October 17th, 2012 | 403 Entries

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403 Entries for “entrance”

  1. The dog walked in the entrance of the house. He wasn’t invited so he got kicked ot of the entrance. Oh I swear to you I’ll be there for you.

    By Emily #NinjaSwagger on 10.18.2012

  2. a walk way
    a passage
    going into

    By trinity allen on 10.18.2012

  3. As if all eyes were metallic, she made her entrance soulfully into a magnetic field. Heads numbering hundreds turned in a swish of simple choreography as she pirouetted and waxed low under blue lights. All mouths held breath inside, doubling and doubling in pressure while she floated away and faded into the mirrored night.

    By rhyme79 on 10.18.2012