September 1st, 2009 | 483 Entries

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483 Entries for “cigarette”

  1. disgusting pleasure, feel like shit but gotta have ya. hooks in deep please leave

    By chad on 09.02.2009

  2. I used to smoke cigarettes. They make my mouth water the same way Pavlov’s bell makes the dog drool. I liked the taste of tobacco in my mouth. I didn’t like coughing up green shit so many mornings, only to light up again to stifle the flow of phlegm.

    So, I quit. Occassionally I smoke.

    By Justice Forest on 09.02.2009

  3. I hate them my friend smokes them and It makes me mad he says he doesn’t smoke much but it still bothers me when he comes into the store to buy them I wont sell them to him he even has a camel poster in his room which he thinks is awesome but in r

    By Patrick on 09.02.2009

  4. ewe. man. history. tobacco used to be sacred. now it’s been colonized and used for profit… not of Native peoples. And it’s loaded with abuse… like all capitalism. it’s not about providing something people need, but making money at the customer’s expense. CREATING the need. poison!

    By Susan on 09.02.2009

  5. His cigarette burned in the light of the moon, the night so clear and deceptively calm. He wasn’t exactly sure what was going to happen to him in seconds, but he knew that the cigarette would make him feel all the much better.

    By Raquel on 09.02.2009

  6. I don’t care for cigarettes and ever time I see him smoke one, my stomach ties in knots. How can he do that to himself when he knows it’s bad. Doesn’t he know he’s killing himself? Or is it that he just doesn’t really care? I wish he would.

    By Raquel on 09.02.2009

  7. running out of steam like how i feel every cigarette should be extinguished and put out for all the harm that it is causing the world and the people inhabiting it.

    By chloé on 09.02.2009

  8. It’s the drug of the depressed, at least one of them. You inhale, exhale more. It’s as if we’re poisoning ourselves and we want others to feel our pain. Cigarettes…they don’t just kill. They’re unneeded. Compassion is all that’s needed, not some addiction. No, this must end now.

    By Mike Wu on 09.02.2009

  9. Oh, a cigarette! So stinky. What is the attraction to sucking on a burning stick? Where is the glamor? Where is the cool in Kool? Smoking, you look like a Camel. And we all know Camels aren’t pretty.

    By Rich on 09.02.2009

  10. she sat on the porch, a cigarette hanging lazily out of her lips, the smoke mixing with the dust blowing, blowing blowing. she is an enigmatic being, and ethereal dust queen. the clouds struggle to be seen through the haze and the day ends. the day ends.

    By Dawn on 09.02.2009

  11. the end of the cigarette was a burnt glow of orange and fire. I hated watching you suck the poison out of it as smoke bellowed from your mouth carelessly. You put your arm lazily around my shoulders and I had an immense urge to shove you away and slap you, but I didn’t know why. I knew I loved you but..

    By Kaitie Hanks on 09.02.2009

  12. cigarettes are the most definative symbol of stupidity and pointless in this world. If you know something has no other affect on you other than increasing death, why would you continue to pay for it???

    By Josh on 09.02.2009

  13. A beautiful, handsome man. I’m obviously checking him out. He’s adorable and amazing and suave. How could anyone ignore him? Suddenly he pulls out a cigarette and lights up. Oops, who was I looking at? Where there was a handsome man, there now stands a disgusting habit.

    By Lily on 09.02.2009

  14. These can be disgusting and harmful, yet they are very calming at the same time. You shouldn’t smoke them around children or old folks cause this could harm them as well.

    By mary on 09.02.2009

  15. smoke filling lungs.
    yes, seems funky and cool.
    somehow at times romantic. and the drag
    after the sex. ah, the bliss.
    but ultimately when u come down to it.
    it will ruin you. bring you down.

    we smoke without thinking of the consequences.

    but,that’s what most ppl are like

    By Kyumin Jang on 09.02.2009

  16. clearly not good for you but I smoke it sometimes anyway.

    By g on 09.02.2009

  17. Cigarettes are the devil, in a literal sense. They’re enticing, tempting, and by all means, dangerous. Once you try a cigarette, you’re stuck, just as if you made a deal with the devil.

    By Josh on 09.02.2009

  18. My mother.

    She has been smoking cigarettes since she was in her teens. For over 35 years now.

    My younger brother and I have inhaled second hand smoke all of our lives.

    I don’t think about the future.

    By k on 09.02.2009

  19. cancer sticks. i hate cigarettes. they make your teeth rot and kill you slowly. many of my family members have died from cancer and that was probably caused by cigarettes. but enough about that i dont want to talk about it anymore. i like to like vaganas and have sex. and im good at what i do…ladies.

    By Paches Ohulahan on 09.02.2009

  20. cancer sticks. i hate cigarettes. they make your teeth rot and kill you slowly. many of my family members have died from cancer and that was probably caused by cigarettes. but enough about that i dont want to talk about it anymore. i like to like vaganas and have sex. and im good at what i do…ladies.

    By Paches Ohulahan on 09.02.2009

  21. I don’t smoke, but this day has made me long for a cigarette. I want something to inhale, and then release along with all of the pain, mistrust and apprehension. I want a hazy, caustic chemical to scour away the lies.

    By Katie on 09.02.2009

  22. bad for you. kills people. looks cool at first then makes people hideously sick and they die a slow, tortuous death.

    By Ros on 09.02.2009

  23. cigarettes are bad. very bad in fact. they are full of all kinds of toxins and poisons and if tobacco would have been discovered nowadays it never would have been legalized.

    however, millions of people still smoke and still die of because of it.

    And I cant stop.

    By Ele on 09.02.2009

  24. Cigarettes should be fine, organic tobacco rolled into a thin paper on your thigh. With one hand.
    Tobacco is the herb that lives in the cigarette, and it is good for you. It calms you, gives you a feeling of tranquility and satisfaction.
    Be a friend of your habits, and don’t share tobacco or its smoke with others unless they’re into it

    By Mary Pat Boian on 09.02.2009

  25. this is a bad habit that causes death and pain and it is used to relax but it really just causes worse things to happen it causes family to be worried and it causes other issues like dependence and disease

    By Jake Byrom on 09.02.2009

  26. she thought she was so cool. the cigarette hanging from her lip made her feel slightly empowered. If only she knew that fad had surpassed her by about 10 years and early in the 90’s. To us she was an expression of sadness.

    By curry on 09.02.2009

  27. i hate cigarettes. they stink and they make me feel sick. i absolutely hate them. however, i used to have them as a stress reliever. still think about smoking once in awhile just to let the smoke drive through the lungs and exhilerate your soul

    By melanie on 09.02.2009

  28. Cigarettes are bad for you but its ridiculous how much of a negative sterotype is being put on them. Nobody recognizes that they calm people down, that they’re used as a social tool, that they’re awesome when you’re drunk. UF right now is considering putting a ban on them and i think it’d be completely ridiculous if they do.

    By Evan on 09.02.2009


    By SPENCER on 09.02.2009

  30. I smoked the cigarette down to the filter and threw it to the ground. Right as a cop walked by, he picked it up, looked at my lipstick marks and stuck it in his own mouth. Leering the whole while. I blushed at the awkward scene and looked down, right to his erection.

    By Ali on 09.02.2009

  31. Cigarettes are a good socializing tool. The help establish an “Ice Breaker”
    They are also widely known as health risks. The smell alone is an irritable factor of smoking, that makes your clothes smelly as well as those of your children..

    By Libby on 09.02.2009

  32. Nicotine. Oh you’ve got so many people. You might have them fooled. But who cares anyway? You’re millions of people’s guilty vice and little fix. The cigarette can be enjoyed oh so passionately.

    By bill on 09.02.2009

  33. I used to smoke a cigarette every couple of hours. It was the first thing I wanted when I got up inthe morning, and the last thing before going to bed. I am glad I quit, for many reasons.

    By Gail Ratcliffe on 09.02.2009

  34. cigarette was the only thought running through Harold’s head as he smashed the crowbar on the child’s head repeatedly.
    The blood splattered on his face did nothing to phase the old man. Only a a cigarette would make things better.

    By Matan Heimann on 09.02.2009

  35. smoking is harmful and kills many of people every year
    some people think that tobacco is more harmful than other drugs that are illegal, such as heroin, cocaine, etc.
    however, governments make a lot of money from taxing tobacco.
    advertising tobacco used to be legal, but it isn’t now

    By paul on 09.02.2009

  36. kills you cancer death secondhand smoke burns pollution infestation expensive debt

    By chelle on 09.02.2009

  37. A cigarette still smoldered in the ashtray. God, how slow was I? If I’d just gotten here five minutes earlier, I’d have found the guy. Maybe she’d still be alive. Maybe I’d be dead alongside her. I wouldn’t feel so worthless, either way; at least I’d have done SOMETHING.

    By Kristin on 09.02.2009

  38. Cigarette…so French. Whispy white tendrils emitted from the flickering-red of a cigarette tip. Fingers, in elegant V-form, serving as a perch. My eyes water, but I inhale, inhale, inhale the perfume.

    By Tamasin on 09.02.2009

  39. the cigarette was lit. he took a long drag of it’s poson and let the nicotene sink into his lungs. he knew it was bad, but he didn’t care. he didn’t seem to care about anything anymore.

    By DRO on 09.02.2009

  40. Dirty, Filthy habit. full of fortunes for the weaker among us. A reward after mealtime. Happy Places with miserable people outside smoking

    By Cobra on 09.02.2009