April 1st, 2012 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “blaze”

  1. Blaze>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
    It could be blades of glory but its jewish so i dont think it could be blades of glory.

    By Cody URL on 04.02.2012

  2. The blaze of the fire was very hot and it hurt my eyes every time I looked at it.

    By kamator12 URL on 04.02.2012

  3. blaze sounds alought like blade dose it not.

    By kittens URL on 04.02.2012

  4. blaze is type of flame but it it bigger than an ordinary flame.

    By subzero URL on 04.02.2012

  5. a blaze of fire streamed to Katniss, she wore a blazing fire dress to.

    By twiz URL on 04.02.2012

  6. lazer blazer razor mazor

    By cayle URL on 04.02.2012

  7. There are blazes in a fire.

    By Izzy URL on 04.02.2012

  8. The fire can have a blaze. The blaze can be strong or weak.

    By kelley URL on 04.02.2012

  9. Blaze, blaze, blaze, thats a funny word don’t you think? And it’s a pretty cool word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) But i don’ t really know what blaze means!!!!!!!!!!! :P ;D

    By fancy girl URL on 04.02.2012

  10. Dancing through the trees
    Relative ease with the beating drums
    The Fire People twirl in
    The Great White Forest
    Where my people lay
    No longer.
    No longer white,
    but char.

    By Kenny H. on 04.02.2012

  11. On Minecraft there is a creature called a blaze. It’s a Flaming man that shoots fire. He also Can fly. To bad he’s not a marshmellow or party or else we would party like there’s no tomorrow. Party PArty PArty party Party Party Party Party PArty Party Party PArty Party PArty Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party.

    By Tree URL on 04.02.2012

  12. Blaze BLaze Blaze Blaze ummmmm Blaze Blaze UUUUUMMMMMM BLLLLLAAAAAAZE nope nothing comes to mind. ummm BLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nope still nothing

    By jdog on 04.02.2012

  13. “There was hellishly hot outside. But nothing unexpected I would say” said Gregorij. “That’s a typical atmospheric reaction after explosion of G29 Bomb.” he grinned. “We are lucky that we survived this hell.” he told in calm manner and turn over to look at two dead bodies of his friends, laying motionlessly on the floor.

    By Omnix URL on 04.02.2012

  14. fire

    By Luke on 04.02.2012

  15. What the hell does it mean, anyway? Opposite of laze.

    By sher on 04.02.2012

  16. going out in a blaze of glory…a last stand to prove to the world just how much you’re worth. The impact you’ve had on the human race; maybe they can save you from your fall from grace.

    By Kerry on 04.02.2012

  17. I’d like to blaze a trail into a new more holy life, burning away all that keeps me bogged down and come through clearer, refined, more gloriously alive and shining.

    By Julie on 04.02.2012

  18. I saw the blaze of fire, and I couldn’t help but be attracted to it. I stepped closer to it, putting my hand over the flame. As I let it lick my finger, I welcomed the heat. The pain. Though many see fire as destruction, that is not true. Fire is life.

    By Jessica on 04.02.2012

  19. I cannot describe the great blaze of anger swelling in my chest.

    I can only sit calmly on the floor and let the coolness press against the fire.

    There is no escape.

    By Krisi URL on 04.02.2012

  20. … turn a page and look to the other side, get access to the world that lies beyond the realm of your existence, blaze it with the fury of your discontentment.

    I keep seeing you today and tomorrow in my mind’s eye and for the last time, I want you out. I pray almost everyday that you’re following your dream and that you’re happy, but please just leave me alone.

    By UnderWater URL on 04.02.2012