March 31st, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “charms”

  1. “Being sweet is It is one of your many charms,”she said.
    “Mom, you don’t know what people like these days. It is the tough little girl image that attracts boys these days. They see that and fall over themselves getting there. Being nice and sweet and charming doesn’t work.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.31.2012

  2. He charms her just like he charms everyone else. But she sees past it eventually. Of course she does, everyone does. Luckily for him, she sees the good, real parts of him behind the charm. Not just the insecure, fake parts.

    By nicole.brenna URL on 03.31.2012

  3. He charms me with his wit and all I see is stars.
    I’m taken by the shiny life he’s laid out before me and feel powerful.
    Like nothing can touch me but him.
    He is amazing. He is wonderful. He makes me feel incredible.
    I can be the woman I want to be. I can love all those around me and help them be who they want to be. His influence is felt all around.
    All because I fell for one man’s charm.

    By Kari on 03.31.2012

  4. You have it. I don’t know haw to describe my atraction for you. You just have it.

    By blanca on 03.31.2012

  5. Charms, and all I can think of is charms class. Oh Harry Potter, how you do infest my brain. I would love to sit in on one of those classes. I’d bring my own wand and everything.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.31.2012

  6. Dangling uselessly and somewhat meaninglessly from a bony white wrist, they distract the eye from a somewhat typical “beauty” mark beneath perfectly sun-bleached delicate hairs. They swing and strain towards freedom, pressing against their chain restraints.

    By Karin on 03.31.2012

  7. His charms were irresistible. I was at a loss for words, something that does not happen often. I dove in head first. I was smitten with the easy smile, the skin, and the beautiful hair. Little did I know that his charms masked a serious case of low self-esteem.

    By Fender2010 URL on 03.31.2012

  8. Charms. He’s got them all. Everything a man ought to be. Wide jaw, dark eyes, lots of hair. He’d use them all on me or anyone else. And he’s perfect. No one loves me more than he. Unfortunately he’s decidedly gay.

    By Kar URL on 03.31.2012

  9. In the winter cold weather he grabbed her hand for warmth but was struck with the iciness of her gold charms dangling from her wrist. He couldn’t hold on for long

    By Julienne URL on 03.31.2012

  10. Sherlock burst into the lab at Bart’s, his coat flaring out behind him in the rush of air from the doors. He quickly zeroed in on Molly, who was just tagging and bagging her last corpse of the day. “Molly,” he called from across the room, striding closer as John struggled to keep up, “I need access to the storage from last Tuesday, immediately.”
    Molly shook her head as John paused to right a stool which Sherlock had knocked over in his pursuit of the small, mousy assistant. “Not happening, Sherlock. You know I can’t grab cold cases on short notice.” She packed up her work bag and shrugged into her coat, preparing to leave for the day.
    Sherlock stood in her path, blocking her escape to the large double-doors. He loomed over her, casting a shadow over her face as he leaned in a little closer with an audible inhale. “Is that a new scent you’re wearing? Evergreen, yes? I like it.”
    Molly bit her lip, furrowing her brow as she glanced up to meet his impossibly-pale eyes. She steeled herself for his ire, but stood her ground. “Your charms won’t work on me anymore, Sherlock. It’s time for me to go home, and you’ll just have to fill out a retrieval form. We can have your specimen ready for you by the day after tomorrow.” She made to step around him, and started heading for the doors. A soft sigh from the determined detective made her stop in her tracks, and it was fortunate that she didn’t catch John rolling his eyes.
    “Such a shame,” Sherlock mumbled, turning to face Molly’s retreating back, “And here I thought…”
    “Thought what,” Molly dared not turn to look at him again, knowing her own vital signs would betray her.
    Sherlock stood between Molly and John, linking elbows with them both. “I thought you were one of us. You know, part of the team.” He glanced affectionately at both of them, before his gaze hardened slightly when he looked back to Molly. “But it seems I was mistaken. You’re just another cog in the system, caring more about protocol than about saving a life, or solving a puzzle.” He let loose her arm and headed towards the door before her. “I won’t bother you again.”
    Molly stammered for a moment, and Sherlock turned towards her, just barely containing his sly grin. “I er… that is…” Molly reached into her coat pocket, withdrawing a thick keyring, and jingled it once in the air, “I could probably get you in to the storage rooms for a quick peek.”
    Sherlock let his grin loose and clapped Molly on the shoulders, giving her a quick peck to the cheek. “Excellent! I knew you had it in you!” Sherlock chuckled softly to himself and led John by the waist to follow Molly. He still had it.

    By floppybelly URL on 03.31.2012

  11. Look at my lucky charms. Aren’t they beautiful?!
    Wow I’m going to have so much luck with my new lucky charms!
    I can’t wait to show them to everyone!
    I’M SO LUC–

    By Proxima on 03.31.2012

  12. The witch doctor pulls out a small chain from the underneath of her clock. A crooked smile appears on her ever aging face and as she hands you the small charm you can feel the weight of it sinking you deeper into your problems and condemning you for life.

    By Zoe Alexandria URL on 03.31.2012

  13. There a million little dancers around me. They sing and float around me, tickling my cheeks and rusting through my hair. They cause the air around me move about and they feel like good luck charms on a bracelet.

    By Brittany on 03.31.2012

  14. His many charms constantly enthralled me. I was always amazed by him. And, more than anything, amazed that he was mine. I mean, he literally could have ended up with most any girl in the country, possibly world, and he chose me. That was just luck, I’d originally thought, but he’d always told me that it was simply that he was undeserving of me, only I never realized it. I honestly didn’t believe it to begin with…

    By Stella L. Parker URL on 03.31.2012

  15. “tell me a lie.” she said shortly, her expressive green eyes begging for understanding, trying to communicate something when even she herself didn’t know what she was trying to say.
    “a lie?” he said thoughtfully. that small frown of concentration furrowed in his face.
    she nodded.
    “i hate you.” finally, he looked up. his eyes were solemn.
    a small smile broke out on her face. “not bad. try again.”
    his eyes widened. “what, that wasn’t enough for you?”
    she shook her head emphatically.
    “fine.” he said slowly. “uh…you’re ugly? you’re cruel and mean and no one loves you?”
    “your insults are terrible.” she laughed. her moods were mercurial; her somber tone quickly vanishing in the face of her amusement. “so what are you really trying to say?”
    he couldn’t help but smile back at her. “i love you. will you marry me?”

    By Skäila URL on 03.31.2012

  16. Its a school of magic in harry potter, its to do with placing attributes onto things. its also a word for someone being charismatic. it is also a cereal that is lucky.

    By Julian Otway on 03.31.2012

  17. I put on my best Prince Charming smile, hop on my white horse, clad in heavy silver armour, and canter towards the castle’s highest tower, where I will sing out my praises to my beautiful betrothed, the Princess in distress, and she will fall into my strong, masculine arms, and upon true love’s kiss we will be man and wife.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.31.2012

  18. I put on my best Prince Charming smile, hop on my white horse, clad in heavy silver armour, and canter towards the castle’s highest tower, where I will sing out my praises to my beautiful betrothed, the Princess in distress, and she will fall into my strong, masculine arms, and upon true love’s kiss we will be forever.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.31.2012

  19. There was nothing she could do to win me over. The usual charm she’d exude to try and persuade me was not there any longer. Or was there something in me I’d lost that night I found her with a woman. I still think she’s sexy. But I’m not attracted to her. It’s like trying to be sexual with a marble statue.

    By Ruben URL on 03.31.2012

  20. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(((((((((((((( I’m just not feelin it today. This is embarrassing oh my God…..

    By Bernard on 03.31.2012

  21. charms
    of a bracelet or personality
    charming princes
    alarming princes
    alarm clock
    clocking in
    instep with…
    out out

    By hayden turnwood URL on 03.31.2012

  22. April fools lol omg

    By Jerald on 03.31.2012

  23. You think you can just smile that smile and cast your charms on me and I’ll follow you home like the dog that I found on the corner of 8th and Washington last week. But I know your smile’s hiding something and your jeans are just a little too tight, and I’m not sure I’m ready to find out what keeps you awake at night just yet.

    By Natasha URL on 03.31.2012

  24. So we decided to buy her charms for her bracelet,,, did she deserve it? Maybe.

    By j5j URL on 03.31.2012

  25. i’ve lost all sense of it. i used to pride myself when i was a younger man. i thought i had them on handsprings but it seems like i was dead wrong.

    By mike on 03.31.2012

  26. her charms soon wore off, and he sat there wonder , why he had spent the last two months with this woman, whom he clearly had little in common with.

    By T. F. Krag on 03.31.2012

  27. I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet. There’s always been something completely fascinating to me about the eye catching quality of the dangling charms. I was easy distracted by their shiny-ness before being distracted by something shiny became cool.

    By M'ai Vox URL on 03.31.2012

  28. When she waved, her bracelet’s charms caught the light with the same surprising flash as her smile, silvery and blinding. Truly, the girls gestures seemed enchanted by the very nature of femininity. Or at least that’s what Joe thought; Paula pointed out that everyone had a halo when you had the hots for them.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.01.2012

  29. It is impossible for anything to be impossible. Life itself was washed ashore from the galaxies of vibration. Charm was made for everyone. We are all charm. We all live in a charming world with untold beauty. Our lives are one. Charm is the spirit of love.

    By treeskybranch URL on 04.01.2012

  30. some hair styles give me a sense of charm as well as burlesque dancers in their customs don’t know why I associate charm with france and all that glamour they have.

    By patricia on 04.01.2012

  31. Calling all the charmers embalmers and farmers out there! Meet up at 435pm near Lionel`s Barmers, East Sussex.

    By trav0330 on 04.01.2012

  32. Used by many countries for good luck and used today for jewelry. The attract and yet hold back. Charms.

    By Alexie on 04.01.2012

  33. Nie wiem co to znaczy, kojarzy się z chamem z podstawówki. Nie jestem chamem, mam klasę, a nawet teleklase, ktora jest moim narzedziem do prowadzenia zycia o jakim zawsze marzylem.
    Dostałem dodatkowy czas, to jakby nowa szansa, teraz zdaje sobie sprawe z wartosci czasu-wykorzystam go zgodnie z planem!

    By Tomek on 04.01.2012

  34. My memories are th charms of my life. Each moment dangling from my mind, a sacred memory of the things I have done and the things I want to do. This life is filled with so many distractions, I want to make every moment count, like a charm on a bracelet, each representing some special thing, so be it true for each experience, each moment in time that I have tucked away in my memory bank, only to pull out later in life to look over and remember.

    By Crisnole URL on 04.01.2012

  35. She didn’t believe in charms, nothing that held any sort of significance to her, not little silver cut images on a chain, not jewelry tucked in velvet boxes. She only needed herself at this point, depending on nothing and no one else for comfort. Charmless.

    By Cassie URL on 04.01.2012

  36. It’s the way he charms her that catches her offguard. It’s not the one-liner, with his elbow on the bar and beer breath wafting into their ear. Instead, he sits in the far corner of the bar, sipping his gin, neat, while scribbling the white cocktail napkins. He catches her eye one, twice, sometimes up to five times. He finishes his drink and stands. She looks away, as if now would be the only time he would be scouring the bar looking for those predatory glances. He straightens his lapel, buttons his blazer, far overdressed compared to the army of creased, untucked collared shirts and blue jeans. Then he makes his way to her, friend or no friend, and apologize for interrupting. And he would ask if it was alright if he got to know her.

    By cmsiena URL on 04.01.2012

  37. Test

    By Jennifer Anderson on 04.01.2012

  38. “i like to believe it’s our charm,” he said about the program he and a bunch of other teachers teach. yes it has its charm. and I also wonder what charm is when the word is applied to a person. everyone has his or her own charm. what’s mine?

    By kaorita on 04.01.2012

  39. I tinkled the charms on the bracelet Brian had given me before he left. The tinkles mixed in with the sound of the raindrops on the glass panes. He’d sent me a charm for every succesfull tour he’d done.

    By Amy on 04.01.2012

  40. she charmed him with her smile
    and now he acts
    like she put the stars in the sky
    for him

    By Iffath URL on 04.01.2012