March 31st, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “charms”

  1. I am feeling really scattered and I have work to do
    so I thought I’d come here and get this creative spurt that’s dying to break through and spend the day writing poetry rather than making money. Let’s hope that this one word is able to break through the cycle and work its charms to help me concentrate.

    By MsWrite URL on 03.31.2012

  2. No matter how difficult it was to overcome, I had to stop swooning over any handsome man who seemingly winked at me with the charms of a prince.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 03.31.2012

  3. i feel like i should write something poetic and cliche about how i wish i could be his lucky charm. but in all honesty the first thing that popped into my head was Lucky Charms, the cereal. which is a little bit silly but i guess thats ok because if life wasn’t silly every now and again it probably wouldn’t be life.

    By Tas URL on 03.31.2012

  4. prince charming
    lucky charms
    charm bracelet
    what a lovely way to win my heart

    By maggiethecat URL on 03.31.2012

  5. Hannah reached down and patted Charm’s neck. They were on a ride, and they had just started out, so they weren’t that far from the ranch. Hannah didn’t want to go too far, so that she could hear her mother calling her to dinner. She and her sister had said they would help, but their mom said to go ride their horses. That usually equaled a special dessert, so nobody said anything but good-bye. Now Hannah looked at her twin sister, riding on a palomino named Goldie, and offered, “Want to gallop?” Susan nodded, and they squeezed the horses with their heels. They raced around and around the ranch. Suddenly, Hannah paused, listened, and then yelled, “Susan, Mom’s calling!” As she and her sister rode through the pasture, they smiled at each other, and agreed to go again tomorrow.

    By Ysa on 03.31.2012

  6. “I know. I have a lot of charms. It’s okay! Just admit that you like me and I’ll let you know my response.”
    He stifled a laugh. “You’re one cocky girl, aren’t you?”
    She frowned. That wasn’t the expected answer.

    By Zoe Hart on 03.31.2012

  7. Place your arms around the chain
    spot check with fingerprints the imperfections
    the indentations of link against link
    the cradle of stress in every loop

    By gsk URL on 03.31.2012

  8. The charms on her charm bracelet tell many stories; a story of places she had been, things that she liked even the charm bracelet itself had a story. The person who gave it to her as a birthday present started the story. Every year on her birthday, holiday, anniversary or just because he could a charm was bought for her charm bracelet.

    By Danni URL on 03.31.2012

  9. I like charms, there are different kinds of charms, like lucky charms that taste good magical charms that wizards use and little charms you collect and put of bracelets!! Charms are cool and fun to look at yeah there pretty cool and you should buy them

    By Ginny Pig URL on 03.31.2012

  10. The charms on my charm bracelet hold the memories of failed friendships. I bought a matching charm with all of my friends, and the only thing left of a wonderful era is a piece of lead on a faux silver chain.

    By Azure URL on 03.31.2012

  11. bracelet
    sparkle 1
    13 treasures

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.31.2012

  12. useless trinkets that people buy until their wrist are covered with bracelet after bracelet covered in over priced fortunes of wasted metal

    By River Ranter URL on 03.31.2012

  13. A connection never broken

    By Ivor Gysman on 03.31.2012

  14. Your charms have drawn me in. Your lips drip honey. You have decieved me. I will be drawn out of the mire and muck.

    By Melissa URL on 03.31.2012

  15. all but one charm fell to the ground. It was the the broken, tarnished heart charm that she held on to tight in hopes to mend it back together. I’m not sure if this charm will ever be whole again, but it’s worth a try. As she looked at the charms on the ground she began to cry, it was like seeing pieces of herself, broken, damaged, and lost in the cracks of the floor, in the depths of life.

    By Stef D. URL on 03.31.2012

  16. Lingering, playful. She dangled her whims in his face like a pair of sumptuous round breasts so full with the curve of fat his desire to kiss them was now inflamed by a gorging need to bite them. Hard.

    By Ursamare URL on 03.31.2012

  17. You cast your charms and blind my eyes.
    You ruin my judgement with your smiles.
    I need a spell to undo what you’ve done.
    And you’ve lost your charm.
    Maybe it was never there at all.

    By Itzy on 03.31.2012

  18. You impress me with your charms.

    By vanessa URL on 03.31.2012

  19. Charms. I always meet the guys with the charms. I fall for them too quickly, and I always get hurt in the end. I have to stop doing that :/

    By MissBug on 03.31.2012

  20. charms and tinkerbell and helping everyone around you. and you take this gift and you fly with it and you shine and you glitter. and all it does is brighten the world. as you let your charms fall into the lives into others they get them and spread them. and then charm after charm after charm they spread throughout the vast universe and we’re all happy

    By ashley on 03.31.2012

  21. A skinny silver bracelet chimes beside my cheek, the figures touching as they dangle, swaying as you move your fingertips across my skin.

    By slaria URL on 03.31.2012

  22. I always fall for the guys with charms. I really should stop doing that. I always get hurt in the end.

    By katy URL on 03.31.2012

  23. The soft sound of clinking metal was what caught my attention. A wrist had never seen so beautiful until I saw hers, decorated with memories and experiences past. She had lived a full life, and nothing is more beautiful to me.

    By Erica Sato on 03.31.2012

  24. You spy the tent from a few yards away, the low sunset framing it perfectly. You glance around, but nobody else seems to pay it any mind. The carnival music and smell and light fades; all of your attention has been wholly captured by this new object of curiosity. Its rich purple hue seems to shimmer and pulse, calling to mind the shifting shadow show you briefly viewed last night when you visited. You walk toward it, jostling through a noisy, joyous crowd of lissome teenagers dressed as the acrobats they undoubtedly have come to see. The tent entrance parts just as you step up to it, revealing a wide-eyed woman who looks to be in her mid-forties. Her long, auburn curls are just beginning to be tinged with gray at the temples. Her dress, a golden and flowing affair, is girdled by a wide blue sash. Her arms are ornamented with bangles that drip with strange charms. She looks at you, and in a brief moment your mind rapidly flashes through fantasies of being called to a great destiny, of facing terrible foes, of defeating enemies greater than any hero has ever faced before. She opens her mouth, you tense as you ready yourself for the magnificent prophecies that will surely tumble from her lips.
    “Sorry sweetheart, you just missed the last performance, and — oh, I’m sorry, are you lost? Here, we’ll help you find your mum, don’t you fret.”
    She takes you by your arm and leads you into the crowd, and your small, twelve-year-old brain reels in shock as you try to recover.

    By Genevieve URL on 03.31.2012

  25. I think of Harry Potter and the seven books that JK Rowling wrote and all of the charms that are mentions. Expecto Patronum especially. I also think of Lucky Charms cereals. And Charming Charlies the store. And charm bracelets. And charming boys.

    By Rachel on 03.31.2012

  26. Her orchid and pink colored jewel-like beads clinked together from her gold chain bracelet. I peered at it as she instructed I look at the crystal ball. I didn’t want to know my future anymore, so I stared at the charms, and she told me I was probably going to die tomorrow.

    By Shannon URL on 03.31.2012

  27. The charms of humanity define the world’s rotation. There are no boundaries, there are no limitations, there are just trials and triumphs. We are our own boundaries.

    By Stefan Smith URL on 03.31.2012

  28. like lucky charms. but better. things that you put on bracelets and necklaces. things you carry around and that sometimes give you luck. sometimes they are people. things that you own. they may represent something. an inner passion. or love. maybe something that is love. something…

    By ellie on 03.31.2012

  29. charms class. Professor Flitwick is one of my favorite teachers, he wants us to learn as much as we can. Whether its Wingardium Leviosa or Expecto Patronum he always has faith in us.

    By Ashley Jaron URL on 03.31.2012

  30. charms are the small mementos we collect that signify different things. Each one is unique. Each one has a story.

    By Reid URL on 03.31.2012

  31. charms can be put on jewelry, or perhaps we are referring to magic? you can charm people and make them happy. charms.

    By Ashley J. URL on 03.31.2012

  32. This simplicity of the word “charms” doesn’t come easy to most. Maybe the term could most easily be expressed as the lovely characteristic if the prince in a fairy tail in a child’s movie. It could also be the favorable type of cereal to most people, known as lucky charms. This magically delicious cereal has been around for quite sometime and it’s quite favorable in my opinion. But that’s just a biased opinion and therefore, is unreliable.

    By Dillon on 03.31.2012

  33. I was wrapped around her pretty little finger as I followed her around like a love-sick puppy. Her smile made my heart melt, her eyes told me all her secrets, and her laugh….Was like listening to the angel’s sing. I wanted her to know how beautiful she was, and that she wasn’t worthless. She was perfect in every sense of the word. All her flaws just added to her charm.

    By XMaliceInMurderlandX URL on 03.31.2012

  34. I lost my charms when I was in the recess field. I can’t decide when they fell off- when I was chasing Stephen or when I fell during Red Rover. The charms I miss the most are the ballet dancer and the dolphin. I do hope I can purchase another- I’d saved for 3 weeks for those charms. Hopefully mother won’t mind. She’s kind and gracious that way. Thankfully she’ll not notice until she returns next weekend.

    By Mary on 03.31.2012

  35. of course the first thing that comes to mind is a charm bracelet. You buy additional charms for it to commemorate anniversaries and events in your life. They are an old fashioned kind of gift for a girl, but I wonder it they could make them in a masculine design for boys.

    By Rich Swanson on 03.31.2012

  36. My dear man I am too old and too wise to fall for you boyish charms. I’ve lived through all the generations and grew up with men that were of no manhood at all. I’ve seen many come and go but by far you are the handsome.

    By Greg "Defender of Light" Thompson URL on 03.31.2012

  37. Hanging from my neck, I look over at my grandmother. I realize these charms mean a lot to her but do I really have to wear them as a noose?

    By gshelato on 03.31.2012

  38. They used to twinkle, like stars do if we could hear them. They ring of memories and promises that I might have forgotten had it not been for the reminders that sang to me from my wrist as I moved through my days.

    By Miss Ink Stains URL on 03.31.2012

  39. His charming glow cast a most becoming light upon the women in the room. They were entranced, spell-bound, not able to look away from his illuminating figure.

    By Desiree J URL on 03.31.2012

  40. Charms. Trinkets. Treasures. Reminders of times, times that we didn’t have to worry. Times that the wasn’t tears or hurt. Why can’t we go back to those times? I felt safe. Warm arms held me close. All I feel now is cold air swirling around me through the cracks of my life. Torn apart from the ones I love. Alone. I feel numb, like there will never be any happiness in my life again. These charms are all I have left. They hit each other, chiming like bells. The bracelet is all I have left. Screams haunt my dreams, screams of the innocent. It’s all my fault. I make myself sick.

    By Alex on 03.31.2012