to roll in mud,
    get paint on your clothes,
    eat cake with your face,
    or throw food.
    that’s just how we do–

    that’s not right.
    those are things that come naturally.
    Life’s messy
    might as well have fun with it.

    life can throw us curveballs
    roll with it.
    the ride’ll be more interesting.

    rolling in mud’s good for your skin,
    paint on your clothes shows you have some talent,
    eating cake with your face is the only way to go,
    food fights,
    they bond us in inexplicable ways

    somehow, being civilized,
    just isn’t natural.

    By all4imagination on 10.17.2012

  12. This civilization is a strange one. I haven’t seen anything like it before. I still don’t know how I got here. There was an accident during the expiriment… Is.. is this the future?

    By Bryn? on 10.17.2012

  13. i will be a good example and be civilized i will teach goo habits to others…. I will be civilized…….

    By Autumn on 10.17.2012

  14. To be civilzed is like being clam.

    By Kirstyn on 10.17.2012

  15. Civilization is were we live. We are civil people, well most of us.

    By Sam on 10.17.2012

  16. It is what we are not, canidates are not, even what i am not, But what we strive to be almost like a light in the tunnel we can not reach, An unfinished uncivilized world.

    By Makyla on 10.17.2012

  17. As I walked into the room, my dad told me all the people were civilized, so I should be to.

    By Michelle on 10.17.2012

  18. In the olden days, it was most common to be a civilized type of person as an every day type of thing. You were supposed to be civilized to your parents and everyone else in your community.

    By Chloe on 10.17.2012

  19. “Such an affront to civilized behavior will no longer be tolerated in this house” said my mother when my behavior was poor, I didn’t know what to do except say sorry.

    By Kaitlyn on 10.17.2012

  20. I want this world to become more civilized and have people being nicer. I want to be nicer and friendlier to one another.

    By Julie on 10.17.2012

  21. In school u must be civil in order to learn. If you are not civil in public places you will get kicked out. Be civil!!!!!

    By Tiffany on 10.17.2012

  22. during the years people have bicom more civilized

    By Marcelo on 10.17.2012

  23. back in the day, you had to be civilized or you parents would probably slap you. i am surprised no one has slapped chloe because she is so un civilized. i might slap he myself. bit dint blame her i am probably the one to blame for her un civilized ness.

    By Maranda on 10.17.2012

  24. the community began to civilize when everyone and everything was beginning to fall apart. being civilized was all they knew how to do.

    By Danielle on 10.17.2012

  25. he was very civilized, his black suit was clean and he was wearing a top hat. for some reason he scared me. maybe it was his eyes, the way they glinted menacingly. he looked at me i shuddered. he knew something about me, but i didn’t know what. he looked away and left the store, that’s when the fire started.

    By Tim on 10.17.2012

  26. My dad once told me “hope fully you live in a civilize community.”

    By Gavin on 10.17.2012

  27. why don’t you act civilized instead of fighting for your food and to sleep

    By Benjamin on 10.17.2012

  28. education is very important and in society human relations are vital so behaving in a proper way is essential but if it means to dominate a society and destroy its culture in order to civilize them ,it isn’t right.

    By george on 10.17.2012

  29. I hate the word civilize simply because it means that some people are civilized while others are not. The last time someone took it upon themselves to determine one group of people was less civilized than they were, millions of people in Africa were abducted, torn from their families, and sold into slavery. All because one person didn’t understand their civilization.

    By kyleprust on 10.17.2012

  30. a civilian is someone who doesnt want to fight but is constantly ready. civil is to remain away from any situation and have a place of their own four walls. civil is the justice between every being not needing to use any type of wrong doings no matter what the problem may be at any given juncture.

    By Savanah on 10.17.2012

  31. Huh? This is wierd, I already wrote something for “civilize”.

    By Tanya on 10.17.2012

  32. civilization has become completely corrupt. in earlier times civilization was in the form of small tribal settlements that adapted to the environment. now, in order to create a civilization entire forest get cut down.

    By saniya on 10.17.2012

  33. i think this is something my family is not. If you see them out in the street you’ll think it’s a walking zoo. I think i got the definition of the word wrong but whatever. okay yes i got it correct. My favil

    By Lorelei on 10.17.2012

  34. “Class, you need to civilize yourselves” Mrs. Larson says at the front of the room. EVeryone is still laughing from the sex ed video.

    By Tracey on 10.17.2012

  35. My dad and me aren’t civilize we go mud bogging we also like to go painting it is just profe that my dad and me aren’t civilize.

    By Antonio on 10.17.2012

  36. i was so angry today at a friend but i tried not to yell at or tell on him so i stayed civilized

    By Cody on 10.17.2012

  37. sooner or later i hope the president makes this country civilized……

    I like gummy bears!!!!!!!!

    By Caynin on 10.17.2012

  38. he wanted to be civilized with the other person and wanted to be friends with him.

    By briannas on 10.17.2012

  39. the romans were civilize . most people are civilized

    By Christian on 10.17.2012

  40. There isn’t much to being proper. There isn’t much to saying please and thank you, its not that we don’t want to, its just that those rebels who want to stand out don’t bother with the simplicity of it all. Its a simple concept, if you want to stand out then don’t do what everyone else does.

    By Samantha on 10.17.2012