September 2nd, 2009 | 514 Entries

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514 Entries for “licorice”

  1. i like licorice, the texture, the taste, all co-mingle in my mouth to form an oral orgasm of sweet deliciousness. I sometimes prefer the black to the red, as I like the mystery of the taste. the red Twizzlers always taste the same, it always just depends on the freshness of the bag.

    By Belle on 09.03.2009

  2. Sweet black tang Dad used to call it Monkey Shit. Recently came to like it a lot more than when I was a kid. Especially the licorice J Jujee Fruits.

    By AOGutierrez on 09.03.2009

  3. is gross! who would eat it! and the aftertaste, blah. I am sad that jelly belly goes out of their way to produce a jelly bean like this. such a shame :(

    By done! on 09.03.2009

  4. Licorice is one of the strangest candies in the world. I heard it was made of cows eyes, not sure if it’s true but I don’t want to take my chances with it. I stopped eating it when I heard that because I’m a Vegetarian sooo…

    By Kendra Krantz on 09.03.2009

  5. Licorice comes in two flavors, black and red. I like black best because it is rich and complex. It also makes me think of college, where the dutch people I lived with ate double zout–double salty black licorice. Yuck! I prefer mine sweet!

    By Candice Watters on 09.03.2009

  6. licorice comes in two colors

    By zoekw7 on 09.03.2009

  7. Even after all those years the licorice taste of the cough syrup turned her stomach, too much like after-dinner espresso at her uncle’s house, too much like shouting and anger and car doors slamming as the holiday fumbled too a close.

    By melina on 09.03.2009

  8. It can be red or black, strawberry or licorcey. It can be long and soft, short and hard. Lacy is nice. I can eat it twice. It makes your tongue feel sugary, turns it black or red. Stick it out and look in the mirror. Give some to a friend. Repeat process over again. Licorice. It’s a wonderful flavor.

    By Scott on 09.03.2009

  9. It really was just a matter of time before my habits caught up with me. I licked my lips so often that people thought I needed chapstick. I didn’t need chapstick, I needed my fix. Chocolate wasn’t doing it anymore. Licorice. Whips. Nibs. Anything.

    By poopdedoop on 09.03.2009

  10. made from the root of the licorice plant, tastes similar to anise and used to flavor candies as well as a medicinal herb.

    By Kelly on 09.03.2009

  11. well I watched a cooking show on TV yesterday where they made food in all kinds of unrelated flavors, and they made salmon covered in licorice, and vanilla mayones on the side. Also, when I think about it I remember fourth grade, when people used to buy those colored licorices in the cafteria and eat them.

    By Pips on 09.03.2009

  12. i hve nt tested it till date ma csin tld me abt it ni wd lke to knw wt ts is or hw it wd taste

    By aysha on 09.03.2009

  13. Licorice, yuck. I do not enjoy the taste. I know that it is good gfor many different things in yout body but i dont eat it.

    By Anonymous on 09.03.2009

  14. hate it…dont like the smell or the taste…can almost tolerate anisette cookies…dont like the red cherry stuff either

    By Bridget on 09.03.2009

  15. Her lips were like jucy licorice, red shiny and enticing. She spent so much time each morning painting them the perfect shade, pouting in the mirror and batting her eyelashes at herself, that she almost forgot that she had no one to pout to in real life.

    By Caddy on 09.03.2009

  16. Licorice is a dandy delight. So hidden in it’s flavor (by the name) that I had no idea it was related to fennel. I could not consider myself a fan of licorice, but I understand that if someone offers it to me, I should probably accept. It’s usually one of those things that people either love or hate, but for me, I’m happy right in the middle of fennel or licorice!

    By Claire on 09.03.2009

  17. licorace tastes like anaseed with the sugar removed. resoling boots is about the best use i could find for it although it might be better melted down as tar for roads… many older people l;ike it – maybe their mouths need retarring regularly to prepart the way for

    By sev on 09.03.2009

  18. I’m not really that big a fan – especially of the black stuff. Does that make me a licorice racist? Anywho, Nibs are okay, red licorice is okay – I used to use it as a straw for my Pepsi. That I liked.

    Crack that whip – licorice whip!

    By Nikki on 09.03.2009

  19. Can’t you share your sweet licorice with the word
    or will you be selfish and eat it all?

    By Tardy on 09.03.2009

  20. licorice is a horrible taste!! it comes from a twig, which come people chew..not nice!! my dad loves it, i guess its an old thing?! i love sambucca tho….the spirit tastes like aniseed, which is similer to licorice. i thought it was spelt different to this?!

    By Jamie on 09.03.2009

  21. Deep-rooted coarse-textured plant native to the Mediterranean region having blue flowers and pinnately compound leaves; widely cultivated in Europe for its long thick sweet roots

    By Soumyajit on 09.03.2009

  22. Mmm. I love red licorice. I eat it on road trips especially. Black, not so much.

    By Anonymous on 09.03.2009

  23. i like the red kind, the black is sooo gross. its fun to use like a straw. expessially when you drink soda. it tastse good and makes you feel like a kid . what else

    By lora on 09.03.2009

  24. black and satin smelling so good iknow i shouldent but the temptation is drawing me closer closer closer oh my god i just ate my passion and now I am lost. excuse me do you happen to have a black licorice?

    By rick floyd on 09.03.2009

  25. nasty black red curly tasty in my belly food candy chewy scrumdidalyumcious! :)

    By miranda eff. on 09.03.2009

  26. I don’t like licorice. James, he loves it. Will go out of his way to try and finagle some out of anyone who has any. He is especially found of black licorice, like my mother.

    By Cynthia Davidson on 09.03.2009

  27. dark, dirty just rich tasty intoxicating flavor, I want it in my moutn and then out, I can’t have enough and I can have it at all. Never knowing what to do about licorice, do I seek it, do I have it, do I ask for it to be taken away, the pain the pleasure wow…

    By Dally on 09.03.2009

  28. licorice is a fucking brilliant source of joy and when i rub it between my thighs and think of sluts in paris it makes me nostalgic that theere are still so many places to eat obscure and dark and sticky mixes and the-

    By zane on 09.03.2009

  29. Black licorice was my Dad’s favorite flavor. I never understood the appeal. Never tasted right to me. Tasted burnt. But then I “grew up” and had the Greek Oozo

    By c on 09.03.2009

  30. licorice is a very popular American snack. They love it, but I still don’t understand what’s so good about it. It’s just…sugar and flour, right?

    By kate on 09.03.2009

  31. black is the only kind…..such an ancient flavor, as if the ancestors are in the factory imbuing each piece with their love and wisdom and we get to revel in the sweetness and goodness with each bite. plant based candy…what could be better?

    By molly on 09.03.2009

  32. My grandpa always loved black licorice. I don’t know why. I think it’s disgusting. I remeber it being fun to mold around your took and pretend you were missing had just lost it!

    By y.o.l.k. on 09.03.2009

  33. sweet, tasty, sticky goodness. red, black, twisted and chewy. long and strong and tough against your teeth.

    By Amanda on 09.03.2009

  34. ewww! not really a fan, hate the color, the smell, the taste, everything. though once i saw this body wash they were selling for halloween that was licorice smell and that didnt bother me, so i guess im just picky in a weird way. i mean, maybe on you its sexy but as a food, not so much. it depends on tthe person, and if you like big, long and black things in your mouth, go for it

    By franz on 09.03.2009