October 16th, 2012 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “civilize”

  1. love this town it so clean, nice, and fancy. i will call this town civilize town. because it is so nice.

    By Deven on 10.17.2012

  2. I just wish she could be more civilized. She just doesn’t handle stuff well and always makes a big deal of things. I have been taught to be civilized… why isn’t she? She acts like she is on the presidential debate. :)

    By Kaelia on 10.17.2012

  3. my grandma is very civilized when we eat. she keeps her shoulders off the table,she puts her napkin in her lap,and she say excuse me when she burps.

    By Trace on 10.17.2012

  4. I wasn’t being civilized so my mom said i had to clean my room and be good for the rest of the day. I watched the snowflakes gracefully fall outside as i cleaned my room. It was pretty but i didn’t enjoy it as much.

    By Rosie on 10.17.2012

  5. being very nice to someone even if you don’t know them its good to be nice to anyone .

    By Alisia on 10.17.2012

  6. I was hunting, and as I got my deer it was not dead, so we put it down in a very civilized way.

    By Denton on 10.17.2012

  7. Being civilized with you is hard. You irritate me beyond belief. Everything about you; the hardness in your eyes, the way you speak in that ‘i’m better than you’ manner. The way you think everything in your life is so much harder. I hate the judgement in your eyes. And I know that you can tell I’m just biting my lip to keep from saying something I would regret.

    By krrosec on 10.17.2012

  8. civilize is like civilization take away the “e” and add “ation”

    Nutella rules!!!!!!!!!!

    By Brody on 10.17.2012

  9. please be civilize with me dont be mad we can work through it, all i can say right now is i am sorry and i didnt mean to do that. sorry, truths? i give a good reason for this sorry! i dont mean to be this way i want to be friends and i am sorry i was mean.

    By Elyssa on 10.17.2012

  10. Being civilized was out of the question. She screamed and shouted. She made all the other people nervous. The security guard didn’t know what to do. So we just exited the park. On the way out I felt obligated to say sorry.

    By Bryte on 10.17.2012

  11. to civilize, to domesticate restrain constrain conform.
    To join with others to form a more perfect union
    To act with the good of all, not the one, in heart.

    By D on 10.17.2012

  12. There is so many civilize people around here. There is mostly civilize adults. If you are an adult try not to be like other civilize adults

    By Rachel on 10.17.2012

  13. I was walking down the street and all of a sudden every one came out of their house and stood on the side walk and randomly danced in a civilized way I new I was dreaming so I ran home and fell asleep. Then I woke up and relized it was all a dream.

    By Paige on 10.17.2012

  14. Today i was supposed to go to Disneyland but there was too much traffic. I was civilized and said ok, unlike my brother who had a heart attack.

    By Eian on 10.17.2012

  15. she is very civilize today so she was calm today.

    By Hunter on 10.17.2012

  16. The door had opened with a loud bang, my mother and I had been taken away as hostages in the civilize years of my early ages. As for my brother he had been taken away from the civilize people who don’t care.

    By Talia on 10.17.2012

  17. My mother told me that I should be nicer to people and change the way I talk. I realized this and soon became nicer and sweeter.

    By Leanna on 10.17.2012

  18. I don’t understand why my parents are yelling. My dad’s veins are popping out and my mom is waving her arms wildly. Don’t they understand how incredibly ridiculous they look? Everyone in the restaurant is staring. I hide my face. Can’t they act civilized?

    By 15jcartwright on 10.17.2012

  19. “You must be civilize if you want to live in the real world julius.” That was my mothers favorite word civilize… civilize oh yes I do know the definition its meaning to me is about as far off in my mind than the sun. Civilize oh civilize… the people who praise you civilize oh civilize what are you doing in my life.

    By lemon40 on 10.17.2012

  20. Caynin’s gummy bears were civilized.

    By Krystal on 10.17.2012

  21. I stood up straight, fixed my eyes on the teachers’, and I waited for class to begin. I was civilized, I was calm, I was prepared. The chaotic uprisings around me did not distract me from being the epitome of a perfect student.

    By 16jrae on 10.17.2012

  22. The people circled around her. Even though there were infinitesimal details that bugged her, she acted in a civilized manner. The silver armor that was protecting the strong, brave men startled her as it hit the table causing a shattering sound. As they looked through her eyes made of forlorn, a feeling of remorse slid down their throats.

    By mwall on 10.17.2012

  23. The girl stood straight and poised in front of the room. Her hands were folded and her silky brown hair was stick straight with no frizz. She talked in a slow tone of voice and took account of everyone. The people around me whispered she was stuck up, but I thought she displayed a tone of being civilized.

    By 16cwagner on 10.17.2012

  24. The echoes everywhere. The cry for help. Civilization too far to reach. Feeling helpless. Waiting for your chance to take a breath. Too get things over with and out of the way. When civilization doesn’t have your back, breathe, and put yourself back together.

    By Lila on 10.17.2012

  25. she acted civilized on the outside but on the inside she was a firecracker waiting to be set off
    she was waiting for someone to ignite her, to send sparks
    she was waiting to burst into bright and beautiful things
    but all she needed was a match

    By paige URL on 10.17.2012

  26. To be part of a society. Relatively, no one is civilized in all societies. Everyone is civilized in their own way. It evokes certain images in ones mind depending on culture, but doesn’t have defining characteristics

    By sophie on 10.17.2012

  27. why can’t you just be civilized” she ask’ed
    civilized?’ i thought ‘why would I. Then I would be like everybody eles’

    By diamond2 on 10.17.2012

  28. What does it mean…civilized? Another plea; a cry to the heavens? Simply… that crying hope to surgically remove the parasites within us…to cast aside that dead weight of impulsivity…to rip out the raw, decaying reminder of our own instinct. To stare it in the face before discarding it, still beating, into the light- into the eyes of the world. As if we’re afraid of what it can do behind closed doors.

    By 13jgolden on 10.17.2012

  29. La civiltà è un continuo scendere a compromessi, subire violenze legittime e ipocrisia. Ma non credo che ci siano poi delle alternative. A questo punto, cerchiamo di perseguire l’obbiettivo per cui siamo qui: il denaro (?)

    By Marta on 10.17.2012

  30. Civilize comes from the noun, civilization. Or rather, civilization comes from the verb “to civilize”. What does it really mean? Civilization is a collection of people and the societies that they form, along with the culture that arises from this.

    By Xiaoyu on 10.17.2012

  31. Is becoming outdated. People don’t know how to be civilized anymore. What use to be common behavior is now treated as weakness or lacking in something. Being nice is some how disregarded as a old fashion trait. Like opening the door for a lady. People don’t know what or who a lady is anymore. It is a missed part of the world I use to know!

    By Connie on 10.17.2012

  32. Wir sind eine Kultur von Vernichtern, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben, alls lebendinge in totes zu verwandeln.
    wenn wir nicht mehr an die liebe glaube, dann finden wir sicherlich den weg zur hölle allein – niemand muss ihn uns weisen, wir weisen uns selbst ein.
    es ist ein traum, was in 60 sekunden alles kaputt gehen kann.

    By Felix on 10.17.2012

  33. america tried to civilize other countries because they werent like us. just because they werent like us, why does that mean that they need to be changed? we are not all powerful, you know. many cultures like the way things are, and dont need other people telling them how to live their lives. it’s like how we stole north america from the native americans.

    By Sarah on 10.17.2012

  34. If only the world were civilized. Then again, what does it even mean to be a civil person anymore. There are no rules or respectable expectations for behavior these days. At least no one is holding us to them if there are.

    By Sara H on 10.17.2012

  35. i held you, every night of the winter. i did not yet have the words to speak it, but my hand on your arm said, better than my mouth, you’re warmer than the fire.

    i’m glad i’m with you, was the closest we had a million years ago.

    i look at you, and then away when we catch each other. i drink your laughter like a comforting wine; when we tangle your skin electrifies mine like a bad poem.

    i’m glad i’m with you, you tell me today. not much has changed.

    By isa on 10.17.2012

  36. civilize is not true … we are never very civil are we our world is crazy and is never ever simple we will never know what will happen and can never predict what will happen isn’t that what civil is living simple. civilization is like our home or community but the big picture is our worl thus not civil.

    By katherine on 10.17.2012

  37. she sat quietly, patiently, and very civilized. she waited in the chair for a treat. her mother was getting it for her. it was a surprise.

    By katherine on 10.17.2012

  38. You want to civilize me? Of all people, me?! Well, I’ll tell you what, we’ll hold a damn little tea-party so that I can show you all of the civilized things I learned in the damn civilized girl scouts. Like how the fucking forks have to go just so, and in ascending order, opposite the stupid spoons hugging their knives in such a civilized manner. And after we get done showing you all of the civilized crap I’m capable of, we can take your teacups of civilization and stuff them up your….sixty seconds.

    By Willow on 10.17.2012