October 16th, 2012 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “civilize”

  1. Being civilized means you’re missing out on the simple life of everyday stuff. You do everything in a hurry to perform. You miss the roses, birds and beauty along the way

    By Lanette on 10.17.2012

  2. My wife is doing a damn fine job of civilizing me. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I can now be accepted in polite company for short periods of time. We’ve now got a daughter and I can have fun making it difficult for her all over again :D

    By Snellopy on 10.17.2012

  3. civilize is just a word that lead us to remember the importance that humanity has in this world. Every person has the commitment to be part of each one action and help each other with consequences.

    By eliacosta on 10.17.2012

  4. people humanity men and women relationships cars technology roads countries what we need toilets

    By kristina on 10.17.2012

  5. I thought that the people living next door was civilize. I was so wrong. the signs were there but we did not see them in time. our lives were in danger from the first day that they entered our village. We learned later that they were responsible for the killing of a family in there home town.

    By victor URL on 10.17.2012

  6. There can be no denying we have become more civilized as a race, as a people, as humanity.
    Our medicine has improved dramatically over the last two centuries, almost even to the level of our impressive homicide and self-destruction.
    Our politics have become a level playing field, even if it is because nobody trusts anybody.
    The classes soon will meet in the middle as our money transcends value, if you can excuse the fact that it’s the ignorance and greed of the bankers who are taking more and making it worth less.

    Yes, all those dreams of equality are finally reaching realisation; albeit the realisation that it’s not quite what we meant from the start…

    By Barber on 10.17.2012

  7. civilize. its what the easrly settlers told the indians. take your elbows off the table said mother- civilize. lize. lies. lies lies lies. you need to tell lies in order to be civil. thats the way society works. I tell you I think that boy likes you I lie to you- because i am civilised\

    By Aislinn on 10.17.2012

  8. hmm…. dont know what to write…

    By Jan on 10.17.2012

  9. something i am not. the wild bare wilderness grows inside. trapped in golden guilded gates i walk around the city, but i belong outside.

    By Addy DelaMorte URL on 10.17.2012

  10. a I got a couple friends coming soon, knowing you, just act civilize.

    By avery on 10.17.2012

  11. Is the explotative side of the porn industry a part of civilized culture?
    What about reality shows?
    Or religions where people sanction hate, discrimination, and violence?
    Or people going broke from medical bills where the hospital gives them the cheapest care they can for the highest price possible?
    How about the difference in quality of education within a 10 mile radius in a city where one neighborhood is poor and the other wealthy?
    Is this what it means to civilize the savages?

    By Uppity Uppertons on 10.17.2012

  12. men, people, town, life, body, happines,

    By Wojciech Góral on 10.17.2012

  13. Civilize me? Why would anyone want to do that? I am the gentle sea breeze ruffling your hair. I am a kiss on the cheek, a caress down your arm. Why would you want to take away what I am?

    By Nadine Ducca URL on 10.17.2012

  14. there’s nothing to be proud about. dreams of worlds, where our ideals a present, where we don’t need to pursuit freedom, liberty, peace and justice anymore, do not justify our current existence.

    By washington irving on 10.17.2012

  15. You try to civilize me
    but I will not have it

    I don’t want to remember
    how to walk the concrete paths
    or follow your rules of the road

    I just want to walk for days
    to stare at the stars and dream
    to forget that I am attached to the world
    without forgetting that the world is attached to me

    By icfasntw on 10.17.2012

  16. The world used to be a very civilized and free world. Everything used to be so free and easy. Even money. But now, it’s a total different story. We are living in a very corrupted and selfish world. Where’s the love and peace?

    By Surviving Swan on 10.17.2012

  17. It was brutal, how he did it. He cut me to the core. But he did it very politely. There was no yelling, no teasing, no mocking humiliating slurs thrown. Just a few simple words, delivered in a whisper- “Let’s just be friends.”

    By Soft URL on 10.17.2012

  18. My stance on existence, is that humanity is like a fish, swimming in a bowl. We cannot know the afterlife, the meaning of our existence, the truth of reality, for everything is distorted by our little, glass bowl. We swim, we live. The only true way to see beyond, to understand our lives meaning, is to escape the bowl, and die.

    By genahtastic on 10.17.2012

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    By bill on 10.17.2012

  20. It is important to act in a civil manner among peers. When one acts as ORoma did last night challenges can occur which impede our youth in being civilized. A civil person follows conventions of behavior and etiquette. These are social moirees. A civil person does not need to use foul language as they have a stronger education and mind. The Snickers guy from 3 mile island comes to mind.

    By bill on 10.17.2012

  21. We continually pride ourselves on our advancements in technology and innovation- what we have always failed to recognize in our ethnocentric imperialistic view is that the cultures that remain close to nature and connected to the interconnectedness of it all, would out live and outlast us all if power stations failed and we were left to rely on our senses.

    By Laura Mary URL on 10.17.2012

  22. i really don’t have a lot of feelings towards this word. I feel like, we’re almost beyond civilize. I think we more need to just be civil in general. I guess that would go towards civilize but at first glance that’s not what comes to mind. I think like savages and colonization and forced culture. When in reality I want to just think that maybe we could alld o with a little more civility in general. that would be a better way to see it i feel.

    By Bunny on 10.17.2012

  23. Ever since man was put on this Earth, we have done our best to civilize ourselves and create a thriving environment. Some have succeeded many have failed.

    By Evan on 10.17.2012

  24. Civilize – I wish we could all civilize. We treat each other like savages and yet we pretend to be a civilization. There is no civility. none. We bully, we taunt, we scream in our own minds horrid thoughts,

    By hacketts on 10.17.2012

  25. europeans came over to the us and tried to civilize the native americans. but they went about it the wroung way. couldnt they just have negotiated and kept the peace? did they have to murder people just so they could have more land?

    By ralphiegoesgrrr on 10.17.2012

  26. I have civilized myself; I did that already. I am socially acceptable to others, I know. Now I am working on actually bring myself and I find this to be a far greater challenge.

    By Quincy on 10.17.2012

  27. I am civilize person who go’s to school and has friends.

    By tylerw URL on 10.17.2012

  28. when you are civilize you are well mannered

    By fox URL on 10.17.2012

  29. manners can keep calm

    By Dianna0531 URL on 10.17.2012

  30. civilize is were you build a city to civilize people. or to give homes.

    By talon URL on 10.17.2012

  31. i have no idea what civilize means, i think it means that it has more population or something.

    By rainbow URL on 10.17.2012

  32. i just said the pledge of allegance! you have to be civilized to have an allegance! i like !’s! haha! civilized is the oposite of uncivilized

    By S-man URL on 10.17.2012

  33. I am not very civilized am I?

    By Tanner Bowman on 10.17.2012

  34. civilize is a very short-long word.

    By cookiemonster108 URL on 10.17.2012

  35. civilize means something that is civil or the act of being civil, to civilize is to make something civil.

    When the rain drops
    I will be civil
    I will care about everything
    When i die i will be civil
    I will go into the night
    Without a fight.

    By Jamie URL on 10.17.2012

  36. civilized means you have manners and know how to keep calm in a bad situation. For example when your in a argument some one may say “lets all act like civilized adults” which means to be calm and talk it out.

    By alejandrace on 10.17.2012

  37. To bring out of a savage, uneducated, or rude state.

    By Jeremy URL on 10.17.2012

  38. were everything is well and peacefull everyne gets along

    By tabithas on 10.17.2012

  39. Sadjawa stared; horrified. The trees were gone, dirt took over grass, and smoke took over blue mountain air. The strange men had said that they would only attempt to “civilize” the land of the Shawnee. Sadjawa willed her face to become as if she was made of iron. The white men would not take away her pride… even if they took away her land. Tears of pain welled up inside of her, while outwardly, human had taken the face of a stone.

    Kankayree blinked. Sadjawa had become stiff and angry. He then looked forward to see what had made her so. His heart drowned in the depths of himself. He too, then, became determined than before. “They might attempt to make us weak, when really, we are strong!”

    By Emma on 10.17.2012

  40. Behaved, and formal. Not cause any trouble, to be a good influence.

    By imoto URL on 10.17.2012