September 1st, 2009 | 483 Entries

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483 Entries for “cigarette”

  1. my secret love affair. your scent still lingers in my hair, my sheets, my mouth…

    By gypsywanderer on 09.02.2009

  2. i like cigarettes they are good make me calm down alot after a stressful work day and the women nagging at me and the kids nagging too so i enjoy a good smoke ti chill a alitle after all i have been through

    By Alex Hernandez on 09.02.2009

  3. My mom never smoked a cigarette in her life. The pictures of bruised and charred lungs she brought home from work helped instill in me the same kind of fear and awe one has for a roll of cancer. They say everything causes cancer now, but I feel like nicotine is still the worst. The Truth ads that came out were one hell of a wake up and I always wished I could be the target of their flash mob tactics.

    By Matthew Vanderlaan on 09.02.2009

  4. cancer, death, yellow teeth, my boyfriend somekes and i hate it, his breath alays smells

    By MOna on 09.02.2009

  5. Cigarettes are no good. I don’t smoke, and I don’t like peole doing it. Shoot, I’m thinking too much. Cigarettes are attractive. Damn you truth. Oh, I have time left. I don’t want my mom to die.

    By Aila on 09.02.2009

  6. I used to smoke these. I thought I enjoyed them, but when I quit I realized how much better I can breathe and how much better I smell. It was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

    By Micheil Fairweather on 09.02.2009

  7. If you leave a cigarette on the sidewalk no person will come to get it. The ashes cover the cement and we accidentally inhale it when a stray wind comes.
    Don’t say you’ve never smoked.

    By {Matt} on 09.02.2009

  8. SMoke seduction dust dirt fog smell sexy dirty viril

    By mina on 09.02.2009

  9. i love the tast of a camel filter more than life itself sometimes. when your true love breaks your heart there is nothing like somoking a cigarette and de-stressing

    By evilevan on 09.02.2009

  10. ive ben smoking kools since i was thirteen even after i saw that billboard. if you smoke kools we cant help you. But i do it anyways

    By courtney on 09.02.2009

  11. she was lighting up a long, white cigarette in the dark room.

    By coy on 09.02.2009

  12. euuuu i dont like it it stinks kills people and by the way only legal because the government makes money off of it…i hate it and makes your breath stink and teeth look yellow people die from it… the company owners are murderers its adictive its a drug ewwww.

    By ana on 09.02.2009

  13. i enjoy a good cigarette at th end of a gigantic meal, i think i digest my food better that way. also after getting inebriated… its like way better, ya know!

    By jc money on 09.02.2009

  14. Light another cigarette.

    Tell me your story.

    Don’t hesitate to tell me your story.

    Smoke streaming from your every pore.

    Flying out of your nose.

    Those things are really bad for you.

    By Megan on 09.02.2009

  15. Cigarettes…one the most harmful and lethal substances known to man. Continuously tearing families and lives apart, but nothing is done to put an end to it. Why? Because the government makes so much damn money off of them.

    By J. K. Livinn on 09.02.2009

  16. burn, ash, nicotine. I enjoy a cigarette every now and again. The pleasure of lighting up and inhaling, feeling the smoke course through my throat and filling my lungs is delightful. Add a cup of coffee and the desire to do it again becomes almost

    By drew on 09.02.2009

  17. he looked over at the girl. She inhaled slowly, closed her eyes in ecstasy and held it there. Finally she let the smoke skim through her pursed lips ever so slowly, as if to show off her control over the cigarettes heavenly effects.

    By Tori on 09.02.2009

  18. The first time I “officially” smoked one – not counting trying puffs as a younger teenager – was in June 2008, the month I graduated high school. I have enjoyed them ever since. I actually wanted weed at the time, though.

    By Daniel Grandy on 09.02.2009

  19. Soft and full, gently held the cigarette comfortable couch of lips. it burned and loved the taste of her pink fading lipstick, her tongue rolled and her lungs drew in the sticky sweetness. At last.

    By mary on 09.02.2009

  20. I love smoking cigaretes. Theyre bad. Theyre poison. But they make me feel more alive than anything else. I hate them, and I love them. I fear them and I trust them. There isn’t one thing is this world more reliable than a nice slow cigarette after a long and stressful day. The scent alone makes me dizzy.

    By AG on 09.02.2009

  21. I had a cigarette the other day it tasted awful like poo, I don’t get why everybody is so into it, I hated it but people say it makes you look cool.. how cool is being dead :S.. don’t know what else to write lalalalalalala

    By Zinahia on 09.02.2009

  22. cigarettes are intoxicating and sweet and brilliant and addicting. it’s a wonder why more people aren’t addicted — yet so many people are. what a strange drug. perhaps they wont turn out to be so harmful – maybe it’s all in our heads. maybe we’re all going to die. who knows?

    By crista on 09.02.2009

  23. david smokes. my sister smokes. patients smoke. they are addicted. the smell. the smoke. the headrush. the coughing. the phlegm. the look in their eyes when they need a fix. the annoyance.

    By perla on 09.02.2009

  24. His lit cigarette was hanging like a piece of grass from a wise old farmer’s mouth. He grabbed it to take a long slow drag, and then boldly and deliberately blew the smoke out in my face.

    By karen on 09.02.2009

  25. Its so bad for your health.
    People who start smoking today are stupid.
    Atleast back in the day we didnt know how bad it was but in todays world with lung cancer, and all the other health problems it creates why would you start?

    Second hand smoke is just as bad.
    Dont smoke around your kids.

    By Lindsey on 09.02.2009

  26. that which ostensibly ruins ur life but there are far more complicated things in life which just make it worse i guess ciggarette atleast only kills you and not the people around. I would rather exchange my life for a pack.

    By gourav munal on 09.02.2009

  27. cigarette smoking is injurious to health
    it causes cancer to human
    and also it pollutes the atmosphere
    mainly women should not smoke cigarettes when they are pregnants

    By Anil Veeraghattapu on 09.02.2009

  28. Please, my dears, life is too short to waste it for some little cigarettes. It looks cool and gives off interesting vibes (hippies, James Dean), but no.

    By Alondra Reyes on 09.02.2009

  29. i just can’t stop thinking about cigarettes! been on the patch for 3 days and it’s hellish…paranoia, hunger, cravings for that sweet sweet nicotine have taken over my life! this is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do.

    By Leah on 09.02.2009

  30. death…killed my mother. Cigarettes are nasty, life-sucking cylinders of death. They smell, they make your breath smell. I wish cigarettes had never been invented. Really… YUCK!

    By toni on 09.02.2009

  31. you take your lighter out and fiddle with it.
    there’s no cancer for you to set aflame so you decide to torture a leaf instead.
    “what do you want to do?” i ask, i’m trying to help you.
    “nothing.” you say. you’re trying to die.

    By marquis on 09.02.2009

  32. Cigarettes started out as a simple fad that no one thought would be harmless. (except maybe the creators). Now millions have died because of the nasty little habit, and the government wants people to stop (so they say) but provide no assistance in doing so. It’s a sad sad story.

    By Amanda on 09.02.2009

  33. i have one cigarette in my mouth now, i love it … no, i hate it … i don’t know

    By Mus on 09.02.2009

  34. she lights a cigarette because she can’t sleep. she watches the smoke dancing around her and drifting away into the night. she watches the light of the cigarette iluminating her room and smiles. she turns of that light and falls asleep

    By bellatrix on 09.02.2009

  35. the daughters grabbed the pack of cigarettes and broke them in half as her mother choked on the last known cigarette in her purse. hiding them wasnt enough.

    By fi fi lou on 09.02.2009

  36. who knows…they are terrible but most people do it anyways i have done it on and off…it’s relaxing…its pretty ridiculous though when smokers are criticized by those who have never even tried it…just because someone tells you it’s bad doesn’t mean u have to criticize others for their choices…try it yourself before criticizing others…

    By T-RaVe on 09.02.2009

  37. creating input gas accentuating realistic energy totally turning (electrolytes?)

    By gar|z->:) on 09.02.2009

  38. There it was. The palm, the scarwny physique. The liquid eyes. The palm that held it all together, the draining grey, the saturated air, the stale company. The stringy words, the silences that bound a tight night. A cigarette in palm, just fuming its way out.

    By Hannah on 09.02.2009

  39. I love smoking but the word has a negative connotation for me..smoking is good…cigarettes are not. Smoking is my friend. My medidation. My love. cigarette. It’s a long word. Tiresome. Unappealing. Maybe I could quit smoking if I thought about the word more.

    By Betty Hartzog on 09.02.2009

  40. i could use another cigarette. they are quite disgusting if I do say so myself. But there cancerous tar make me fell punch drunk. I havnt smoked a cigarette in awhile. perhaps later. but then again no. I think I’ll stay away

    By Bonnie on 09.02.2009